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Метки: hardcore, melodic hardcore
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Непрочитано 25.09.2009, 19:12   #1
mp3 320 kbps
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Великобритания (Англия, Уэльс, Шотландия, Северная Ирландия) The River Card

(melodic hardcore/ Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom)

Smitho - вокал
Mike - гитара
Culcha - басс
Chris - ударные
Dave - гитара

The River Card сформировались в городе Сток-он-Трент, Великобритания, в конце 2005 года, как мелодик хардкор группа, которая после нескольких смен в составе продолжила своё существование с текущим составом с начала 2007 года. Они делили сцену с такими группами как Hatebreed, Bane, Down To Nothing, Set Your Goals, Have Heart, Parkway Drive, Verse, Dead Swans, Reign Supreme, Cruel Hand, Dirty Money... С момента выпуска ЕР ‘No Prize Just Pride' в 2007-м они тяжело работали обьездив с турами Великобританию и Европу несколько раз. В марте этого года группа выпустила свой новый альбом ‘Serious Titles’ и сейчас они стараются отыграть как можно больше концертов. В конце ноября в рамках европейского тура вместе с Unrestrained заедут в Украину.

The River Card - Serious Titles (2009)

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Hiring, Firing, Perspiring

Why look when I know I'll only make things worse? What I see is not good and it fucking hurts. I won't break 'cause I know what we have is strong. And will never, never, ever be broken. It will never be broken. It started like a bomb that would never diffuse. Now I'm left deflated, confused. Looking back I ask questions of sudden change, but the answers stab into my veins. One spark one love. One great shock. But I won't let this down, it's just a knock. And if you try you will succeed. It's not about living on your knees. Follow your heart and make no false moves. We'll get it back and that's what I'll prove. And see this through until the end. Broken. That's what I'll prove. We'll get it back.

Lateral Drift

Last call for the band with the attitude. Fuck all will be left when these kids see you for what you really are. Been around for years and you're still fucking boring me. Surprised your ego would fit on that stage at all. That's what it's all about for you. Climbing that ladder won't do shit for you. Selling yourself short with nothing to shout about. Take yourself back to school. You're a no good prick with nothing to prove. Self loathing, self pitying, self worshipping, fucking loser.

90 Windows

It took so long for me to stop holding on, but now I've realised its gone. Turn back the pages. As I look back I don't like what I see, a painful image of you and me. Tear me away from here. I'm removing the knives stabbed in my back and I'm not returning them to you. As the wounds heal I watch myself grow stronger. Stomp on anything getting in my way. Stop holding on, I'm moving on. I'm running on towards the bright lights of the future, they're staring back, I'm letting go. I finally let go of what I thought was everything to me, I'm letting go. Rather not pretend this is what I want. This is not the way I want to live my life. Trapped in a cage of insecurity. I need to find the key to escape from here. Stop holding on, I'm moving on from wrecking my life. As the wounds heal I grow stronger. Stomp on anything in my way.

The Megatron

Losing everything I ever gained. Falling face down in the earth. Finding no faith in myself. Fighting for everything I've ever lost and loved. And will this be the breaking point for me. The pressure was always on, now it's fucking killing me. Got to get myself out of this mess. Got to realise there's more than this. More than this. Beating myself up over lost lonely causes. What's it all worth in the end? Vanity, selfishness, fear prevailing. My conscience is something not break. Feeling the force, losing my mind, fuck your emotions, fuck all your kind.

More Dread

Beneath the shadows and his every move, I shift the blame (fuck you I don't care). 'Cause you are walking a tightrope, with the sharks around your heels. So don't look down. I turn my back, once again. I thought for long enough, to suffice. Retake the days back, I wasted them. I shan't regret (fuck you I don't care). Because life is reason, and in reasoning mistakes will not be made. I remember you, I won't forget, the pain I felt, I'd rather you dead. I won't forget the pain I felt that night.

