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Folk/Country/Ethnic Список групп раздела | folk, country, traditional, ethnic, world music, etc.

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Непрочитано 16.11.2010, 17:23   #1
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США David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - DAC's Back (2010)

David Allan Coe (родился 6 сентября 1939 года в Akron, Ohio,USA) - Американский кантри - исполнитель, который достиг популярности в 70-е и 80-е. Он написал и исполнил более 280 песен за свою долгую карьеру.Как певец он известен своими хитами «You Never Even Called Me by My Name», «The Ride», и «Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile». Наиболее известны и принесшие успех хиты «Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)» для Tanya Tucker; and «Take This Job and Shove It», который позднее был исполнен Johnny Paycheck.

Представляю вашему вниманию последний концертный альбом David Allan Coe - DAC's Back , вышедший в 2010 году...


1. Free My Mind
(D.A. Coe, Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker)
2. Single Father
(D.A. Coe, Kid Rock)
3. 59 Cadillac 57 Chevrolet
(D.A. Coe, Kid Rock)
4. Drinking Her Off My Mind
(D.A. Coe, C. Bishop)
5. I’m Not Begging You To Stay
(D.A. Coe)
6. I Gave Up Trying To Get Over You
(D.A. Coe, C. Bishop)
7. I Can’t Get Over You Getting Over Me
(D.A. Coe)
8. The Price We’ll Have To Pay
(D.A. Coe)
9. Another Place Another Time
(D.A. Coe)
10. She’s Gone For Good This Time
(D.A. Coe)
11. She Just Wants To Be Alone
(D.A. Coe)
12. He’s Taking It Hard She’s Taking It Easy
(D.A. Coe)
13. Tennessee Waltz With Me
(D.A. Coe)
14. I’d Swear I Was In Heaven
(If I Went To Hell With You)
(D.A. Coe)
15. Rings Around Rosie
(D.A. Coe, C. Bishop)
16. Put My Faith In You
(D.A. Coe)
17. To Help You Love Again
(D.A. Coe)
18. The Walls In This House Are Too Thin
(D.A. Coe)
19. Your Memory’s Still Burning In My Mind
(D.A. Coe, N. Simmons)
20. Let Me Be The One You Turn To
(D.A. Coe)

Bitrate:mp3, 320 kbps Size: 142 MB
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vinyl 10"
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Re: David Allan Coe

Так оформлять темы, о таком человеке - это
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Непрочитано 17.11.2010, 08:07   #3
mp3 96 kbps
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Re: David Allan Coe

Не переживай у меня есть и альбомы м записи концертов я выложу и напишу о нем! Просто это первые посты на этом форуме!
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Непрочитано 17.11.2010, 09:36   #4
mp3 96 kbps
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Re: David Allan Coe

Еще немного о David Allan Coe..

David Allan Coe хорошо знают как "Outlaw" стиль кантри и вестерн артист. Много у него юмористических и лирических песен и записей с другими известными кантри "Outlaws."

В течение 80-х, находясь на пике популярности, дважды попадает в 10 Billboard Hot Country Singles chart с "The Ride" (1983) и "Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile" (1984). За долгую карьеру Coe были выпущены 206 LP. Он был одним из самых успешных и критически признанных исполнителей.

Подробную дискографию можете посмотреть -
Напишите какие именно альбомы хотели бы послушать я постараюсь выложить их здесь для вас?
А сейчас хочу представить вам не сколько раритетных альбомов - записей с концертов этого замечательного исполнителя и так...

Концертные записи

David Allan Coe - Hello In There (1983)


01. Crazy Old Soldier
02. Out Of Your Mind
03. Mister, Don't Speak Bad About My Music
04. Drinkin' To Forget
05. Gotta Travel On
06. He Will Break Your Heart
07. For Lovers Only (Part 2)
08. Hello In There
09. Someone Special
10. I Ain't Gonna Let You Go Again
11. My Father Smoked His Pipe

Bitrate:mp3, 320 kbps Size: 97 MB
David Allan Coe - Hilversum, Netherlands (1983)

