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Продам фирменные CD
Все вопросы по e-mail: rare4@ukr.net


DARKSEED "Spellcraft" JAPAN PRESS with OBI strip (1997 Victor) 400 грн
SPI-RITUAL "Pulse" 1st Press DIGIPACK + Sticker+ Press Sheet + Autograph (2005 Listen&Think) BETRAY MY SECRETS & DARKSEED members 100 грн
BETRAY MY SECRETS "Betray My Secrets" 1st Press (1999 Serenades Records) DARKSEED & MEGAHERZ members 100 грн
MOONSPELL "2econd Skin" 2xCD DIGIPACK (1997 Century Media) 200 грн
THE GALLERY "Dreamscapes" (1997 Hall of Sermon) 100 грн
SCULPTURE "Sculpture" (1999 Nuclear Blast) ex-CREMATORY & DARKSEED members 100 грн
DIVERCIA "Modus Operandi" Digipack (2002 Hammerheart Records) 100 грн
IN FLAMES "Trigger" Digipack CD+DVD (2003 Nuclear Blast) 200 грн
PARADISE LOST "Draconian Times" Special Edition Collector's BOX (1995 Music for Nations) 400 грн
PARADISE LOST "One Second" 1st Press UK Version (1997 Music for Nations) 200 грн
THE GATHERING "Nighttime Birds" JAPAN PRESS with OBI strip (1997 Victor) 400 грн
SINERGY "To Hell and Back" 1st Press in Red BOX (2000 Nuclear Blast) 200 грн
PYOGENESIS "Unpop" (1997 Nuclear Blast) 200 грн
PYOGENESIS "She Makes Me Wish I Had a Gun" DIGIPACK (2002 Hamburg Records) 200 грн
ILLNATH "Third Act in the Theatre of Madness" (2011 Pitch Black Records) 200 грн
ILLNATH "4 Shades of Me" (2013 Pitch Black Records) 200 грн
SALEM "Collective Demise" (2002 System Shock) 200 грн
SALEM "Necessary Evil" (2007 Season of Mist) SLIPCASE 200 грн
SALEM "Kaddish" (2011 Raven Music) SLIPCASE 200 грн
DUST TO DEARTH/LYSERGENE "Death of the Sun" Split CD (2009 Aesthetic Death) ESOTERIC & MURKRAT members 100 грн
ENTHRALLMENT "Smashed Brain Collection" (2006 Grindethic Records) 100 грн
OATH TO VANQUISH "Applied Schizophrenic Science" (2006 Grindethic Records) 100 грн
PUTREFY/BLASPHTIZED/VOMITOUS RECTUM "Vomiting Putrid Blasphemy" (2008 Grindethic Records) 100 грн
A TRIBUTE TO LAKE OF TEARS "Twenty Years in Tears" 2xCD (2012 FONO Records) 100 грн
PERISHING HUMANITY "The Monument of Human Lies and Hypocrisy (2012 Metal Scrap) 50 грн
BEHEADING MACHINE "Stillbirth Civilisation" (2010 Eclectic Productions/A5 Production) 50 грн
FROM THE VASTLAND "Darkness vs. Light, the Perpetual Battle" (2011 Arx Productions/A5 Production) 50 грн
TANGORODREAM "Under the Foreveryoung Skies" (2008 Metal Scrap Records) 50 грн
HEARSE "The Last Ordeal" (2004 Karmaggedon Media) ex-ARCH ENEMY & FURBOWL members 50 грн
AS DIVINE GRACE "Lumo" (1997 Avantgarde Music) 50 грн
SONIC OBLITERATION "Vol. 2" (1997 Black Mark Productions) 50 грн
STEINKLANG INDUSTRIES IV (2007-2008 Steinklang Industries) 50 грн
BRENDA BOYKIN "All the Time in the World" DIGIPACK (2013 DreaMusic) 50 грн
ABBA "Voulez-Vous" (2005 Ukrainian Records) 50 грн

Кассеты (все по 50):

IMPERIAL MAJESTY - Anger, Scorn and Hate
MORTIS DEI - Landscapes
DISSONANCE - Sleepless Dead
NIGHTSKY BEQUEST - Uncounted Stars, Unfounded Dreams
NIGHTSKY BEQUEST - Of Sea, Wind and Farewell
SLECHTVALK - The War That Plagues the Lands
SAMHAIN - The Fifth Season
REUNION - Infernal Kingdom
DARK INVERSION - The Land of the Dead Warriors
COUNT DE NOCTE - Carpe Noctum
COUNTE DE NOCTE - Nos Omnes Una Manet
GATEWARD - Lord of Aium
EMERALD NIGHT - From Blackthorn to the Stars
INFERNO - Peklo Na Zemi
CASTRUM - Hatenourisher
SUNCHARIOT - Betrayal Light of Fertile Ground
ШМЕЛИ - Тень сердца

Журналы (все по 100 грн)

NUCLEAR BLAST CATALOGUE Spring 1997 (dimmu borgir cover)
Interviews with satyricon, night in gales, therion, crack up, mortification, dismember, dissection, darkseed, left hand solution, dimmu borgir, etc. (96 pages). German language.

