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Emo Список групп раздела | emo, screamo, post-hardcore, midwest emo

Метки: emo , screamo
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Непрочитано 21.08.2010, 22:58   #1
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Чехия Remek

Новая чехская diy имо хардкор группа, состоящая из бывших участников Lakme и Dakhma, выпустили отличное пятипесенное демо, продолжая в своей музыке идеи и традиции вышеназванных групп. Сами музыканты выложили эту запись на своей страничке в майспейс. Демо будет выпущено на Dog Lovers Records в виде семидюймовки в количестве 120 экземпляров.

Remek - Demo (2010)

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Внутри архива: музыка + буклет и правильные теги


in the end. (na konc.i)
I would torn the world asunder so I could put its pieces back together.
To throw away what’s odd, to change emptiness for nothingness.
Acts of despair, bravery soaked in tears
will not, in all this misery, save the world.
In the end everything will turn out well, in the end everything will be alright
until the end comes.

Photos from a bombed-out primary school in Gaza inspired me to write these lyrics. The Izraeli army only repeated its ascendancy, this time by attacking a school full of kids by rocket bombs. Images of immature soulless bodies are the more touching for me since I feel worried about my own son. Losing a close person or other people must cause anger. Wrath. Depair. Maybe it can make one to act against ideas of humanity. To take a bomb, to kill, to kill and avenge. Few days later I was browsing through pictures from the Moscow metro. Muslim separatists killed 40 people there. As innocent as the school kids from Gaza. I feel each death as horrible pain and that close people of these victims (in Gaza, in Moscow, in New York, anywhere else) must feel so as well. Anger and hate grow over rationality. Violence brings only violence, hate generates more hatred. This is not about supporting any side in any conflict; this is about my worries about my loved ones, about helplessness that I feel every time my child has a flu or when my partner is late more than I expected.

the archive. (archiv.)
Despondency showed me the way towards promises that have been broken ages ago
Again and again I’m asking myself long forgotten questions
It has never been easier to run away 'coz I finally have a place where to go
To stop being scared of the sound of my own steps, to stop being afraid of blades of frozen tears
As a free man, to abandon everything what I have learnt, to abandon empty promises
I have the strength to live

My life has been full of changes recently. It has always been this way probably, but suddenly I find the strength to make some changes myself instead of just waiting for what’s gonna happen. It took me uncomfortably long time to find this strength. Thousands of precepts and rules, cages that I had been locking myself into. Suddenly everything turned out to be so hard and unbearable. The moment of realizing the possibility of falling gave me the strength to straighten up. We don’t live for expectations of other people and they don’t live for ours. (Marek)

There are thousands of problems and for them thousands of solutions pandering from each side. Medicaments that are said to be able to heal everything that matters and to bring a paradise on Earth. I believe in none of them (although they may be inspiring in some sense) – lies about desirable priests, the almighty invisible hand of market, revolutionary vanguard nor purity of sXe kids. Like real medicaments these things have a lot of destructive collateral effects or they are just placebos. Non-critically accepted ideology has never saved anyone. It only strengthens the fear of one's own steps, fear to step out of a prefabricated scheme. The panopticaly treasured scheme of acting. If you really believe in the stepping out of the circle, just do it! (Honza)

forever. (napořád)
To repeat what you already know
Tears have dried already, it’s too silent to shout
Sadness is the only thing that you have strength for
Nothing would happen anyway
This is how it should be
This is how it’s gonna be
Anyway, you won’t be strong enough
Anyway, you are not worth it

To get inspired by someone’s story. It’s strange what things happen to people that we meet every day. Little stories of individuals are said to be nothing compared to problems of the world but I feel touched by them much more than by all political proclamations. (Marek)

matches, lights. (sirky, světla.)
I’m gonna wait until all the lights die out
In the dark that inspires curiosity I’m gonna read my way from the stars
Uncertainty gives me strength
Uncertainty gives me the piece of mind
Until I break the last match I have the power to turn on the light (If I want to)

Another song about changes that one has to make on his/her way to freedom. At the same time it is about the fact that deputing responsibility for yourself to hand of others (and they may ask for it themselves) can not bring desired results. Only what I change, do or decide myself is really mine. I don’t believe that anyone can represent me, I don’t believe she/he would act on my behalf. (Marek)

Everyday we are flooded by tons of information and it is getting harder and harder to understand them or just to get you bearings among them. They are related to things that are so far away from us – geographically, socially, by experience – that it is often not possible to sensuously validate their truthfulness. Boundaries between the real and the unreal disappear. Baudrillard talks about the murder of the real. What is presented as real is becoming the real – advertisements, media and other means of control enter the game. We can choose to trust their message or not. To simply trust them is very easy and comfortable but dangerous at the same time. Ideas and prejudices injected straight into a vein. But the easier it is to simply trust and consume the more intense and liberating is the feeling of touching something real, something non-illusory, to get something seemingly mediocre such as personal experience. It costs some efforts to bypass the whole alienating machinery., but sometimes it is still possible. (Honza)

