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Electronic Список групп раздела | noise, ambient, 8-bit, IDM, hardcore techno, breakbeat, darkwave, industrial, experimental electronic, trip-hop, etc.

Метки: electronic, new wave, post-punk, synthpop
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Интернациональная группа Cult Club / Sally Dige


Cult Club is a Berlin-based electro pop duo. Sally Dige Jørgensen (multi-disciplinary artist, designer and performer) is from Canada and László Antal is from Serbia. Their similar diverse backgrounds in the creative arts and their love for analogue imagery and pop melodies inspired them to collaborate together. Together their songs range from a dreamy, soft sound to harder driving pop songs. Sally's vocals are layered in a harmony of different sounds and melodies over László's fretless, bass driven music.
Their debut EP "Never Enough" was released on December 14th, 2015, on Domestica Records. It featured an extended version of their most popular dream-pop song "All the People" to contrast the more chilling cold song versions of "Never Enough". Their full-length album "Play With Lies" will be out on June 14th, 2016, on Domestica Records. The album continues to feature sad, dream-pop songs such as "Call My Name" while also containing some straight up pop tracks such as "Play With Lies" and "Talk to Me".
Sally Dige Jørgensen is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and performer. Daughter of a South African-born (Canadian raised) visual-artist mother, and a Danish farmer father, it was growing up in this culture collision of New World values contrasting with old-country sensibility that have sculpted her artistic practice and is the inspiration for her work. It is this paradox of contrast, such as the meshing of minimalism and chaos, simplicity and decadence, seriousness and humour that she strives for. Her passion for learning and creating has led her to explore and experience a multitude of different mediums and crafts; reaching out to both traditional and unexpected sources to further broaden her scope.
Sally Dige - это исполнительница из Канады, а Cult Club - базирующийся в Берлине дуэт с её участием + László Antal (Sixth June) отвечающий за музыкальную часть. что её сольное творчество, что творчество Cult Club представляют примерно одно и то же - мелодичный мрачнопоп на восьмидесятническом синтовом звуке. любителям такого рода музыки должно заходить хорошо.

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Cult Club - Play With Lies (2016)

bandcamp / rutracker

Cult Club is Sally Jørgensen and Laslo Antal are both visual artists who formed Cult Club with the idea in creating an alternative pop sound. Cult Club’s sound is based on Sally’s layered harmonic vocals and Laslo’s sliding fretless bass lines, over an electronic background.
Sally Dige - Hard To Please (2015)

bandcamp / rutracker

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