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fever shiver
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США Lion of the North

Lion of the North
Only posers die

Northwest, Indiana, United States

Lion of the North выпустили EP "The Compass Calls", и split с Mans.
К сожалению никакой информации не нашёл о группе. Скорее всего группа была создана в 2007 году, в 2009 распалась.
Doyle Martin - Vocals
Adam Sheets - Guitar
Harrison Hickok - Guitar
David Freund - Drums
Adam Vass - Bass '07
Mike Banks - Bass '07-'08
Jason Copeland - Bass '08-'09

Участники группы создали группы под названием Grown Ups (Дойл, Джейсон, Адам) и Staph (Харрисон и Майк), а так же Харрисон позже присоединились к Antilles.
Vass присоденился к La Dispute.


The Compass Calls E.P 2007

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Mans/Lion of the North Split 2008

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Sing a song to feeling young
Sing a song to where we'll run
Every song sounded right in our youth
Let's burn out like cassette tapes
Let's hear it for the songs that we'll never sing
Let's hear it for the sights that we'll never see
The men we'll never be never sleep for they can't dream
But our dreams are harder to remember
And our hopes were hung from all the highest trees
And I'm confessing missing 'friends' that will never miss me
And we thought that in these four walls we'd find youth and set it free
But all along it was safe in the hands of you and me
We'll find a way without a star to guide us home
Because the city sky's ashamed that we could lose what we once owned

A burning bridge will light the paths we tread
What we thought was providence has buried us instead
Semi-circles beneath the surface
To make ourselves whole we must unearth it
Here's to wasting days digging graves when we should have carved a path
The days we chased were just too fast
Times like these never last
First times and second chances
Letting down our battle stances but always standing tall
It's just where I stand on sinking sand that makes me feel so small
Stamp steal and shake up their hearts
You'll never get enough
This is an all-you-can-eat
I hope you're full when I'm gone
Drink to your fill darling
We both know it's coming back up
A condom is your Trojan horse
My thinking ahead is waiting for an end
We prayed for rain until it's up to our necks
The tides have turned within our hallow chests
These heavy hearts will be the death of us
I'm not burning out, I'm growing up
I've had my luck just not enough
I must admit we weather well
From sunken ships to liberty bells
It's just like we're capsized on walls we hide behind

I'm thinking back on days when only living was enough
It's hard for me to face the fact that we've all passed them up
It's times like these when every breath we take is a mistake
We're giving up on growing up because passions never change
We're regressing
Every song we sang a long to, gave us grace and filled us up
We were like lanterns radiating the hearts we held
But now we're horizons swallowing sunsets up
We shed our old skins for they've been over-kissed
We lost our innocence
We wrapped our cars around every tree
We swallowed cures that keep us sick
We stayed 16
We're burning at both ends, we break before we bend
Build monuments to yesterday
What if this was all there is
Somewhere we've lost track of what matters the most
Se're cursed to brave storms we have yet to name
We've shed our skins but we stayed the same

Wasting our days, digging our graves
Sinking on stepping stones, stabbing the backs of our young
Sinking on stepping stones we'll end before we've begun
You lived your life by yesterdays, but hey I'm the failure
Here's a hymn to knowing we'll lose, but at least it's sincere
I swear that there's still life out there with my name on it
We searched and searched but it's behind our backs and up in the air
Sides grew thin instead of stronger

Finding Forever's fucked and falling apart
I've sent my best regards
to topple this house of playing cards
Words written to ruin
I've come to fear the marks we've made
snakes can't be charmed if they know you're afraid
I know by ear what happens here
we'll die by our mistakes
Small stars starve
swallow the first born new year
Small ships sink
swallow our triangle hearts to the brim
And when you said forever was said and done
We stayed awake together, but couldn't save that setting sun
Where's the time gone
History is a setting sun
Collect scars like stamps
burn crosses like oil lamps
They say our safety relies ..ing our front doors
but why walk safely when youth has found a middle course
How many hands would it take to count the nights we've lied awake
there's no escape
let's sell ourselves short
We may be built by gods
but we make our own heavens
Wait this out with me
blow a kiss to the ones who knew how it used to be.

We're changing shape
We're running with wolves our shadows
make on the shoulders of cold
We're kicking up dust
yet we still stay stagnant
We're sucker punching our way out of
promise rings
We're breaking ties
and we're breaking strings
drawn a line between heaven and
hell because sometimes I just
can't tell
So save the night
because our hopes will die in the
This is the sound of
breaking out and burning down our
boarders. We'll never be as
young as we are
We're fucking ourselves behind closed
It's all we're good for
We've spoke of love but we
knew who meant it more
I've ran my course on a pale horse
And it's limbs are as brittle as the blues
Great, we're renting
ourselves hotel rooms for they
would be the perfect tombs
As for me this bag of bones will get me

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Re: Lion of the North

они хорошие, не игнорируйте
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Re: Lion of the North

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забанань меня
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Re: Lion of the North

Очень понравились. Напористые такие.
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слишком крутой для персонального статуса
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Re: Lion of the North

Невероятно крутая группа. Барабанщик на уровне Энди из Ампер, рубится по-скоростному! Вокалист заводные тексты кричит, поет, читает. На одном дыхании летят мелодии.
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