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Метки: melodic hardcore
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музыкальная шлюха
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США Darasuum

Появились из останков xBound In Bloodx. Делили сцену с Stick to Your Guns и Sleeping Giant.
Выпустили одну демку, эпишку. Сейчас готовятся к выпуску полноценного альбома.

любителям почитать

Darasuum began as an idea in the fall of 2009 when Daniel Barachkov and Gabe Ochoa were sending songs back and forth after their previous band, xBound In Bloodx had disbanded. The goal was just to write songs in the studio and never play shows or ever tour. That quickly changed when "Disgusting Me" and "Seasonal Friends" were written.
The two, ecstatic over the two songs decided to create a band but keep the original goal in tact. The first line up to complete the band were Jason Fick on Bass, Kevin Clarke on rhythm guitar and Andrew "Seamoose" Compton on drums. This first line up practiced one time at the home of Jason Fick. After that night, Kevin decided that he wasn't capable of doing a band while having a family to support and both parties went their separate ways.
A couple weeks after Kevin's leaving, Gabe had asked his close friend Mike Portales to take over rhythm guitar and Mike gladly accepted. A practice followed a week later and there it was decided that Seamoose wasn't capable to play the drum parts that were needed to play the songs correctly and was asked to step down. At a wall, this left Darasuum to find a drummer who had the technical skills that were needed to play the songs that the band had written.
Time couldn't have been unfortunately, more perfect when Gabe had contacted his long time friend Brandon Trahan. Brandon was already going through a rough patch in his life and the band asking him to play drums was an uplifting gesture he needed. The band practiced for 6 months before playing their first show. Daniel wasn't content about playing a show without having a proper demo recorded. The band called upon Rollie Ulug (Dangers, Graf Orlock) to record the first 3 song demo. After 2 weeks of recording and 2 more months of practicing, the band finally decided to play their first show with Hammerfist, World of Pain and others. The reaction was better than the band had ever hoped for.
A few months had passed. the band recorded a 5 song EP with friend Dan Bieranowski and weren't playing many shows. Brandon was unhappy with how things with the band were going. His beliefs clashed with the other members of the band and he didn't want to deal with the conflicts. He was asked to play drums in Impending Doom and quickly exited the band on bitter terms. A few weeks later, Mike also quit due to personal conflicts between him and Daniel. This left Darasuum at a stand still. Jason had asked his ex-band mate Jordan Pappas to fill Mike's shoes and Gabe asked anyone to try out for drums but no one could play the parts that Brandon had recorded with the band. A friend of Gabe's had suggested a Chris Johnson. Chris had previously played in xDeathstarx and The Great Commission and although Christan, he didn't have a problem being in a band that had non-Christian ideals.
Darasuum was getting back on track. After a few practices, the band started playing more shows and in August of 2010, were asked to be apart of "The Keeping Warm in a Cold World Tour" with Stick to Your Guns and Sleeping Giant that December. During the months of October and November, the band recorded their new EP "Bite Back" at Undercity Studios and were hoping to have it ready by the STYG dates. Plans fell through and the EP is now being released in the summer of 2011.
In December 2010, Daniel had announced that he was going to be leaving the band to focus on his personal life, but still wanted to be the main music writer. An agreement was made between Daniel and Gabe and everyone went their own ways happily. Daniel has already begun to write for the band's first full length release.

Darasuum plan to tour as much as possible in 2011. With a label (to be announced) and tours being lined up, 2011 is looking real promising for these 5 young men.


Present Members:

* Gabe Ochoa - vocals
* Jason Fick - bass
* Chris Johnson - drums

Past Members:

* Kevin Clarke
* Andrew "Seasmoose" Compton
* Mike Portales
* Brandon Trahan
* Jordan Pappas

Fill-In Members:

* Tristan Huarte - guitar
* Steven Grise - guitar
* Austin Reid - bass


Demo 2009 (released 20 October 2009)
Self-Titled EP (released 23 January 2010 )


Demo 2009 + Self Titled EP

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Две песни с будущего альбома Bite Back
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P.S. рекомендую ознакомится с новыми треками из будущего Bite Back. Особенно с A place called home
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Re: Darasuum

Darasuum - Bite Back (2011)

melodic hardcore/punk

1. Sleeping With Faith
2. The Iron Hand Of Justice
3. Bite Back
4. A Place Called Home
5. Dwellings
6. This Was Never Meant To Last

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хорош релиз, а сингалонги просто чума...больше всего напоминают Comeback Kid лучших времён!!!
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vinyl 5"
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больше всего напоминают Comeback Kid лучших времён

Добавлено через 8 минут
Послушал майспейс, ни малейшего Камбэк Кида, жаль.
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Re: Darasuum

хз, а мне напомнило...только жоще, ахаххах))...наверно между строк читаю
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Непрочитано 05.10.2011, 08:28   #5
meow till I die
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Re: Darasuum

Сингалонги доставили, вокал тоже. В плеере в наушниках пацаны звучат вообще на 5+ .

Ух. И демо в поряде пацаны вообще ребята!!!
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