„The neon signs which hang over our cities and outshine the natural light of the night with their own are comets presaging the natural disaster of society, its frozen death. Yet the do not come from the sky. They are controlled from the earth. It depends upon human beings themselves whether they will extinguish these lights and awake from a nightmare which only threatens to become actual as long as men believe in it.” (Theodor W. Adorno – The schema of mass culture)

country of the people. (země lidí.)
Yet, I can sink my eyes
Moved by a wound that opens again and again
It’s not worth believing in compassion when stakes are already given.
We don’t have to feel pain
Deadened by the givenness of our world
Seems like there is no hope for better days to come
Nobody’s bell tolls.
This is the world how we live it, without a glitter of ideas
For ages it’s been impossible to feel dice of chances stuck in bare feet which have been lost on the way to happiness

I don’t lose hope, but sometimes it is really hard to believe that things I do have any meaning. Anxiety as an usual part of our lives, disregard as the best defense from myself. Used to see just what I am allowed to see, sometimes I uncover the façade a bit and I feel so surprised. I must keep asking, I can’t be satisfied with what I am offered. (Marek)

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mp3 320 kbps
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Re: Remek

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Bjol (22.08.2010), untitled (22.08.2010)
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mp3 96 kbps
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Re: Remek

Знаю, хороши ребята)))
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Непрочитано 03.09.2011, 22:17   #4
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Re: Remek

на ихнем bandcamp доступно для свободного скачивания 2 релиза 2011го года
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Непрочитано 16.04.2012, 14:35   #5
la tristesse durera toujours
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Re: Remek

Remek / Child Meadow, Split LP 2012
Genre: emo/screamo | french emo/screamo
01/ Remek - Uhnout (04:15)
02/ Remek - Bez naděje na horší budoucnost (04:15)
03/ Remek - Cokoliv (00:43)
04/ Remek - Tohle nemůžu vyhrát (03:54)
05/ Remek - Tohle mi nevytlučou z hlavy (Child Meadow cover) (02:06)
06/ Child Meadow - Tom haverford (02:44)
07/ Child Meadow - Lumières, allumettes (Remek cover) (02:13)
08/ Child Meadow - Dub meadow (02:02)
09/ Child Meadow - Des objets racontent (04:05)
10/ Child Meadow - 67 (02:03)

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Непрочитано 28.04.2012, 00:21   #6
A train full of optimists crashing into reality
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Re: Remek

Часть Remek отличная, Child Meadow скучные.
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Непрочитано 13.10.2012, 14:45   #7
mp3 128 kbps
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Re: Remek

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Непрочитано 30.03.2013, 01:26   #8
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Чехия Re: Remek

artist: Remek&Paperplanecrash - Split LP (Remek part)
genre: screamo
Split LP w/ Paperplanecrash
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B3G3 (14.08.2013), Blaise Finnegan (30.03.2013), kokarev666 (26.07.2013), lynch law (07.04.2013), sqwoter (17.04.2013), valmakar (30.03.2013)
Непрочитано 01.04.2013, 22:26   #9
la tristesse durera toujours
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Re: Remek

Paperplanecrash / Remek split LP, 2013
Genre: Emo | Emo
A1. Bizniscore, Pt. II (Kanec) (2:08)
A2. Me, Me & Me (2:26)
A3. 16/02/2009 The Day I Met SCM (2:23)
A4. Honza Was Mad (Remek) (2:19)
A5. This Story Is Just Mine (2:24)
B1. Ukradený Dny (1:48)
B2. Zůstáváme Stát (3:26)
B3. Roubík A Pouta (3:04)
B4. This City Is Big As You Make It (Paperplanecrash) (3:30)
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Непрочитано 23.04.2014, 03:12   #10
la tristesse durera toujours
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Re: Remek

Remek - S/T one-sided LP, Full-length 2014
Genre: Emo
A1. Ne Napořád / Not Forever (2:44)
A2. Ty Nejsilnější Zdi / The Strongest Walls (2:45)
A3. Prokletí / A Curse (2:49)
A4. Interlude (1:01)
A5. Poděkuj & Pokloň Se / Thank & Bow Down (2:52)
A6. Zóna / Zone (1:34)
A7. Na Půl Cesty Ven / Halfway Out (7:05)
A8. Outro (1:33)
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alex89 (31.07.2014), Amenra (11.05.2014), Andrewshka (25.04.2014), dazfafara (17.10.2015), DisPaster (25.04.2014), emopanda (15.05.2014), farewe1llnote (26.07.2014), Hntr (30.07.2014), KaiD (09.05.2014), Maybe_I (19.03.2017), MercurysGuy (27.01.2015), NamelesS (25.04.2014), no_yuriy (07.08.2015), s1ndrom (03.05.2014), Sad Sanches (15.05.2014), Stannum-119 (28.06.2014), troy_d (07.05.2014), Volence (07.09.2014), xTOMMYx (24.04.2014), шунчека (23.04.2014)
Непрочитано 23.04.2014, 10:18   #11
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Re: Remek


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Непрочитано 25.04.2014, 10:16   #12
mp3 56 kbps
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Re: Remek

новый альбом - пушка
soulpacan вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 26.04.2014, 13:53   #13
†slow decay of identity†
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Re: Remek

я тут чисто проездом, но поскольку заметил тему - про них есть местная мини документалка (может кому и будет интерено):

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