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Непрочитано 06.08.2008, 21:29   #1
vinyl 5"
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США Stay Gold

Есть группы в хардкоре, не знать о существовании которых – должностное преступление. За такие пробелы в образовании провинившегося следует отдавать в рабство общине хардлайнеров, чтобы они заставляли его слушать Puritan каждый день. Именно такая группа - Stay Gold из Сиэтла, штат Вашингтон: великолепный мелодик-хардкор, синтезировавший в себе влияния Turning Point, Bane и даже местами Hot Water Music. Почитав рецензии на буржуинских сайтах, можно убедиться, что заграничные эксперты и прочие враги народа также часто упоминают их при характеристике звучания группы. Stay Gold распались в 2002 году и никакой информации о возможном реюнионе не поступает.
Залил два их основных релиза, которые полагается слушать утром и вечером, и ненавидеть себя за то, что не родился где-нибудь на окраине Сиэтла.

Chad Repp - vocals
Matt Jahn - bass
Ross Swanes - guitar
Chris Jahn - guitar
Eagle Barber – drums


Тексты Pills And Advice

Скрытый текст

Best Kept Secret
There is a box downstairs it's been there for years, all it brings is shame, and all it makes is tears. Nails that I pound chains I wrap around, to keep it quiet, to keep it tight, to keep it down and out of sight. Those who fucking knew they end up just like you, after all these years this cleaver can cut right through. I had a family, no, I don't lie they weren't too partial to the screams in the middle of the night. The little ones would say where did daddy go, I'd like to tell you son, but there are some things you shouldn't know. Head downstairs with one thing more than a flashlight for my guide. It's time for you to shut your fucking mouth and die. Where does the truth go when you buried it under the floor it doesn't go anywhere. It's still right there underneath rusty tools and faded scraps of old memories. You can still hear it scream, "let me out, let me out." Sleep is something you will miss, it's quiet now and that can't be good so I open the basement door to find nothing more but broken nails and busted wood. So it comes up from behind this is its chance to take my life, so I put the barrel in my own mouth pull the trigger take myself out.
Just Below The Surface
There is a reason for things I do, don't waste your time seeing from my point of view. Not hard headed by design or hap-hazardly refined. Quiet kid, real awkward at times but I'll smilebig and welcome you with open arms. Cars crash in front of me metal shards I will miss, neighbors robbing banks; they have a shoot out with the cops. None of this I notice, cause I'm trapped in my own thoughts, dwell in this living hell I've made for myself. Try to break free but things don't match up in the end, keep missing my mark again and again, like I'm swinging into nothing. This is the pain you will never see wrapped up deep inside of me, binds my limbs smothers my heart with my soul screaming to be free. Wipe steam from the mirror though I'm sickened by what I see, want to spit in my own face, how do you love when it's you... you hate. This is the pain you will never see wrapped up deep inside of me, binds my limbs smothers my heart with my soul screaming to be free. Kicking myself at the end of the day for things I did or didn't say. Can it really be this bad, I guess I got to learn to laugh.
Never Sleep Alone
So "X" marks the spot yeah, didn't even know you had a fucking map with charts and graphs loaded into words to keep them in your grasp. Never a second spared to you take so much time and care, tapping the tears which are from you I fear. Keeping control letting them know, feeding them more and more and more. Their hearts balance on your words. Feeling not quite understood, they must see something that makes them smile and all the while you let them cling to the hopes your words are true. Your shovel must be worn right through. Keep them around to make your life seem better, push them right to the edge. Call them up when you are feeling sad, let them know it hurts so bad. And in the morning they're just useless trash in the way. And I know we all get scars we all end up with broken hearts, don't think you're enough to take them down, well let me show you right now. And the prettiest girls they smile and the well-dressed boys they laugh. And those same girls filled with bullet holes they lay down and die, while those boys they hang themselves because they let you in and believed everything you told them. And they would thank you for teaching them how not to trust anyone. But we see through you and we will not forget to learn from their mistakes. Now you're alone, lightning finally struck make a change and you're fucked.
On The Homefront
