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exy 05.08.2009 20:31

Alison Krauss

Элисон Краусс (англ. Alison Krauss; 23 июля 1971, Декатур, Иллинойс, США) — американская скрипачка и исполнительница в стиле кантри, которая в 1990-е годы придала второе дыхание самому консервативному направлению этой музыки — стилю блюграсс. Записывается с 14 лет. Большую популярность принесло ей участие в саундтреках к многочисленным фильмам, среди которых выделяются «О, где же ты, брат?» (премия «Грэмми» за лучший альбом года) и «Холодная гора». В октябре 2007 г. выпустила совместный альбом с Робертом Плантом (1-е место в США). По состоянию на 2009 год в её активе имеется 26 наград «Грэмми» — больше, чем у любой другой женщины в истории; в их число входят награды в таких престижных поминациях, как «Альбом года» и «Запись года» (2009).

2009 - Essential Alison Krauss (VBR V3)


mp3~185 Kbps Avg | 65.1 MB | 50:58 min


Essential Alison Krauss is a brand newinspired selection of songs [ut together by Alison herself, which displays her development as a vocalist, fiddle player and producer; from her early signing to Rounder Records at 14 years old, up to the present day. The tracks are drawn from her extensive back catalogue, truly representing Alison's commitment to Bluegrass and American traditional music styles, combined with her unique ability to contemporise the sound and take it to a very wide mainstream audience. She has a unique talent to select contemporary songs and sing them in a traditional style. It was these factors which drew Robert Plant into collaborating with Alison in the American roots world and the massive worldwide success of Raising Sand. What this collection proves more than anything is that Alison Kraus's music is timeless--her tracks from 1995 remaining as relevant today. -- Amazon

There are some people round these parts who would laugh at the title of this new compilation. Why? Because just about everything the bluegrass sensation has done in the last ten years has been essential. Let's face it, you don't win 26 Grammys in as many years by being average. Alison Krauss, for those of you living in not-so-blissful ignorance, is one of those rare things. A person who can restore your faith in music. Let us list the ways...

Eleven albums into a performing career that began at the age of ten, Krauss is probably best known for her contributions to the soundtrack for O Brother Where Art Thou?. But since 1987 (with her band Union Station) she's been pushing back the boundaries of what bluegrass means in the States while opening up the genre to new audiences with a combination of angelic singing, fiery fiddle playing and, not least, working with some of the greatest musicians in the business.

Essential pulls together a generous helping of her choicest moments from the last decade. This includes work from her most successful Union Station albums such as New Favorite and Lonely Runs Both Ways as well as solo material. Primarily a superb interpreter of other people's material, she can often take a poppy swerve that, on paper, seems odd but works beautifully. For a prime example listen to her take on the Foundations' Baby Now That I've Found You or When You Say Nothing At All, which somehow avoids schmaltz.

And to top it all there's material from her recent collaboration with Robert Plant (Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us). The T Bone Burnett-produced album Raising Sand showed the world that, just when we thought she was most at home when backed by Dan Tyminski's guitar or Jerry Douglas' Dobro, she could also summon swampy blues or reinvent the Everly Brothers. Yes, she's very, very talented.

If you've never heard Krauss in action this is a fine place to begin. But as we said, it's all essential. Do yourself a favour... -- BBC
01. Simple Love 4:44
02. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us 3:23
03. Let Me Touch You For Awhile 3:20
04. The Lucky One 3:10
05. So Long, So Wrong 3:27
06. Empty Hearts 3:23
07. Everytime You Say Goodbye 3:16
08. Wish I Still Had You 4:58
09. Broadway 3:58
10. Baby, Now That I Found You (AKUS Live) 3:54
11. Sawing On The Strings 3:02
12. Restless 2:57
13. When You Say Nothing At All (AKUS Live) 3:53
14. A Living Prayer 3:33

Wikipedia (en.)


Atompunk 04.10.2009 14:59

Re: Alison Krauss
хм, а ниче-так. Лучше, чем Холли Вильямс, по крайней мере) Хотя бабский кантри она в моих глазах не подняла)

Добавлено через 3 минуты
я так понимаю, что она довольно известная особа.... 26 грэмми... :wow: :stupid:

Mosquito 15.10.2009 14:17

Re: Alison Krauss
А мне нравится с плантом коллаборейшн

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