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Непрочитано 13.12.2006, 17:11   #1
я каждый день
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США The Spirit of Versailles

The Spirit of Versailles были группой из Sioux Falls, Южная Дакота. Просуществовали в период с 1998-го по 2000 год. Выступали на одной сцене с Camera Obscura, The Faint, Last Day Parade, At the Drive-In, I, Robot, Orchid, Jeromes Dream, The Most Secret Method, Forstella Ford, Love Lost but Not Forgotten, Eclipse of Eden, Longfellow, Billy, With Night Falls Fast, Examination of The. …, Caligari, Usurp Synapse and Saetia и многими другими

we played our first show that following septemeber with at the drive in. we recorded a demo with matt mcfarland and not long after in december we got john theis on drums and recorded our first 7 inch "in line for halos". that line up stayed and we recorded the 6 song cd, split 7 inch with saqqara, split 7 inch with rise from ruin, and the song from "the songs of the dead" comp with that lineup. then around nov/dec of 1999, tanner left mutually and eric moved to gutair and tim jewell from saqqara started to play bass. that was the lineup we had the longest but we only recorded an 8 song cd that never officailly came out, and the split 7 inch with caligari along with one other song that is unreleased.
Tanner Olsen - guitar,
Eric Evenson - bass,
BJ Anderson - vocals,
Matt Mcfarland - drums

In Line For Halos 7" (Forever Escaping Boredom)
split 7" w/Saqqara (605 Recordings)
Confluence Of All The Senses CD (605 Recordings)
split 7" w/Rise From Ruin (Chiaroscuro)
split 7" w/Caligari (Init Records)
8-song tour CDR (self-released)
Discography 2xCD (Init Records)
Live On WNYU 7" (Init Records)



The Object of Your Desire
Your icy blue fingertips cover my eyes as you speak to me, your lips burn with desire to the question of my faith. My faith lies within myself, but I still love you.

Recite This Dialogue
The days are closing in, the time is almost here. All this love and emotion we've created is coming to an end. Our feelings are documented, our hearts speak loud, but things change and people move on. Just remember, this will always be an important part of our lives.

A Drive Home, Let it Ring
I feel the warm tears run down my face as the memories flow through my head. My hands are shaking, my body's quivering, as I try to close my eyes and make it go away. I am alone and I can feel the emptiness crawling through my body. I only wish I knew where heartache would end and the memories would fade away.

A Form of Closure
I never knew this would be so hard, feelings like this have never occurred. Days gone by so quickly and the moments we had are forgotten with unspoken words. Is this what it means to you, will it ever be the same, or will I always be standing in my own puddle of tears.

How to Go to Sleep
I sit in this empty space looking across the hall into a room full of dreams. Everyday is just another day, I'm slowly moving along. Will I ever figure it out, will I ever fill this space, or maybe I'll just sit here and enjoy it day by day.

Everything Else Comes Second
With wandering eyes, I see myself without you, and everything's gone. I'm back where I started, I've lost everything. Without you I am nothing, my voice is empty, my ideas are useless. Can you hear my wispers, I am asking you, please help.

Because There Aren't Enough Hours in the Day
We're standing still looking into each others eyes, our minds are thinking but our mouths are not moving. So many wasted ideas, and so many simple conclusions thrown away by lack of communication. Without words we are left with nothing but blank stares and pointless regrets. The lines are open, communicate!

Pranks for the Memories
A heart broken story from the pages of mankind. I read from a book of a life full of hope, but hope will only be there if sadness is gone. I taste the innocence that bleeds from your lips, an innocence masked with guilt. Lets remove our masks and move on.

There Goes Rhymin' Simon
Even after all this time I still can't quite figure it out, I've tried over and over again but nothing ever changes, something's wrong and I'm sorry I don't know why, it's not your fault, it's not you it's me.

Unreleased Untitled
I keep looking for a way to escape these feelings but my emotions fill my heart with sadness and regret, I need to realize that moving on is the only way to kill the pain, I think of you, I think of me, I've killed myself. In hopes of your happiness, I still feel the pain.

As I look across the half empty field, I hate to think what all these holes will be filled when the time has come. And I wonder how much time will be lost, a price tag on death, lives on the market. Is this the price we pay for dying.

it hurts so much, it cuts so deep. Have I lost an image, a broken line of thought, an image of my past lost in time. We're only a mile away, I'll wait here. It hurts so much, it cuts so deep, the years as I look back again.

Exorcism at Moon River
"lyrics lost to never be retrieved"

It's not all they've worked it up to be a life defined by their need for headlines they're only showing the darker side of everything simple lies, it trickles down to everyone, you and me a few extremes to exemplify something they know nothing about.

Is this the meaning of what we have, or is it another joke just another hand that swipes across the strings, and nothing more, no sincerity nothing at all.

A Day to End All Days
This may be a possible real life story a day to end all days fire ash a tsunami a rock may be the end the end of all civilization man defeated bt nature the facts are all there but no one even cares a rock may be the end of the end.

The Followers
Your false beliefs concur to their unbearable pain a brainwashed mind that refused to save a hopeless child can't you realize that prayer won;t save a dying baby so easily revived if you just get out walk away and forget the pain let them shun you just remember who's the murderer forget your beliefs and end this suffering.

Better Left Unsaid
Stop this leave your comments unsaid a sentance with no purpose just worthless words I can't stand listening to you don't say anything I'm deaf to your worthless words end this with a period.