Phone cord wrapped around my wrist it's been like this for nights. Through all the good times the only things I can recall are the fights. Can't you see I'm pushing you away you've been too close for too long, all the time we try to reconcile things always end up wrong. Until the end you held onto my hand I wasn't quick enough to slip away. Laying down right next to you caressing curves from hips to side, not knowing if I should stay or run into the night. So I just self-destruct maybe this blast will be enough. Then you grab the loose end of my sleeve and whisper please don't leave. I'm not strong enough to hold onto this. Only cowards make their choices out of fear. I'm smart enough to hold on to you, I guess it's just my luck... couldn't we have met next year? Just cause I know I'm wrong now doesn't mean I've never felt the thrill of hurting you. Well I think kind of strange that the best feeling I can name is waking up alone. Knowing no one is shedding tears over actions that I choose.
Wanted to come at you with mounting piles of evidence wanted to come at you with proof of soiled virtue as this case draws to a close I look back on played out roles want to fight long through the night push the blame on you when all you wanted was a chance to live your life all you wanted was some time well I'm so quick to put knives in to the others hands and scream they've got a gun and they are not afraid to obliterate all that we built up all that we've become so eager to fight at the first sign of change but maybe I can't see that this is the way things need to play out even though I've got my doubts so damn selfish when it comes to releasing those from the bonds that keep us standing in line waiting for the end do you really want to stay here taking care of three kids waiting tables on nights and weekends just counting the days until you die with me standing by your side can't let go cause I'm afraid I can't make it on my own so please leave while you still can just walk out that door maybe give me a call five years from now just to say hello.
40 Smith And Wesson
Such a wicked temper flare, but I thought you didn't care, I guess it's just another line. A pose defending yourself with prose, you're pretty good at spitting out the things that you just read. We're still getting to you, we still get inside your head. I expected so much more you really let me down man. Standing on the side of the stage waiting for the song to end, waiting for one sloppy line so will have something to laugh about for weeks to come with all your friends. It's so easy to judge you never open yourself up, you never put your feeling on the line. How about I do you a favor, let me bring some things to light... there is nothing cool here, there is nothing smooth about the things we do. Just a mass of blood, dirt and sweat... and that's what I find beautiful. We might make fools of ourselves, we won't explain it's no use, and let me tell you that your jean jacket isn't fucking bullet proof.
Pity Party
Yes I'm giving up this time. I'm done with falling behind. Nothing that I seem to ever do ever makes the grade. They said it was just a phase, one day I would grow to make my parents proud. They didn't know what they were talking about. Being at the end of my rope really doesn't seem that bad, but I must apologize I'm sorry mom and dad. Don't look down on me too much, but this charade has got to stop, that's the only way for a guy like me to ever end up on top. So right now it's party time, kicking back with glass in hand, bouncing up and down on floors 'til I can't stand. And outside it starts to rain, glass falls from the window pain, and you just sit in awe... cause it's never the right time to make that change in your life. Anxiety takes a hold of me... so I just let it go.
City Limits
I'm putting this pen to paper not to hurt you in any way, but to tell you you're slowly killing me. It's not something you notice right away, I guess it's not something you take the time to explain. It's just always in the back of your mind slowly eating you away. I never said it was the smartest thing to do, I've never been the brightest kid. Pressing my luck far past the point where others would have walked away. Maybe it's that damn line that I've crossed so many times that trips me up and sends me for a fall face first into disaster. But it's the freedom I crave, waking up not knowing what the day will bring. Being alone but still with your closest friends. This shouldn't have to be an end, for me it's a bright new beginning, but it's time to go, so hey, are you with me?
Bottom Floor
