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Hardcore Список групп раздела | oldschool, newschool, youth crew, beatdown, melodic hardcore, NYHC

Метки: hardcore, melodic hardcore
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Непрочитано 02.08.2010, 19:34   #1
время прошло, так особо и не наступив
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США Like Trumpets

Группа из города Портленд, штат Орегон. Известно о них крайне мало. На майспейсе они о себе сочли нужным сообщить только то, что они такие, какие есть. Любят http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/har...eback-kid.html, а название группы вызвает ассоциации с одноименной песней http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/har...ith-honor.html. Играют мелодичный хардкор где-то между упомянутыми выше и современными молодыми группами, типа http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/har...andscapes.html и http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/har...than-life.html. Плотно общаются с группой http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/mai...-for-home.html, гитарист которой Тэннер Марита был первым вокалистом Like Trumpets, а басист Дэн Маккол помогал в записи демо. Выпустили демо из двух треков и EP "Reveille". EP содержит пять весьма достойных треков из собственного материала и кавер на на песню Firefly группы http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/pun...s-the-day.html.

Josh Anderson - Vocals
Andrew Echeverria - Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Zurek - Guitar
Moose - Bass
Willie Whipple - Drums

2009 - Demo

2010 - Reveille (CBR 192/320 kbps)

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Приятные ребята. не слишком сладкие. Очень хорош трек A Beautiful Revelation, с колокольчиками в концовке) И кавер симпатичный. Если не хочется качать, то ипишку можно послушать на спейсе.

Последний раз редактировалось Эрис; 03.08.2010 в 03:14.
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Непрочитано 03.08.2010, 00:54   #2
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Re: Like Trumpets

клевые, второй раз слушаю уже, правда майспейс с ноута

думаю в мп3 на нормлальной акустике впечатлений будет в разы больше
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dazfafara (22.10.2015)
Непрочитано 03.08.2010, 02:52   #3
Nvllivs in verba
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Re: Like Trumpets

10 раз за 2 дня альбом уже прогнал. Клёвый очень. Хотя к звуку и есть пара-тройка претензий
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Непрочитано 03.08.2010, 03:18   #4
время прошло, так особо и не наступив
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Re: Like Trumpets

Мне A Beautiful Revelation в обоих вариантах очень нравится: и на демо, и на ипи. На демо вокал сильнее, на ипи сама аранжировка интереснее.
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Непрочитано 12.11.2010, 15:28   #5
mp3 320 kbps
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Re: Like Trumpets

Офигенская группа
они засядут на пару недель у меня в голове


This is our reveille
This is our revelation
Our funeral procession
Our dying celebration

The day's as dead
As it's been long
But still I'm holding out
For eager minds and burning hearts


I paint my life
With no one to guide my hand

When I fall, I'm minuscule
But I cry out desperately:
"I'm slowly building myself up to who I need to be"
I get closer day by day
But I'll always have my flaws

I'm doomed to swim in this sea of solemn faces
To search for you
Look at you

You have to live up to your name
When I look up to you, I hide my face
Through all you purge
Your words are lost to me

I'm still a child
Pleading for worth
I tried to follow in your footsteps
(We tread old ground so easily)
The charred, sun-blackened earth has burnt away your path
And now I'm lost
With nowhere to turn

How do you come back from death?
Believe me, I've tried so hard
My fetid corpse is taking up far too much room
I'm stagnant with nothing to prove

Forgive me for who I've been

There's nothing new under the sun
I try so feebly
To mask myself behind thick veils
Of vain idolatry
In this moment I realize:
I'm my own downfall
The father figure's at an end
We're on our own

You fail me
Every time, you let me down

I'm absorbed in all I say
All I need is to grow up and act my age
I'm absolved of all this hate
All I need is to grow up and act my age


Time passes through me like sand through a glass
With each passing grain, I feel life fading fast
The ebb and flow of my days slowly wane
With each passing day, I nurse heartache and pain

What I say can wait
I'm quick to forget
What once moved me is dead
My soul has decayed
My thirst is unquenched
I'm simply living for myself

I would rather live today
Than simply exist tomorrow
What a meaningless existence

This is our chance
To make the best of what we have
This is our chance
To learn from mistakes long passed
Don't waste your time with property
In truth, you'll never own anything

This is our chance
To find love and make it last
This is our chance
To set the youth on a forward path
You'll never know how much you'll need
Cause in the end you won't need anything

I never knew how far I'd come
And at the end of time
I hadn't gone too far at all
I hadn't stirred a soul
You'll never know how far you'll go
Unless you get up and try


It's been so long
And nothing's inspiring
I feel like I'm dead
Like time has run out
Don't you see, you've drained me
Energy expired, now I can't even begin to try and shout

This weight hangs on my shoulders
It pulls me down
Under this sea of pressure, there is no escape

And I'm beginning to think I'm lost to time
I can't feel it anymore
This house is no longer a home
Because I can't feel it anymore

When I've felt the most hate I can feel
There's nothing to make believe, nothing to make real
It's all so lost, so we called off the search
No more good things, everything will end


"What have I done?"
I berate myself again and again
For I'm a forlorn son
More importantly, what will I become?

I can't shed my doubts like a second skin
Dry hope encases me
Decay is choking me

Love breeds compassion
Hatred breeds torment
Time breeds a world full of change
But where do I go from there?

When I screamed
Could my voice be heard
In the bounds of your "heaven"?
Do you negate the stars?

If I could withstand the pangs of existence
Why should I need you now?
I've been fine on my own, with no helping hand
To suture and nourish the wounds
How can I be a man
When I've spent my whole
Learning that I could never become
Any kind of man?

Like a great monolith
Underneath the waves
Our purpose sleeps within us
Waiting to emerge

Like a great monolith
Underneath the waves
Our purpose lies beneath us...

All I wanted to be was your beautiful son
Perennial with the earth

Where hearts grew weak
And spirits were burdened
Your love prevailed
While others' were shaken

Throughout my life
All the choices I made were not my own
And now it's time that I shaped myself
Without adhering to the will of those that were questioning my worth
Here I am:
What more can I be?

Последний раз редактировалось me_hungry; 17.11.2010 в 17:54.
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narleysi (15.01.2011), Эрис (14.01.2011)
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