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Games Обсуждение всевозможных игр для консолей и ПК

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Mvch cvlt!
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Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy is a side-scrolling adventure video game developed by Quadro Delta. In the game, players construct a pirate ship and crew and guide their creations in a world of piracy.

The game puts players in control of a pirate captain. The game does not have any set goals for the player, and players are free to adventure in the game as they wish. After customizing difficulty settings, the player's captain spawns on an island where the player can build their own ship using a set of boxes and travel the island hiring a crew for the ship. While traveling, the player must sate the crew's hunger and deal with equipment requirements. The captain can be killed by starvation or enemy pirates, or at high levels even by cats and chickens. The game has permadeath, so when the player's captain dies in the game the captain does not respawn.

To embark, the player can select a destination on the world map. Locations range in population and range in the danger they present to the crew. The computer controls the actual sailing, but the ship will stop on its route if another ship decides to attack. Ship battles are determined by acquired stats and by choices the player can make. Winning battles grants the player points which they can spend on upgrading the stats of the crew.

Upon reaching a destination, the inhabitants may be friendly or hostile towards the crew. Crew stats including health, morale, and supply level affect the success of pillaging at a destination.

влипательная тема, довольно простая, хотя пока еще в бете. Можно легко похерить вечер.
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