There is no better cushion than the bottom floor, than landing on the devil himself. Look around to see all these eyes are set on me. A little voice said you'll never know just how you've helped. I thought they would be heading back home but they didn't move. This is a hell they face every day. I never thought being under ground would change my view, now I can finally see clearly. Suburban streets set ablaze by burning tires, your home streets torn apart by tank treads. Black skies are affirmations we mean nothing. Broken hearts mean nothing now; modem speeds mean nothing now. Waking up in the morning is the only way to judge that you deserve what you have, all my problems seem to wash away in the face of this, everything I used to think blown away when faced with this. How can I sit around stagnant and use my time for crying, how can I sit here idle while others they are dying. If I never write another song about regret it will be too soon.
Toy Boats And Battleships
Come smashing down with all your force. You bring the hate right to our doors you know you'll break right through. Deadlock bolts can't hold the weight that you possess. Though darkest night bright blue eyes shine you hold them open wide the tears role down your fingers your sick perversions they leave marks that linger. You say "that's how it is now, you got to strike out first you got to take control while you still can. That's what it means to be a man. That's what it means... and you will never know what it's like to be king. No one respects the weak, I've seen it a million times." But there are things I would stand up and fight for, there are things I would lay down my life for, convictions in my heart, my soul have meshed with I'd give you all the blood that flows through my wrist. You, you fucking hate, you use destruction to get your way. You and your hate, if you are a man then we should all be erased. Innocence is our most prized possession and it's in short supply, snap your fingers and take it away. You get bored so rape it away. I'm not afraid to call it what it is, I'm not afraid to call you what you are, cause it's murder and you're a goddam thief. Blood on your hands doesn't make you a man, nor the hell bent legions at your command. It's the part of yourself that you give up helping those that are weaker than. Yes, I will fall in defense, you will take my life as worthless, but don't you see that that is not the point. Oh my god you've gotten to me, stainless steel upside your head, I'll paint this barrel blood fucking red. We've all been scratched; we've all been tainted.
Pills and Advice
What if today was the last day of your life, would your soul let go and looking back in reflection would you think you did it right or in mourning room on a mahogany box would a ghostly figure claw at the top and scream curse as a driver pulls up with a Hurst. These are the things I ask myself laying in bed in the middle of the night with the window cracked and the radio on praying for answers before the end of the song. Wrong never rests knocks on my hero's door in a suit and tie offering comfort for strength they possess. Never again will I put my faith in flawed man; never again will I let opinion rule reason. Growing tired of this IV, if I take it out could I stop the bleeding take a chance and head out the back door. Standing under starry skies heart's still bleeding so I know I'm alive. Don't need the safety of those four walls. Your words still ringing in my head, I don't got what it takes to fight the whole world. Your pills and advice... two things. I will never take. Crash bang, hospital scenes just a dream but wise play still ring true sedatives begin to set in but this morning I have a friend. Right does its best just to protect the 'S' on my chest. My life starts today
Three Weeks
Three weeks time is all you need to pick yourself up off the ground. Three weeks time is all you need to get back on this path you found. As you wipe tears from your eyes and swear with hands held high. Three weeks time is all you need to turn this burning wreck around. But just a little sip is all it takes to separate you from your convictions. In blacked out rooms devoid of light through the darkest hours of the night. When you think no one's around... when you think no one's looking down, you'll give in. Can't you see why I'm so mad raise your voice on my behalf, all the things I've worked so hard for them mean nothing now. There is more than feelings at stake this is a lethal sickness, no drugs will help this fever break. Now it's all rushing back with letters and photographs a taste of what life is really like. Can't you get it through your head, gonna end up on your knees dragging your bones around. Looking for that one ounce of self-respect, you might just find as they zip up your body bag. There is still time for change it's truly up to you, it's going to be the hardest thing you ever had to do....


