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Folk/Country/Ethnic Список групп раздела | folk, country, traditional, ethnic, world music, etc.

Метки: blues, country, folk, singer-songwriter
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Непрочитано 18.10.2009, 13:07   #1
mr. november
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США William Elliott Whitmore

узнал об этом дядьке от Сида, если не ошибаюсь. когда включил альбом в первый раз подумал что это какой-то дедушка на склоне лет записывает такие душевные песни, а оказалось что этому мужику всего навсего 31 год.

но это так - отступление лирическое. на самом деле послушать Уитмора стоит тем, кто любит американу - блюз, альткантри, фолк американский, всю эту эстетику. Лок, вот например, сказал что он по настроению похож на Уйэтса, хотя я не совсем согласен с этим.

банджо, акустика, иногда хаммонд и ненавязчивые ударные + хриплый гнусавый вокал - вот вам формула Уильяма Эллиота Уитмора. такой вот простой парень из штата Айова(да, не только слипнот там есть).

короче говоря - тут особо расписывать нечего, музыка очень классная, и я вот усиленно слушаю его осенью, чтобы никакая осенняя херня даже не подбиралась ко мне, песни Уитмора в этом очень помогают, заряжаешься какой-то энергией штоле.


Animals in the Dark (February 17, 2009)
Song of the Blackbird (2006)

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Ashes to Dust (2005)
Hymns for the Hopeless (2003)
Calendar Club of Danger and Fun (2001)
The Jarret Mitchell demo album (1999)


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mp3 256 kbps
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore - Hymns for the Hopeless (2003)

William Elliott Whitmore has the ancient sounding voice of an 80-year-old Appalachian moonshiner, and while he is yet to turn thirty, his bleak and death-haunted tales are full of the kind of regrets that only a long life full of loss and struggle can validate. On Hymns for the Hopeless, his debut release, Whitmore mines a strip of narrow Americana that conjures Dock Boggs more than it does Ralph Stanley, and if this isn't exactly the blues, well, it sure isn't bluegrass, either. Actually, the simple, stark three-note melodies of Whitmore's dirges sound more like church hymns than anything else, and his ragged crow-croak of a voice (which makes Tom Waits sound glib and Leonard Cohen sound like a pop diva) comes from a place where the blues and gospel first converged into country. From the first track, the unaccompanied "Cold and Dead," Whitmore begins an unrelenting search for redemption and reaches out for death as the only true reckoning of a man's life, and if he seems to share little of a street preacher's faith in a paradise beyond that reckoning, he seems to reach out for it anyway, and by the album's closer, the full-tilt gospel romp of "Our Paths Will Cross Again," he seems to suggest that yes, there's hope, even for the hopeless. This is timeless stuff, delivered in stark arrangements of just banjo or guitar, with occasional touches of junkyard percussion, and throughout there is Whitmore's harrowing, convincing voice that sounds like it has crossed the River Styx and returned to preach to the living. If there is a problem with this striking album, it is in a lack of variety, as each song unwinds at the same slow pace, and occasionally Whitmore simply tries too hard and loses believability, as he does with "From the Cell Door to the Gallows," which, although striking, suffers from an obvious case of jailhouse noir, and it is the lone track where Whitmore fails to completely inhabit his voice. In the end, this is an amazing debut, a country album that is as far from today's hat acts as a hat can get, an album of rare artistic courage, one that faces death, embraces it, and comes out the other end in a gospel hoedown. Hymns for the Hopeless is a brilliant beginning for William Elliott Whitmore. -- AMG
1. Cold and Dead
2. Sometimes Our Dreams Float Like Anchors
3. Does Me No Good
4. Lord Only Knows
5. Pine Box
6. From the Cell Door to the Gallows
7. Burn My Body
8. Our Paths Will Cross Again

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William Elliott Whitmore - Ashes to Dust (2005)

mp3 VBR~192kpbs | 45MB | 35:00 min.
Country-Folk, Neo-Traditional Folk, Folk-Blues, Blues Gospel, Americana
William Elliott Whitmore's stunning debut album, Hymns for the Hopeless, a death-haunted collection of country-folk dirges sung in an ancient croak of a voice, begged the question, if an acceptance of death is both redemption and deliverance from a life of pain, struggle and regret, where to next? With Ashes to Dust, his second album, Whitmore makes it clear that the answer is simply more of the same. Like the first offering, this release practices a stern folk minimalism, with Whitmore's whiskey gargle of a voice delivering slow-burning gospel sermons to the sparse accompaniment of banjo or guitar, and when the occasional electric slide guitar enters, it seems to come from the next century, so insular is the tone here. This is country music that is still attached at the hip to gospel and the stern Baptist church hymns that are tailored to the three-note vocal range of the everyman, and Whitmore's astounding voice makes it all stick in the mind like a cautionary tale. But while most of Ashes to Dust could fit seamlessly alongside Hymns for the Hopeless, there are some subtle differences that make this album at least a partial step farther down the road to redemption. Death is still the dominate force here, and it sits atop the sequence like a huge shadow in songs like "The Day the End Finally Came," "Diggin' My Grave," and "The Buzzards Won't Cry," but Whitmore has decided to embrace hope and love in the fiercely romantic "When Push Comes to Shove," the stunning train song "Lift My Jug (Song for Hub Cale)," and the masterful portrait of his farmer father that closes the album, "Porchlight." These three songs in particular lift the album out of its harrowing fascination with death and allow some light in on the proceedings. Redemption, Whitmore appears to be saying, just might be attainable in the here and now after all. Ashes to Dust is another powerful album from one of the brightest talents on the Americana scene, one who understands that country isn't about how you wear your hat, it's about how you handle the inevitable. -- AMG
1. Midnight 3:34
2. The Day the End Finally Came 4:18
3. When Push Comes to Love 3:50
4. Diggin' My Grave 4:06
5. The Buzzards Won't Cry 2:22
6. Sorest of Eyes 3:30
7. Lift My Jug (Song for Hub Cale) 3:36
8. Gravel Road 3:52
9. Porchlight 5:47

