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Life in may 22.12.2015 00:43

Will Wood and the Tapeworms


Уилл Вуд (Will Wood) - автор-исполнитель, пианист и гитарист возглавляет 'ленточных червей' в студии и на сцене. Весной 2015-го вышел дебютный альбом 'Everything is a Lot'. Играют парни что-то экспериментальное, авангардное, блаблабла, кабаре, с элементами свинга и circus, плюс то, что называют anti-folk.

Will Wood and the Tapeworms are a five-piece experimental rock outfit based out of northern New Jersey, lead by singer/songwriter and pianist Will Wood, who appeared entirely out of nowhere some time in 2015. Armed with cleverly-crafted and surreal anti-folk songs, Wood assembled a group of performers and began crashing around New Jersey covered in face paint and confetti. Unusual instrumentation, foreign scales, and highly theatrical performances give Will Wood and the Tapeworms a unique and hard-to-define voice. Will Wood and the Tapeworms dress up in drag and bowties, barrel around the stage hollering at the top of their lungs, and unpredictably swing from collapsing to their knees to collapsing into each others arms. And while the Tapeworms pump up audiences, Will Wood entertains with shockingly honest comedy and personal anecdotes about his life as a true eccentric. They regularly perform on the NJ/NY indie scene and plan to begin national touring soon.
Will Wood: Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Jon Maisto: Bass, Vocals
Mike Bottiglieri: Guitar, Vocals
David Higdon: Saxophone, Vocals
Brett Dubin: Drums

Will Wood and the Tapeworms - Everything is a Lot (2015)

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extraspecialusername 24.12.2015 00:17

Re: Will Wood and the Tapeworms
Они офигенны! Спасибо!

Life in may 11.07.2016 23:48

Re: Will Wood and the Tapeworms

Life in may 10.10.2016 19:24

Re: Will Wood and the Tapeworms
Will Wood and the Tapeworms - Self-ish (2016)
antifolk, avant-garde cabaret, indie, experimental

bandcamp (name your price)

Loss 01.04.2018 06:12

Re: Will Wood and the Tapeworms
Will Wood and the Tapeworms - The Real [LIVE] (2018)


avant-pop, cabaret, swing, indie, experimental


  1. Self- 03:58
  2. 10-4 6-Up 5-Oh Cop-Out Pro-Con 03:47
  3. Cotard's Solution (Kill Me) 05:05
  4. R.I.P. Dr. Emoto 04:46
  5. Where Do You Get Off? 04:22
  6. aikido 02:31
  8. Front Street 05:06
  9. Bob Zmuda v. James Carrey 01:10
  10. Wasting Away Again in BuPROpionVille 02:36
  11. Hand Me My [X] I'm [Y]! 06:36
  12. Mike 00:39
  13. The First Step 03:23
  14. (20)12 04:15
  15. Mr. Capgras 04:19
  16. Chemical Overreaction / Compound Fracture 04:40
  17. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva 04:37
  18. -iSH 02:32
  19. Love Me, Normally 05:07
  20. Black Box Warrant 06:30
  21. Millie Rolls a 7 04:03


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