Caught Up In The Moment [2001]
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Pills And Advice [2004]
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Непрочитано 06.08.2008, 22:58   #2
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Re: Stay Gold

Ох пацан)Одна из моих любимых групп в хардкоре вообще! Очень их люблю) Ипи Caught Up In The Moment моя любимая, особенно песня Hearts! Есть у меня еще and time slips away-2004 там только 2 темы новые остальные повторяют первую ипи.

Добавлено через 12 минут
Вот небольшая старенькая вьюха из какого-то российского зина:

Как возникла группа?
Я и Чад – наш вокалист основали группу пару лет назад, когда мы жили вместе. Мы давали концерты в своём городе при любой возможности, а также выпустили демо “And time slips away” . Непонятным для на образом демо разошлось по всей стране и в итоге попало в руки людей с Indecision Records. Мы выпустили семёрку при содействии нашего друга Эрэма на его лэйбле Anchor Records, ну, а вскоре после этого мы выпустили EP на Indecision. После этого мы совершили два тура по западному побережью.

Большинство рецензий описывают ваш стиль как смесь Good Riddance и Bane. Как бы ты сам мог охарактеризовать вашу музыку?
Я понимаю почему нас сравнивают с этими группыми и мне это очень приятно. Неприятно только, что нас сравнивают с ними постоянно и везде. Было бы неплохо, если бы нас любили просто за то, что мы звучим как группа Stay Gold. Ну, а сам бы я описал наш стиль как мелодичный хардкор. Олдскул с современными элементами.

Можешь в таком случае перечислить свои любимые группы?
Нам часто задают этот вопрос. Так что со страхом породить еще больше сравнений я могу сказать, что из хардкор-групп на нас оказали большое влияние Dag Nasty, Lifetime, Hot Water Music и Turning Point. Но мне кажется, что мы черпаем вдохновение из совершенно разной музыки. Black Flag, Morrissey и The Smiths, Radiohead, AC/DC, Nirvana, Unbroken также в определённой степени оказывают влияние на всех нас. Странная смесь... но это помогает нам.

Что означает название группы?
Название группы произошло от поэмы Роберта Фроста “Nothing Gold Can Stay”(можно перевести примерно так: "ничто не вечно, всему хорошему приходит конец"). Ну а выражение Stay Gold часто используется в книге и фильме “The Outsiders” (автор - С.Е. Хинтон).

Что вы можете сказать о вашем предстоящем альбоме? Будет ли он похож на вашу EP или он будет совершенно другим по стилю?
Мне кажатся, что наша группа всё-таки прогрессирует. Мы с пользой использовали своё время, и теперь мы можем попытаться сделать что-то новое, отодвинуть границы. Пока что всё идёт отлично. Мы могли немного повзрослеть в плане текстов и звука, но основные наши черты – чёткость и громкость – остались неизменны. Влияние панка зтало более заметным, влияние метала также более заметно, но мы всё равно сохранили и мелодичность, и агрессию.

Расскажи о сцене в Сиэтле?
Хардкор-ребята в Сиэтле поддерживалти нас самого начала. Без этой поддержке мы бы никогда ничего не сделали. Это правда. Здесь прекрасная сцена, и здесь есть много групп достойных внимания: Champion, Himsa, Hardesty, To See You Broken например.

Является ли кто-нибудь из членов группы sXe? Как ты относишься к sXe? Что повлияло на твой выбор?
Практически все участники нашей группы – стрэйтэджеры. Некоторые называют себя так sXe, некоторые нет, впрочем, все это не очень важно... Я думаю что этот выбор должен осуществляться на более личностном уровне. Мы не считаем sXe основной темой нашего творчества или нашим стилем жизни. Лично я стал sXe, потому что слушал панкрок. Когда живёшь в маленьком городе, где все люди ведут одинаковый образ жизни, sXe - это одна из немногих возможностей оставаться собой. Я не хотел быть похожим на придурков, с которыми вместе учился. В 15 лет я решил стать sXe и остаюсь им по сей день вот уже на протяжении семи лет.

Кто-нибудь из вас является веганом и как вы к этому относитесь?
Никто из членов группы на данный момент не является веганом, хотя трое из нас были. Мы все вегетарианцы. Опять же, мы не считаем это чем-то о чём надо очень много говорить... мы считаем это личным выбором каждого. Круто иметь свои убеждения, верить во что-то, но проблема заключается в том, что часто это становится причиной споров, ребята начитают друг друга учить жить, некоторые недолюбливают кого-то за то, что он не живёт так, как они живут и не ест то, что они едят... это смешно. Жизнь слишком коротка, чтобы напрягаться по такому глупому поводу.

