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Distorted Unit Список групп раздела | post-metal, sludge, stoner, doom, drone, experimental, avant-garde

Метки: instrumental , post-metal
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забанань меня
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Бельгия Hive Destruction


Spawned end October 2008 from the collective brain of ex AMENRA's bassist KJM and current LIAR guitarist M. Halsberghe. A project to try out new riffing and stretching the known boundaries.

When K and M started HIVE DESTRUCTION they new they wanted to batter upon your eardrums with superheavy CROWBAR, NEUROSIS, ISIS and OLD MAN GLOOM a like riffing. Combined with atmospheric, acoustic and original hooks, deafening electronics and gloomy grooves… not for the weak of heart.

By mid August 2009, 8 songs were finished. All in some heavy style but with enough variation… Two true inspirations can be added to the listed mentioned above, AMENRA and MASTODON. Songs are all instrumental although there are lyrics for at least 4 songs. Call it fear, call it not being able / having no voice… whatever. Songs are instrumental but it’s not sure if they’ll always be…
The heavy instrumental songs are spiced up with samples that range from movies to political debates, and just… sounds. Add to that the midi instruments and you’ll probably get some idea: Layers, layers and… more layers.

Anyway we’re mid August 2009, having 7 songs ready and coming to the point of being really stoked about this stuff. Next step was obvious: Demo I “Teeth Of Silver, Teeth Of Gold”. 4 songs, 24 minutes of which 6 mins electronic and 18 mins of heavy, sludgy riffing… The demo sold 75 copies in 1 month, not bad for a band that never played before and that only has virtual (Myspace) contacts.

We knew we couldn’t leave it with this and started working on a live line-up. Soon HIVE DESTRUCTION came together every week under this form:
> Matthias M - Guitars (LIAR / STORMWIND / YOUR GOD IS DEAD)
> Filip M. - Guitars & Samples (LIAR / YOUR GOD IS DEAD)
> Bert G. - Drums (SEKTOR / LIAR / MAKHEENA)
As you can see, none are newbees to band playing…

First shows were scheduled end of March and April 2010… 3 shows to try-out and fine tune (keep in mind that all samples are also played in our live set…) Reviews after the show were promising, new plans for more shows are in the oven…

We’re now end of June 2010 and a setlist is here, errors got erased, pedals were bought. To celebrate this we released Demo II “To Serve King And Queen”. Another 24 minutes of Layered, heavy music. Available now through the Goodlife e-store and our own Myspace distribution channel deluxe… Lay-out is once again constructed By K and M keeping this a real HD release…

Now might be a good place for a musical update. Since the forming of a true physical band end of September 2009 we’ve written 2 new songs and are busy working on 2 more… I think it’s fair to ad another influence here… RUSSIAN CIRCLES. The band (as a 3 piece) sets the perfect example of layered music through loop stations etc…
Anyway HD! As said we’re writing new stuff on a weekly basis and have plans with those songs! There are plans for a split 12” with Alceste (France, Emergence records) and there might follow some compilation contribution. Other plans are to release both demo’s + 1 or 2 extra songs as an official release…
We hope to present this or other new stuff by the end of 2010/ early 2011… and hope to trash your party off course…

Matthias M - Guitars (LIAR / STORMWIND / YOUR GOD IS DEAD)
Filip M. - Guitars & Samples (LIAR / YOUR GOD IS DEAD)
Bert G. - Drums (SEKTOR / LIAR / MAKHEENA)

Отличный инструментальный пост-митал. Много жужжалок и всяких эффектов.


Artist: Hive Destruction
Album: Secretvm/Veritas
Label: Init
Playtime: 59:56 min
Genre: Metal
Quality: VBR kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo


01. Teeth Of Silver Teeth Of Gold ( 1:08
02. The Beginning ( 3:36
03. On Earth As In Heaven ( 6:52
04. Thy Will Be Done (12:05
05. Absolution Pt. I & II ( 7:02
06. To Serve King And Queen ( 5:35
07. The Earthly Trance ( 3:38
08. Extract&Distress ( 8:08
09. When It All Implodes ( 6:03
10. At The Top In The Fog ( 5:49

Release Notes:

Debut full length from this mindblowing postmetal / sludge band featuring
ex-members of Amenra This is a must have for all fans of Neurosis, Russian
Circles and Pelican. It also sounds better the higher you are, fyi

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vinyl 10"
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Re: Hive Destruction

Сообщение от Drizid Посмотреть сообщение
06. To Serve King And Queen ( 5:35

Да и в целом альбом понравися (хотя к концу стало скучновато)
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Re: Hive Destruction

очень ахуенно
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Непрочитано 18.11.2012, 17:29   #4
mp3 56 kbps
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Re: Hive Destruction

Может, и оххуенно, но сверьтесь, с треклистом альбома на Discogs! Ваш, уж больно какой-то бредятиной отдаёт:) Без обид!

Добавлено через 10 минут
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Непрочитано 14.06.2015, 19:40   #5
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Re: Hive Destruction

Hive Destruction - Hive Destruction (2015)

uploaded / rusfolder
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malignant (15.06.2015)
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