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mp3 256 kbps
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

А Дядя ж то насправді шикарний! Аж дивно, що тут стільки коментів
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mp3 96 kbps
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

Спасибо! Действительно мнтересный исполнитель!
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Непрочитано 16.11.2010, 04:06   #5
vinyl 10"
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

Cлушать A Good Day To Die, мелкими глотками попивать джин и думать о лучшем-последнем дне своей жизни
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Непрочитано 16.11.2010, 08:59   #6
акын Апокалипсиса
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

А мне как-то не попер, слишком уж мягко и расслабленно, что ли. Впрочем, переслушать надо.
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mp3 256 kbps
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

Може хтось залийти на сервер альбоми крім Song of the Blackbird, кому не важко?
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mp3 96 kbps
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

Привет! Вчера наткнулась на раздел кантри в вашем форуме ! Я тоже люблю этот стиль - пишите какие исполнители и группы вас интересуют и чтобы вы хотели послушать - у меня есть музыкальный блог там много есть чего интересного из этого жанра музыки .. С удовольствием поделюсь... Пишите ..

William Elliott Whitmore - Discography

William Elliott Whitmore - Hymns For The Hopeless 2003

Bitrate:mp3, 192 kbps Size: 50 MB
William Elliott Whitmore - Ashes To Dust 2005

Bitrate:mp3, 192 kbps Size: 43 MB
William Elliot Whitmore - Song Of The Blackbird 2006

Bitrate:mp3, 192 kbps Size: 42 MB
William Elliott Whitmore - Animals in the Dark 2009

Bitrate:mp3, 320 kbps Size: 53 MB
William Elliott Whitmore – And Then The Rains Came 2010

Bitrate:mp3, 224 kbps Size: 103 MB
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mp3 256 kbps
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re: William Elliott Whitmore

William Elliott Whitmore & Jenny Hoyston - Hallways of Always (2006)

mp3 VBR~215 kbps | 41 MB
Jenny Hoysten from the arty post-punk outfit Erase Errata and gothic Americana folk-bluesman William Whitmore might seem unlikely musical bedmates. However, this collaboration shows them to be surprisingly compatible. Maybe it should not be so unexpected, since they were once roommates. The music on Hallways of Always favors Whitmore's rustic sound, but the disc isn't without modern touches. In fact, the opening track "Feast of a Thousand Beasts" begins with the buzz of a synthesizer that soon intertwines with a banjo and singing saw. Similarly, Hoysten's honeyed, bittersweet singing plays nicely against Whitmore's sonorous, gritty vocals. The languorous second number "You've Already Gone" casts Hoysten and Whitmore as a couple whose love has gone sour. While they each take turns noting how things have changed (she: "You never say you love me anymore," he: "You never wear your hair down"), they both sing the dolorous refrain: "Now I'm leaving/But you've already gone." A flipside to "You've Already Gone"'s sad sentiments arrives a couple cuts later on "Marrow." This animated "shotgun wedding" tune, boasting some lively banjo picking by Whitmore, stands as a backwoods testament to love along the lines of the Cash-Carter classic "Jackson." Both Whitmore and Hoysten also get to do a song on their own. The title of Whitmore's solo number "Black Iowa Dirt" pretty much describes what the song is about. An ode to his Iowa farm roots, he reveals his connection to his homeland by stating: "I have that dirt underneath my fingernails/I've got that dirt running through my veins." Hoysten's song also is highly personal. In the emotionally powerful "We Miss You," she addresses her dead father and tells him how she misses him but that she'll "come to grips eventually." The EP ends with the expansive title track, an atmospheric instrumental that counterpoints Hoysten's solemn keyboard playing with Whitmore's gently plucked acoustic guitar. It's a piece that would work well on a movie soundtrack. Despite its brief length (under 30 minutes), Hallways of Always winds up as a rewarding side project for these two old friends and musical compatriots. <AMG>
1. (05:11) Feast of a Thousand Beasts
2. (05:26) You've Already Gone
3. (02:39) Black Iowa Dirt
4. (03:19) We Miss You
5. (04:14) Marrow
6. (06:19) Hallways of Always

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But still our hearts are true to promises kept
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США William Elliott Whitmore

Уильям Эллиотт Уитмор живет в однокомнатной хибаре на ферме в Айове, без электричества, телефона или горячей воды. Он начал писать песни, когда умерли его родители. У него голос гробокопателя, и музыка настолько простая, что она граничит с вечностью. В эпоху наманикюренного и компьютерно-отполированного музыкального продукта его песни сбивают с ног, как глоток свежего воздуха при выходе из душного подвала.

2011 - Field Songs

2009 - Animals In The Dark

2006 - Hymns for the Hopeless

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