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Hardcore Techno Список групп раздела | speedcore, terrorcore, breakcore, digital hardcore, gabber, power noise, etc.

Метки: electronic, hardcore punk, hardcore techno, j-rock, metal, punk rock, post-industrial
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как с гуся божья роса
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Япония The Mad Capsule Markets

The Mad Capsule Markets — музыкальная группа из Японии, основаная в 1985 году и играющая в стиле Digital Hardcore и Punk rock. В период с 1985 по 1990 группа называлась Berrie.

Хироси Кёно, будучи учеником старших классов школы основывает группу Berrie вместе с гитаристом Кодзима Минору (задумывалось как трибьют к их кумирам BOØWY, популярной в 80-х японской панк-рок группы). Через год к группе присоединились басист Такеси Уэда и барабанщик Сето. Сразу после этого квартет участвует в соревновании Battle Of The Bands и выпускает демо EP Poison Revolution.

В 1990 году, после прорыва группы Red Hot Chili Peppers и смены барабанщика Сето на Мотокацу Миягами, Berrie переименовались в The Mad Capsule Markets. В течение этого года они издали дебютный альбом Humanity

Early years (1990-1996)

In August 1990, the new band released their first single, "Government Wall", a re-recording of the Berrie song. In October, they released their debut album, Humanity, which also featured a number of Berrie songs and retained their punk sound. After the album's release, original guitarist Minoru Kojima left the band, and was replaced by former roadie Ai Ishigaki. The following year, The Mad Capsule Markets signed to major record label Victor Entertainment and recorded their second album, P.O.P. A faster and harder album than their first, it was heavily censored, provoking outrage from the band members.

From 1992 onwards the band began to experiment with their punk sound, introducing various sampling machines and swinging from quiet and melodic to hard and aggressive styles. In 1992 they recorded the EP Capsule Soup and their third album SPEAK!!!. In 1993, their fourth album MIX-ISM leaned more towards ska punk, and in 1994 their fifth album P-A-R-K demonstrated a slower and more melodic style. This was also the first album to be released overseas (in the United States, although almost two years after its Japanese release).

Recorded and produced in the USA, their 1996 album 4 Plugs saw a musical shift towards heavy metal. Although the band retained its style of punk with electronic influences, the music was darker and heavier. Vocalist Kyono also altered his singing style and began rapping in English occasionally. This marked the beginning of the major stylistic change that would be demonstrated on subsequent recordings.

Later that year, the band released a self-titled greatest hits compilation, containing re-recorded songs from their career up to that point. Following its release, guitarist Ai Ishigaki left the band and was replaced by "TORUxxx".
[edit] Stylistic change and international recognition (1997-2005)

Perhaps boosted by the change in guitarist, The Mad Capsule Markets' sound became heavier still. In 1997 they released their second international album and eighth overall, Digidogheadlock. A strong progression from 4 Plugs, electronica came to the forefront and the music had a great deal in common with industrial metal.

In 1999 the band released their most internationally recognized album to date. Osc-Dis (Oscillator in Distortion) was a more poppy or melodic take on the sound of Digidogheadlock. It was released worldwide in 2001, driven by the hugely popular single "Pulse", which featured on the video game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. The song and the album became the group's most well-known outside of Japan. At this time the band also introduced their robotic "mascots" the White Crusher and Black Cyborn.

The Mad Capsule Markets' tenth album, 010, was released in 2001 and demonstrated all the styles that they had explored previously, with a stronger emphasis on electronica. This produced a record which sounded more diverse than those before it. In 2002 the band also released a live album entitled 020120, after the date of the performance.

In 2004 the band produced their most recent studio album, CiSTm K0nFLiqT (pronounced "System Conflict"). The album was a return to the heaviness of Digidogheadlock, but this heaviness was filtered through the electronic experimentation of the previous two albums, maintaining a strong link with digital hardcore. The UK release of CiSTm K0nFLiqT in 2005 saw the band's popularity there grow, with rock magazine Kerrang! inviting them to play numerous concerts. Hugely popular Japanese mixed martial arts fighter Takanori Gomi uses the track "Scary" for his entrance theme.

In 2005, The Mad Capsule Markets broke from longtime record label Victor/Invitation and signed to Sony Music Japan. They released two greatest hits compilations of songs spanning their entire career, these were entitled 1990-1996 and 1997-2004.

On the fifth of April the band announced that they were taking an 'extended break' from making music under the Mad Capsule Markets' name and instead work on separate projects. They posted this on the official Japanese site:

"Thank you so much for big support for us. This time, after our discuss with 3 guys from the band, we decide to take an entended break as the band. We can't decide when we can re-start again as the band, at this point. Each from the band plans to work as indivisual artist/projects, please keep supporting us from now on. thank you."
1991 P.O.P
1992 Capsule Soup
1992 SPEAK!!!
1994 MIX-ISM
1994 P-A-R-K

1996 4 Plugs

1997 Digidogheadlock

1999(2001) OSC DIS (Oscillator In Distortion)

2001 010

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2004 CiSTm K0nFLiqT

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Links from http://recordcrypt.blogspot.com/2009...scography.html

Текущий состав
* Hiroshi Kyono – vocals
* Takeshi Ueda – bass, programming, backing vocals
* Motokatsu Miyagami – drums/percussion
* TORUxxx – touring guitar, backing vocals
Бывшие члены
* Minoru Kojima aka "Shin" – guitar (1990)
* Ai Ishigaki – guitar (1990-1996)
* Takashi Fujita – guitar (briefly after Ishigaki left)


Оформление конечно топор пока что, но тема давно уже должна быть, группа для диджика знаковая, позднее творчество охуенный коктейль, душевный и интересный, собственно таким панк в наше время тоже имеет полное право быть, дждждждждждждждж!
Био переведу как-нибудь, отвечаю.

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Re: The Mad Capsule Markets

Очень хороший проект, и сайд WAGDUG FUTURISTIC UNITY очень люблю.
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как с гуся божья роса
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Re: The Mad Capsule Markets

Да он вообщем ничего нового не показал.

Лучше басиста сайд послушай, вот это диджик так диджик
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vinyl 12"
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Re: The Mad Capsule Markets

Weakling, думаю, стоит послушать. Хотя я как-то к дикору равнодушен.
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