The Line Between Us
All these voices are arguing with each other and I feel like my hands are tied down I ask myself if this is right I reply with nothing at all and I am holding onto everything hopes and dreams is this right the sunshine or does it get better when will we know when will we realize i cling to the day i forgot will this moment ever end I hope not.

Yellow Stained Walls
I'm seeing thought of your dreams never dreamed a fading memory in the back of my head how much time is left one will be enough a fading memory in the back of my head I've bled my heart out for you a tear drop has fallen down you're not immune no one's immune.

Another Day
Turn it off I want to hear myself breathe I want to know if I'm still alive I can't stop thinking about it fall asleep and it will go away I can't take it I don't want it.

A Borrowed Light
Is it me or is it you do my eyes fill with guilt my innocence may not prevail my hands stained with lies I have not yet spoken still you think you already know me your judgement is a crucial crime commited to my heart do I have a chance to prove myself or have you already decided decision without nothing more than a first look well look deeper into my eyes and you will see I am more than a frist look only skin deep.

Make it go the pain make it go away in his eyes I see the pain.

Today and Tomorrow
Don't let go hold on tight in its way it's burning through it burns down deep inside like coals on a fire remember our bodies may rot our skin may wrinkle but our minds may stay the same.

Wasted Time
What's a lifetime what's a lifetime how long until we're gone when our time's over we are nothing more than names engraved in stone all these questions equal up to nothing but stalled forward motion in life live life for life not death.

Shooting a Torpedo
With eyes wide open I see you and I can hear the satisfaction. I can understand your injustace. Lips vibrate, words form. You can't penetrate a heart that's strong enough to know it's own. My love is here, I feel myself, I know what I want.

Don't Mess With the Dippity Doo
If I close my eyes I hope to never open them again. I know that when I do, you'll be gone and I'll never see you again. I'll keep my eyes open, I'm not letting this one go. Far too many are gone and I still want to love, but what's left to love. This heart's here for you, this heart's here for me. It's everything you need, It's everything I need. They say nothing lasts forever, but I believe that love can last a lifetime.

Who the Fuck is Steve Buttcabbage
We all stood around staring into each others eyes, trying to stall time. We knew what we had to do, but we didn't want to do it anyway. Finally it happened. Tears dropped, flesh against flesh, smiles turned to frown. With watery eyes we said goodbye in hopes of someday sharing this same moment with return.

если вдруг кто не слышал - рекомендую послушать это скримо конца 90 из южной дакоты.
то, что они делали хоть и не особо выделялось из того, что делали все в то время, но определенная доля изюминки в них есть.

Последний раз редактировалось шунчека; 16.10.2011 в 11:17.
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Непрочитано 13.12.2006, 17:16   #2
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

одна из моих любимых групп... недавно был реюнион тур в штатах.
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Непрочитано 26.12.2006, 18:59   #3
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

вот эта группа крутая-крутая-крутая люблю люблю люблю....
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Непрочитано 26.12.2006, 21:29   #4
я каждый день
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

кстати да, они почему-то тут осталась без внимания, а очень-очень зря
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Непрочитано 26.12.2006, 22:19   #5
i kill for straight edge
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

Сообщение от collapseforkat Посмотреть сообщение
вот эта группа крутая-крутая-крутая люблю люблю люблю....
приобрел бы трусы с их лого?
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Непрочитано 27.12.2006, 00:21   #6
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

если бы они выпустили трусы это были не они.. так вот с трусами ваще не принято

футболки,худы это максимум. и очень маленьким тиражом. в свое время другие компании подделывали футболки "орхид" и ломили за них здоровенные бабки.. в европе конечно попроще с этим..
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Непрочитано 09.06.2007, 01:21   #7
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

Окуенная група )
я завтыкал что тут такая тема есть )
очень нравятся )
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Непрочитано 09.06.2007, 02:26   #8
mp3 128 kbps
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

не чув.....будем виправлятися) gooch дякую за тему
VectoR вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 02.08.2007, 16:48   #9
vinyl 12"
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

Оу, чтото я копаюсь в разделле и вижу темы, которых раньше не видел.
Старнно, вот, но никогда не думал что это амриканцы.
Звучание у ни весьма мягкое. приятная такая группка, во всех отношених.

Морис, а они реюнион только концерты делали, выпускать ничиего не собираються?
Януш Дзенский вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 02.08.2007, 17:49   #10
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

не.. там 1 реюнин шоу было и все... вообще меня Вова зовут...
stay weird вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 25.10.2009, 04:28   #11
время прошло, так особо и не наступив
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

А послушать где?
Эрис вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 25.10.2009, 09:53   #12
vinyl 10"
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

Сообщение от Эрис Посмотреть сообщение
А послушать где?
Вот здесь
The Spirit Of Versailles - Discography (2003)
япапка1 / япапка2
Ссылки нагло спизженны с фанкисоулз
Самому надо будет заценить
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La (25.12.2013), minera1 (22.05.2013), Эрис (25.10.2009)
Непрочитано 25.10.2009, 15:22   #13
время прошло, так особо и не наступив
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

Замечательные просто.
Эрис вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 11.02.2010, 17:08   #14
модная чика
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Re: The Spirit of Versailles

голосовая напряженность,готовность выпрыгнуть из своей кожи

только и могу,что похлопать

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