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Непрочитано 03.10.2009, 03:24   #1
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США Sleepytime Trio

Sleepytime Trio основан Дрю Ринго (вокалистом http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/emo...ian-colby.html ) на гитаре, Бэном Дэвисом на басу и Джонатаном Фуллером на барабанах. Чуть позже летом 95 года, к группе присоединился Дэйв Нэсмит (тоже http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/emo...ian-colby.html ) на вторую гитару. Собственно группа которая создавалась Дрю как сайд проект http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/emo...ian-colby.html , стала теперь основной для ребят. Летом 1996 года, Sleepytime Trio отправляються в 17 дневный тур, отыграв 20 концертов, маршрутом от Вирджинии (родной город музыкантов) и Флориды, Чикаго и Квебека (Канада), успешно заканчивался в Вашингтоне.

В 98 году, основателю Sleepytime Trio Дрю Ринго пришлось переехать в Сиэттл, остальные ребята в свою очередь, нашли себя в новых командах (как Engine Down, Rah Bras и Milemarker). В мае 1998, парни собрались снова что бы отыграть 5 концертов, в очень короткий период. Еще один "реюнион" состоялся в декабре 1999, когда Sleepytime Trio собрались в третий раз, сыграв несколько шоу на Восточном Побережье.
В 2007 году отыграли реюнион в Ричмонде.
В дальнейшем участвовали в http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/emo...-and-mice.html
Drew Ringo (guitar), Ben Davis (bass), Jonathan Fuller (drums), Dave Nesmith (guitar).

Title Date of Release Label
Songs & Stories 7" 1996 Whirled Records
Speak Again Twice 7" 1996 Nervous Wreck Kids
Plus6000 12" 1997 Lovitt Records
Split 7" w/ Four Hundred Years 1997 Rosepetal/Smoothlips Records
1998 Memory Minus Compilation
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Butter Scaryflies
doesn't seem to linger like it should evaporated intention advanced it's gone a misdirected defense has begun of 26 times the wait what once was fun doesn't seem to linger like it should dismissed a gift with a twist as if you could and one another keeps her a jail trys to be a book ends up a failure and i can see the part of free that's borrowed breathing like a hold up and this is damaged need for hold and only winded hair reminders time to take and... and so you really want to know which part won't make it cold pressure pushes brown just don't make that rhyme and just don't... say it
Jesus Extract
beatings 2nd may pregnant on that day pigs in change in prey racing chalk that more and yet you lied
Rock Candy
forced reaction danton to your intrusion robespierre it needs no answer it's you don't want to find out what my embrace surf's your face life for pawn lizards are gone
Like My Plain
from old carbon crimes they'll blow their mines so quantize the lines when your yield is 10 your pumps 11 chain like the hold so your soils full with only flakes of gold all your fixtures fold signal gone "lucky one" saint that day gain gave away...in trade
Flake City
that's not what you were told at all it's changed since you were once that old you shouldn't have stayed out in the... distance protects
All Ease
i'm stuck on this joyride what scene glue that has seen through clues what has terminals up it's like a wind-up brown your b-40 rockets sound like mortars your mortars sound like mysteries cheer
Lancing Organic
not my doing fooled again self effacing stood against push right through swing again timed with force none left and this inane senseless-follow part disdained sorted, forgotten second to not a few things while i wait for your fall line it's an effort in circular hydration a masterpiece of necessary distance if you want my blood you got to look at the waves i bled through ...this inevitable hysterical rag attacks and you've been had
I'm Not A Spy
what is low what it stakes on it's loan you want to get it simple simple
Dear Hands
Fired, right from you public another dotted i just leave crumbs for me then pull back, riptide liar aspire hanging high inside your sty you'll find me swinging noose peruse my blues and start your bingeing it's in my bytes it's in my words it gel's my hands you bots on... from your sand box soap box climb find your larynx and make it dry get this down right satiating hollow it feels like i don't own you this set of fits feels like a part to miss an overwhelming thing to do it takes too much time avoiding to try keep just a front of your own paradigm
one one then two two was too many react so close go to sleep ms. nightingale to see me ensures the closeness touched with luck whispers in my ear lip improv resistance so so shallow shake it off red water one holler run to wait in line in line walk down the stairs to hold you back catch this my shoulder walk down the stairs to hold you back catch this my falling for you walk down reline in time straighten out
Speak Again Twice
time it takes to speak again twice so for lower so comes love there's your last time it's quite abused extremely like the way we say let's go sleep in gray there's your last time it's over, over speak again twice, so comes love
30 Equals
it's so nice of me to drag you along selected a memory of unbelievable fabric inventing a whiplash switch to put you backed in a corner is it worth waiting for not enough of everything that i do not want i gave you a part i couldn't stand for you to play red eyes; life size; any crime; tames my; he was not breed for anything paint in lead for... apt chops; form slop; tell the cops; what rocks; made your bed for nothing paint in lead for... right side maybe paint in lead for nothing graffiti's not lazy? time it ties to redden eyes goodbyes will fly and you'll make ice flow
Not Without My (Swimmies)
Insider hints don't mean anything all mouth is hidden but can be seen i know it's coming but i don't leave just sit back and let go detach agree dear over done mr. falling his perfect sign circle with line and number lonely with holes and counting to ten bless the shiny page or wall and take your pick begin again dear over done mr. falling in line into the axiom, stretch me out, let me out under the axiom, stretch me out, let me out inside the axiom, stretch me out, let me out

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Непрочитано 03.10.2009, 18:33   #2
модная чика
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

Drain Chapter вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 03.10.2009, 18:33   #3
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

хорошие. но Maximillian Colby больше по душе)
reaching_forward вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 07.11.2009, 21:16   #4
Взвешен. Измерен. Вычтен.
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

Більше б релізів !
Final Expression вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 27.05.2010, 00:41   #5
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

Охуевшие. Всем качать, ап и плюсы.
00 вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 01.02.2013, 22:40   #6
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

подзалейте больше релизов, у кого есть
Лорд Призрак вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 23.12.2013, 17:18   #7
59 times the pain
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

Сообщение от pop lava Посмотреть сообщение
подзалейте больше релизов, у кого есть
кстати присоединяюсь!
newdayrising_x вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 23.12.2013, 20:33   #8
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

В шапке, судя по всему, дискография.
Gello вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 24.12.2013, 16:51   #10
59 times the pain
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

Gello, блин, точно
а я не качал - думал там только сплит с Four Hundred Years
newdayrising_x вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 24.12.2013, 18:33   #11
как с гуся божья роса
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Re: Sleepytime Trio

Исправил всю шапку, добавил лирику, ссылки и еще много всего.
Любите меня.
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Пользователь сказал спасибо:
newdayrising_x (25.12.2013)
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