David Allan Coe
Hilversum, Netherlands
January 26th, 1983


1. For Lovers Only (Part II)
2. Pledging My Love
3. Crazy Mary
4. Mariah Is A Mystery
5. Jody Like A Melody
6. Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
7. These Days
8. Willie Waylon And Me
9. The House We've Been Calling Home
10. Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands
11. Please Come To Boston
12. Ride 'Em Cowboy
13. Tennessee Whiskey
14. Whiskey, Whiskey Take My Mind
15. Lately, I've Been Thinking Too Much Lately
16. Under Rachel's Wings
17. If That Ain't Country
18. Knocking On Heavens Door
19. Blowin' In The Wind/Lay Lady Lay
20. Castles In The Sand
21. Gotta Serve Somebody
22. You Keep Me Hanging On
23. You Keep Me Hanging On
24. You Never Even Called Me By My Name
25. Whiskey River
26-32. David Impersonates Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, Marty Robbins,
Merle Haggard, Jimmy Rodgers, Johnny Cash,
Elvis Presley
33. Jack Daniels If You Please
34-39. Talk
40. Cheap Thrills/Holding Things Together
41. Crying My Heart Out Over You/All My Friends Going To Be Strangers
42. Take This Job And Shove It
43. Talk
44. Take This Job And Shove It
45. London Homesick Blues
46. Chords
47. For Old Times Sake/Jambalaya
48-49. Talk
50. La Bamba
51-53. Talk
54. I Wasn't Born In Tennessee/Okie From Muskogee
55. La Grange Riffs
56. The 33rd Of August
57. The 33rd Of August
58. Crowd
59. Fire And Rain

Runtime - 2 Hours 27 Minutes 13 Seconds

Bitrate:mp3,320 kbps Size: 337 MB

David Allan Coe - Just Divorced (1984)

1. Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
2. Sweet Angeline
3. He's Taking It Hard (She's Taking It Easy)
4. For Lovers Only, Pt. 3
5. Thief in by Bedroom
6. Just Divorced
7. It's Great to Be Single Again
8. Bluegrass Morning
9. I Wanta Know I'm Goin' Home
10. For Your Precious Love

Bitrate:mp3, 320 kbps Size: 80 MB
David Allan Coe - The Very Best Of David Allan Coe (1985)

01. She Used to Love Me a Lot
02. Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
03. The Ride
04. Now I Lay Me Down to Cheat
05. Tennessee Whiskey
06. If that Ain't Country
07. Longhaired Redneck
08. Jody Like a Melody
09. Please Come to Boston
10. You Never Even Called Me By My Name
11. This Bottle (in My Hand)
12 Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)
13. Jack Daniel's If You Please
14. Take This Job and Shove It
15. Willie, Waylon and Me
16. Pledging my Love
17. Hank Williams Junior-Junior
18. (If I Could Climb) The Walls O f The Bottle9 (bonus)
19. Don't Cry Darlin'(bonus)
20. Need A Little Time Off For Bad Behavior(bonus)

Bitrate:mp3, 192 kbps Size: 110 MB

David Allan Coe X - Rated Hits Ac!dRon!n. (1989)


01 - N***er fucker.
02 - Whips and things.
03 - Cum stains on the pillow.
04 - Pussy whipped again.mp3
05 - I made Linda Lovelace gag.
06 - Little Sussie shallow throat.
07 - Pick 'em, lick 'em, stick 'em.
08 - Masturbation blues.
09 - Rock and roll fever.
10 - Don't bite the dick.
11 - Jimmy Buffett.
12 - Lay me down some rails.
13 - Fuckin in the butt.
14 - One monkey don't stop no show.
15 - Coffee.
16 - Nothin' sacred.
17 - Panheads forever.
18 - Three biggest lies.

Bitrate:mp3, 128 kbps Size: 60 MB

David Allan Coe - Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2003)


1.Ain't That the Way (Love's Supposed to Be)
2.Talkin' to the Blues
3.Son of the South
4.'59 Cadillac '57 Chevy
5.Heaven Only Knows
6.Storms Never Last
8.Nothin' to Lose (Part 2)
9.Time Off For Bad Behavior
10.When I Was a Young Man
11.If That Ain't Country (Part 2)
12.Lay My Money Down
13.Will You Remember Me
14.Longhaired Redneck
15.Take This Job and Shove It
16.Drank My Wife Away
17.Ride, The
18.Free My Mind
19.Follow Me
20.Never Even Call Me by My Name

Bitrate:mp3, 192 kbps Size:91 MB

David Allan Coe - The Bluebird, Indiana (2008)

David Allan Coe
The Bluebird
Bloomington, Indiana
August 14th, 2008


1. Ramblin' Man
2. Are You Ready For The Country?
3. I Can Get Off On You
4. Jack Daniels If You Please
5. Amanda
6. Silver Wings
7. Sunday Morning Coming Down
8. If You're Trying To Break My Heart You Don't Have Very Far To Go
9. She Thinks That I Still Care
10. Mama Tried
11. The Ride
12. You Never Even Call Me By My Name
13. Wreckless
14. Only God Knows Why
15. Picture
16. Single Father
17. Wasting Time
18. Please Come To Boston
19. Only God Knows Why
20. Midnight Rider
21. Can't You See
22. Lonesome Onr'y And Mean
23. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?
24. Whipping Post
25. Outro Jam

Runtime - 55 Minutes 22 Seconds

Bitrate:mp3,192 kbps Size: 77 MB
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