Как ты относишься к религии?
Лично я – атеист. У каждого участника группы свои взгляды на религию, но мы не имеем и никогда не хотели бы иметь отношения к каким-нибудь религиозным организациям. Для панк/хардкор группы все это по меньшей мере было бы глупо.

Самый приятный/неприятный инцидент, произошедший с вашей группой…?
Приятный… Может быть викэнд проведённый с Bane, было очень круто! А вообще, я думаю лучшее, что со мной случилось когда-либо в жизни – это момент, когда я впервые взял в руки музыкальный инструмент.
Неприятный - нашего друга Робби однажды случайно так ударили на концерте, что он потерял сознание... а Чад серьёзно повредил колено в Техачапи, Калифорния.

Раз уж разговор зашёл о кинематографе расскажи о своих любимых фильмах.
Ну, я котирую треш-хоррор, хотя в общем-то мне нравятся совершенно разные фильмы: «Cемейство Тененбаум», «Техасская резня бензопилой», «Славные парни», «Хэлоуин», «Гонщики», «Бутылочная ракета», «Академия рашмор», «Казино», «Ночь живых мертвецов», «Большой Лебовский», «Живая мертвечина», трилогия «Зловещие мертвецы» и «Извне».

Какие у вас планы на будущее?
Надеемся давать побольше концертов, столько, сколько позволит здоровье.
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Jimmie NO (03.11.2008)
Непрочитано 06.08.2008, 23:05   #3
no escape from noise
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Re: Stay Gold

голос хороший. а гитара что-то слабовата. ей бы более грузное звучание, о тогда б даааа
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Непрочитано 07.08.2008, 00:37   #4
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Re: Stay Gold

Ту епт, этот самый and time slips away-2004 и есть демо, меня с толку сбил год, видимо его потом переиздали.
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Непрочитано 07.08.2008, 00:59   #5
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Re: Stay Gold

имеецца в наличие альбом 2001 года, чему очень рад..
приятная команда

вопрос: каким образом они распались в 2002 и демка вышла в 2004?
всетаки были попытки реньюнйона?
Sergio вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 07.08.2008, 01:12   #6
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Re: Stay Gold

http://ifolder.ru/2116797 - and time slips away-2004

Георгий Лексеич, я думаю это все-таки год издания или переиздания)
x Nerd x вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 07.08.2008, 08:18   #7
Promises Kept
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Re: Stay Gold

блядь.. я их вообще обожаю. уже хз как давно их слушаю..
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Непрочитано 31.10.2008, 03:34   #8
mp3 128 kbps
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Re: Stay Gold

сейчас вот сижу слушаю... наверно самая любимая группа... из музыки вообще :)
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Непрочитано 31.10.2008, 10:31   #9
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Re: Stay Gold

бля... нехочу к хардлайнерам на перевоспитание... качаю уже..
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Непрочитано 23.09.2009, 15:03   #10
mp3 96 kbps
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Re: Stay Gold

шикарные ребятки!
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Непрочитано 23.12.2009, 01:02   #11
vinyl 5"
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Добавил тексты с полноформатника, сингалонг ор дай.
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Непрочитано 14.01.2010, 08:16   #12
mp3 56 kbps
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Re: Stay Gold

Они шикарны!!!
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Непрочитано 28.11.2010, 23:21   #13
Взвешен. Измерен. Вычтен.
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Re: Stay Gold

Пісня з альбому 2001 Forever And Regret просто муааааааааа


Its time to turn my life around, make amends to my friends and all of those I've let down. i'm tired of running away. Face up to what I've done. Its time to take responsibility. Now I se the full extent of the damage. Now I see how deep scars run. This pain I inflicted, the tears you shed. How did this go so far? I stood and dug this hole so goddamn deep. You just smiled, and never said word one. Maybe its too late for forgiveness. These words might fall on deaf ears. And you can turn your back and walk away. But right here is where I'll stay. Right here is where I'll wait for you. To reach out your hand to me, becasue now I know what it means to be a friend, and I'll be there until the end. We can work on this together, we can work through this together. I'm sorry.
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Re: Stay Gold

Переслуховую знову і знову. Ай люблю.
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