NUCLEAR BLAST CATALOGUE Summer 1997 (10th anniversary issue) (crematory cover)
Interviews with hammerfall, crematory, in flames, hypocrisy, disbelief, etc. (96 pages). German language.

MORBID NOIZZ MAGAZINE №3/1996 (king diamond cover)
Interviews with king diamond, theatre of tragedy, atrocity, immortal, marduk, therion, in flames, bewitched, themgoroth, type o negative, samael, the abyss, mercyful fate, grave digger, brutality, thy worshiper, behemoth, thy serpent, december moon and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (48 color glossy pages). Polish language.

MORBID NOIZZ MAGAZINE №1/1997 (theatre of tragedy cover)
Interviews with theatre of tragedy, lake of tears, enslaved, aion, lacrimosa, undish, dreadful shadows, heavenwood, absu, corporal punishment, evereve, angel corpse, pyogenesis, sacrilege, necrophonic, hefeystos, thy serpent, december moon, lords of the stone, pain, monstrosity, kataklysm, darkseed, quorthon and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (56 color glossy pages).

MORBID NOIZZ MAGAZINE №2/1997 (dimmu borgir cover)
Interviews with dimmu borgir, crematory, artrosis, kreator, theatre of tragedy, therion, dark tranquillity, amorphis, love like blood, born for bliss, dismember, marduk, hammerfall, in the woods, edge of sanity, decoryah, necromantia, crown of thorns, sacriversum, testament and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (56 color glossy pages). Polish language.

MORBID NOIZZ MAGAZINE №4/2000 (10th anniversary edition with hard cover and 200 glossy pages)
Interviews with emperor, nightwish, pain, cemetary 1213, destruction, chaostar, besatt, domain, spiritual beggars, sacred steel, stratovarius, thy primordial, atrox, mactatus, obtest, rob halford, iron maiden, in flames, dan swano, hypocrisy, rotting christ, dark tranquillity, behemoth, udo, nasum, love like blood, sinergy, morbid angel, crematory, manowar, obituary, beseech, exhumed, bathory, blaze, thyrfing and many more... + tons reviews, live reports, etc. + 3 CDs (45 tracks of different bands). Polish language.
200 interviews + 150 reviews = 200 pages

MORBID NOIZZ MAGAZINE №1/2001 (green carnation cover)
Interviews with green carnation, theatre of tragedy, carpathian forest, in the woods, hammerfall, dismal euphony, children of bodom, six feet under, illdisposed, dominus, autumnblaze, behemoth, cryptopsy, doro, enslaved, kreator, novembers doom, morbid angel, on thorns i lay, pyogenesis, the haunted, vintersorg and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (124 glossy pages). Polish language.

MORBID NOIZZ MAGAZINE №2/2001 (amon amarth cover)
Interviews with amon amarth, the wounded, suffocate, ancient, dimmu borgir, ...and oceans, asgaard, astarte, dies ater, thorns, cathedral, falconer, graveworm, grave digger, susperia, opeth, soilwork, rage, dies irae, yearning, zyklon, vader, cannibal corpse, canaan, empyrium, nevermore, macabre, king diamond, autumn tears, krabathor and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (124 glossy pages). Polish language.

ILL LITERATURE №15/1998 (slayer cover)
interviews with slayer, anthrax, bal-sagoth, soulfly, earth crisis, gardenian, crematory, morbid angel, nocturnal rites, razor, sadus, arcturus, hammerfall, moonspell and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (116 pages). English language.

ILL LITERATURE №14/1997 (judas priest cover)
Interviews with judas priest, skinlab, septic flesh, lake of tears, megadeth, inferno, emperor, venom, demoniac, wasp, dimmu borgir, exodus, dream theater, fates warning, paradise lost, motley crue and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (138 pages). English language.

ILL LITERATURE №13/1996 (machine head cover)
Interviews with machine head, avernus, gehennah, marduk, stuck mojo, dio, fleurety, my dying bride, in flames, xysma, pist on, morgana lefay, sepultura and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (138 pages). English language.

ILL LITERATURE №12/1996 (corrosion of conformity cover)
Interviews with corrosion of conformity, amorphis, ancient, bewitched, cemetary, deep purple, downset, edge of sanity, helloween, hypocrisy, iced earth, marillion, napalm death, misfits, crisis, type o negative, mortiis, rotting christ, prong, rust and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (146 pages). English language.

Interviews with megadeth, bruce dickinson, borknagar, kreator, clawfinger, dimmu borgir, decoryah, iced earth, acid drinkers, napalm death, ozz-fest and many more + tons of reviews, etc. (56 pages). Polish language.

PARAT MAGAZINE (November Issue 2014)
Interviews with vader, obituary, ophis, cannibal corpse, in flames, decapitated, pungent stench, kypck, ancient, gorgasm, liv kristine, mad lion label story and many more + 45 reviews, etc. 60 color glossy pages. Czech Republic language.

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Re: Продам фирменные CD
ALCEST "Shelter" (2014 Prophecy Productions) DIGISLEEVE 200 грн (запечатанный) ПРОДАН

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Re: Продам фирменные CD
CREMATORY "Remind" (2001 Nuclear Blast) 2xCD Box 200 грн
CREMATORY "Remind" (2001 Nuclear Blast) 200 грн.

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