Small Confined Spaces

This place has brought you down. Down to the state which you'd never thought you'd see. A place once which you screamed for. The life of which you dreamed for. It's all embers now. Hollow inside is all you can feel, when you look around and see how this has come about. And you know it's not you, 'cause its different and cold. And you show it's not you, by the life that you lead. Never felt like this before. A place once dear to me, breaks my heart to watch it become so grey. When you put pride in a city like this, it gives you everything to give it you fucking back. The streets, the people, the vermin you cross every day, beating you down. It's beating you down. It's where I grew up, it's where I belong, my name sketched on its pavements, its memories deep in my mind. Always born and bred, always hated and bled. It's where I belong. It always kicks back, it always spits out, but this is my home. Always spits out, always kicks back. This is my home, I'm always running back.

Running Rich

Are you happy with what's inside? Which is nothing. Nothing to show, you've died, alone, in your self pity. And when you're looking for the answers, you'll never find anything other than the likes of liars, and bullshit, and fakes. So look into my eyes and tell me 'you left this too fucking late'. Let down, rejected, so shallow, yet I'm unaffected. Again you've crossed the line, you're wasting your precious time. You're wasting. You're wasting your time. You can try and try. You're wasting your time. You can try and try and try.

Your Gonna Fuck An Idiot

You get what you want. I've realised now after what's gone on, and what's been said, that I don't want you in my life. You'd be the last person I would turn to, if I needed anything. But this won't happen again. Get a grip. Clear your fucking head. Think about what's been said. Turn around. Look into these eyes. You're the one. You're the one that I despise. A good man offering his heart, for a troubled girl in a spiteful world. (Go, Fuck, An, Idiot) Should have seen right through, behind the lies, behind your mask, and all those fucking lies. Are you paranoid? Are you insecure? Led to believe it was me. I was right all along. They say love is blind. This won't happen again. I won't be your easy option. Fuck off.

Fresh Meat

Seen these faces, heard it all before. Nothing more, nothing less, you're just like the rest. And when I look inside your head, there's nothing there that says you really care. And you don't feel what I feel. And there's no change in scene. It's just that, you'll always be a fuck. You've never been here with me. Nothing to fucking prove. You got nothing to prove. 'Cause what we got, it's for real, no spit, no shine, no prize, just pride. I'll speak my mind.

Pink Piano

Pull up a chair, as I kiss away your hopes and dreams. It's not too late. Your words won't break, this hoarse silence. This is certainly not over. It's not over yet. I will come back for you. This is certainly not over. So watch your fucking back. This flame of passion, against my cheek. Can't cure me now. It's not the end. Of all of this. Can't cure me now. It's not the end of all of this.

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Непрочитано 10.03.2011, 20:32   #31
now turn the other cheek and pretend
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Re: The River Card

У ребят вышла охуенная ЕР
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massmord (10.03.2011), newdayrising_x (10.03.2011), skittles (10.03.2011), Vegan (10.03.2011), wanchope (11.03.2011)
Непрочитано 10.03.2011, 23:22   #32
vinyl 5"
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Такого звучания от них не ждал совершенно, очень круто
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skittles (11.03.2011)
Непрочитано 11.03.2011, 16:05   #33
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Re: The River Card

дайте лінк без вконтактів
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Непрочитано 11.03.2011, 16:13   #34
Nvllivs in verba
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Re: The River Card

Ссылка, по которой Вы попытались перейти, содержит вирус. Скорее всего, Вы получили ее личным сообщением от друга, перешедшего ранее по подобной ссылке, невзирая на все наши предупреждения и предупреждения своего браузера.

Пожалуйста, сообщите об этом тому, кто прислал Вам ссылку, и посоветуйте сменить пароль от страницы ВКонтакте и обновить антивирус.
Дуров должен гореть в аду
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Непрочитано 11.03.2011, 16:16   #35
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Re: The River Card

wanchope, вово
Bort вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 29.09.2012, 19:02   #36
время прошло, так особо и не наступив
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Re: The River Card

2012 - Momentum

Слушать на bandcamp.com/
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