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Emo Список групп раздела | emo, screamo, post-hardcore, midwest emo

Метки: emo, hardcore
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США Premonition

Участники группы:
Bill Glover - вокал
Dan Houston - гитара
Garrett Grashius - бас
Jason Gambrell - ударные
other members:
Tory Harris - бас 92-93
Garrett - гитара 92-93

English Biography

Hardcore band from NC, released a split 7” with In/Humanity, and songs on several comps.
The idea for Premonition was born in the fall of 1992. United by their love of Youth Crew and New York Hardcore, University of South Carolina sophmores Bill and Dan agreed to start a band that would shake things up. Since Bill could only play the intro to the Bold song "Clear" on Bass it was decided that he would sing. Dan agreed to play guitar. Dan's roomate Jeff Cash was originally slated to play second guitar. Dan and Bill soon met incoming USC freshman Tory Harris at the Russell House. Tory played bass, and also liked NYHC(he was from New Jersey). Soon after Tory decided to join, the group met Jason Gambrell-who was also an incoming USC freshmen. Being a drummer, Jason (who was already semi- acquanited with Dan) was a good fit for the last spot in the band. The group quickly rented a practice space in Lexington(10 minutes from campus) and began writing songs. Soon after the first practie Jeff decided he was leaving the group, so they soldiered on as a four peice. The group soon decided on the name Premonition after Dan ran across the word in a Thesarus-they would soon find out their were 10 other bands with the same name- but the name stuck. Premonition played its first show with In/Humanity in Augusta GA that fall- and it did not go well. Riffs were forgotten, equipment broke, but the guys had gotten their feet wet, and were ready to play a another show- They soon played a second show at the practice space of the band Imp- it went extremely well. Soon after that Premonition played the first of many shows with good friends Assfactor 4. Shortly after this, Garrett Grashius joined on guitar, and this helped to round out Premonitions sound. Soon it was the spring of 1993 and the band decided to record its demo tape at the Jam room. The nine song Demo tape quickly sold all of its available copies. The group was riding high when the semester ended, and Tory and Bill returned to their respective states(Arizona, NJ) for the summer. Dan, Garret and Jason got together occasionally to practice. Over the summer Tory decided he was leaving in order to focus on his other band. The band debated the wisdom of bringing in a new member, and decided that Garrett would shift over to bass, and that they would conitue as a 4 piece. During this time period, Premonition was moving away from straight Hardcore, and was drawing inspiration from bands such as Rights of Spring, Downcast, and Plaid Retna. The songs were become more complex, and longer- the lyrical content was becoming more political. When the guys officially reformed in the fall of 1993, they already had half a set of new material written. The quickly booked time at the Jam room and recorded a second 4 song demo. Two of these songs would end up on a split 7" that the band decided to do with In/Humanity. One was given to Gregg Bateman for his Please Help 12" comp. The other was slated to go on a 7" box set that Chris Murray of Assorted Pork Chops had in the works. Premonition continued to play shows around and out of town with bands like Stretch Arm Strong, Bone Machine, Minus One, Majority Rules, and Beldam Hour. In the spring of 1994 the guys recorded a third demo, and readied themselves for a summer tour with friends Assfactor 4. The bands good friend Colonel Crust(formerly known as Mike), had secured a van, and Jay from AF4 worked hard on booking the nationwide tour. Right before tour, as Col. Crust was driving the van back to Columbia, it threw a rod, and died. Premonition's tour was in jeapordy. Luckily Garretts Dad decided to lend them his van, and the tour was saved. The August 1994 tour with Af4 was a huge success. The bands played all over the US, and had memorable shows in Seattle, Millwauke, Richmond Va, and in Goleta CA. After tour, Premonition began to lose its steam and purpose, while the band did keep it together long enough to record once more(this time in Atlanta with future Good Clean Fun frontman Issa Diao) the band was essentially inacitve for most of 1995. In May of 1995 the band played its last show with Corneilus, at the Senseless Beauty in down town Columbia. The show was onlythe second time Premonition headlined, and it was a great night, a fitting way to end the band. In 1998 Premonition finally released their 7" on Three Day Hero records. Today- Bill lives in Arizona with his wife and two sons, and continues to play guitar in his band A Plague Called Man. Dan lives in Denver with his wife Amy, and plays bass in local Straight Edge Band The Mutiny, and guitar in The Diehard Remain. Jason lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and plays guitar and sings in a roots/country band called I'll be John Brown. Garret lives in Atlanta, he will be playing a Dade Count Resistance reunion show in the near future.

Простите, что не перевёл биографию, обязательно сделаю, нет времени. Торопился, очень хотелось поделиться этой шикарной группой из первой половины 90х. Притянут композицией Idiocy Strikes Again - звучанием гитар, манерой вокала, особенно , и самим текстом.

1994 - No Mans Land 7''
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vinyl 5"
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Это чудесная группа, не игнорируйте.
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Непрочитано 17.05.2010, 17:32   #3
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Re: Premonition

да, отличные вообще)
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Непрочитано 17.05.2010, 18:55   #4
vinyl 5"
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Re: Premonition

о, яркая группа
xOLEGx вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 17.05.2010, 21:05   #5
Lets Rebel!
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Re: Premonition

сильно очень
саунд по 90м
сижу кайфую
another_hero вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 31.12.2010, 22:46   #6
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Re: Premonition

не вставило
narleysi вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 21.02.2011, 22:41   #7
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Re: Premonition

А что-то ещё у них есть? Дуже годные.
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Непрочитано 24.02.2011, 06:33   #8
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Re: Premonition

Сообщение от Gello Посмотреть сообщение
А что-то ещё у них есть? Дуже годные.
Не встречал ничего больше.

Мне кстати, очень нравится фотография (обложечка винила), будто душа из тела улетает, что-то такое психологическое и мистическое , обратите внимание и изучите.
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Непрочитано 24.02.2011, 11:50   #9
vinyl 10"
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Re: Premonition

є спліт з In/Humanity, наприклад
не знаю, яка якість тут, за посиланням, але в мене є в 320 кбпс + скани обкладинки і вкладки. можу викласти, але трохи пізніше

Добавлено через 8 минут
і до речі, гурт - дуже приємний. простий 4-акордний пост-хардкор, але слухати - саме задоволення)
valmakar вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 03.07.2013, 19:30   #10
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Re: Premonition

Очень приятные. Игнор сабжа сыграет не в вашу пользу
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