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Непрочитано 26.06.2010, 12:53   #1
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VA - Connections (Part II) (2010)

VA - Connections Part II LP (2010)


Artist: VA
Album: Connections Part II
Year: 2010
Ripped: 2010/06/25
Source: LP
Retail: 2010/00/00
Lang: English
Genre: Hardcore
Size: 66.73 MB
Label: Moment of Collapse
Ripper: TEAM FiH!
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 187kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
Grabber: Adobe Audition 3.0
Time: 0h 47min
Url: http://www.myspace.com/weareisaiah

Track Titles:
A1- Suis La Lune - In a Deep Hole With Clay And Remorse (3:08)
A2- Suis La Lune - Postlude To 5 Years Of Hurting (4:43)
A3- The Saddest Landscape - The Actress And the Funeral ( 1:44)
A4- The Saddest Landscape - The Temptation That Is You (Forgiveness Version) ( 7:20)
A5- Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking! - Always Giving Parties To Cover The Silence (6:12)
B1- Kias Fansuri - Kabus Ribut Datang Menjemput (2:25)
B2- Kias Fansuri - Apa Yang Tinggal Hanyalah Kiasan (1:15)
B3- Kias Fansuri - Satira Politik Dunia (3:40)
B4- Kias Fansuri - Hati Plastik, Nasfu Serakah (5:15)
B5- Isaiah - Qu'Ils Crevent Enfin... (3:15)
B6- Isaiah - ...Et Nous Laissent Decider (2:28)
B7- Adorno - Missing A Warm Light (2:31)
B8- Adorno - Connections (3:08)

Release Notes:
This is the second part of the 'Connections' Series. This time with Suis La Lune, The Saddest Landscape, Captain You Ship Is Sinking, Kias Fansuri, Isaiah and Adorno. The idea behind this release didn┤t changed. 6 bands from 6 different countries celebrating the connections that can be built up by the possibilities of diy - movement. The Coverartwork was designed by Sebastian Wei, who also gave the first part of this series the awesome look. The second part includes pastel-green coloured vinyl and a big sized poster with lyrics, words and statements from the bands concerning, how they think about diy, making music and in which way they are connected to these ethics. On the other side of the Poster you`ll get another awesome design by ebastian Wei. This piece of vinyl contains around 50 minutes of connected and 100% unreleased music. Each of the 515 copies is handnumbered.
Suis La Lune starts this compilation. They give two great songs. First one starts with some kind of little intro which flows into the first brilliant song which proof that this band found their sound and know what they are doing. Beautiful melodys, sometimes distorted sometimes clean, guided by spoken, screamed and sung vocals. The second track follows directly after the first one without taking a break or even a second of silence. This song is a little bit calmer and your ears will be catched by a brilliant songwriting including melodys, which won┤t leave your mind for a while.
Next band is The Saddest Landscape, which are finally activ again. After some years of silence back again, without loosing a spark of energie and passion. They contribute two ongs, one which is totally new and another one which was previous released as "the temptation that is you" but this time rerecorded as a "forgivenes-version". The first track is one of the harsher songs they wrote and it offers you an idea about how The Saddest Landscape could sound on their next album. The second song is calmer and reminds you back to the time when this band started playing music. An ear-catching melody, which is playedin a drive that makes sure that people who are into this kind of music will be attentive. What is characteristic for both songs is Andy`s significant voice. Like in the rescent past, this is one of the distinctive features. All in all two songs that bring you the beauty and the beast which is anchored in this band.
Last band on side a is netherlands Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking. This song was recorded in the same session, they recorded their songs for the split 12" with Mio. The song builds up itself for two minutes before there is some kind of breakdown. Spoken words and a simple melodie are filling this part. Thereafter the main/end part starts. Catchy dynamic melodies and a very good drumming characterize this part. After around 7 minutes one of the best CYSIS songs ends.
The B-side starts with Kias Fansuri. These guys contribute their final 4 songs to this compilation. these songs are eally the best ones, they`ve ever wrote. You really hear that kind of kias-typic sound and songwriting, but this time it sounds like this made a really progress and the output is awesome. you would miss the chaotic kias parts in this recordings. this songs have a clear and good structure. the drumming on this recordings is really awesome. it is pushing everything forward and has a simple but dynamic way to do it... you really will love the songs, especially their last song here is great.
The Isaiah songs sound like this are two missing songs from their last album. Expect really good Isaiah quality. changing between fast, chaotic parts to slower melodic parts. vocals screamed and spoken. you really can compare this to many heroic bands playing hardcore/screamo and it would perfectly fit on some kind of mixtape with them
Adorno mark the endpoint of this record. Their sound still develops more and more in the direction of postpunk/hardcore. They contribute two songs as well and do a great job. Very forward rocking guitars, the highfrequent voice, solid basslines and really smooth played drums bring once again the typical Adorno-sound to this release. The second song, which is called "connections", brings this great record to the end.

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Непрочитано 26.06.2010, 15:00   #2
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Re: VA - Connections (Part II) (2010)

обложка очень напоминает коллажи Эдуардо Ресифе
КОИН вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 27.06.2010, 00:40   #3
double CD
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Re: VA - Connections (Part II) (2010)

а где парт 1?
vacuum вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 27.06.2010, 00:56   #4
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Re: VA - Connections (Part II) (2010)

все будет ;)
я начал с парт 2, ибо только сегодня появился рип. свежак ведь)
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