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Jergen 03.08.2014 13:33

Sewn Shut
Superb grindcore band from the south of Sweden, contains members of Widespread Bloodshed, Assel, Left in Ruins, Satanic Surfers etc.
Started out as a one man band, active during 1999 to 2006 (on hold according to metal-archives). Discogs
Каноничный грайндкор из Швеции. Поначалу состоял из одного участника, затем проект расширился. В составе участники Widespread Bloodshed, Assel, Left in Ruins, Satanic Surfers и т.д.
Split 7" with Mind Collage '00
Split 7" with Man in Shackles '01
Split 7" with Ulcerrhoea '02
Split 7" with Embalming Theatre '03
Split 7" with Squash Bowels '03
All songs from these splits are on the Rediscovering the Dead CD

sewn shut - masquerading the guilty in a garb of innocence 7'' '99.rar 192kbps

sewn shut - by the weakest thread of lies tape '00.rar 192kbps

sewn shut - rediscovering the dead (discography cd) '05.rar 256kbps
01-07 split with squash bowels
08-12 split with embalming theatre
13-17 split with ulcerrhoea
18-21 split with mind collage
22-26 split with man in shackles
27-29 polar grinder comp.

unholy grave & sewn shut split 7'' '05.rar 197kbps

nashgul & sewn shut - split 7'' '06.rar 223kbps

Enjoy :super:

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