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Hardcore Список групп раздела | oldschool, newschool, youth crew, beatdown, melodic hardcore, NYHC

Метки: crossover , hardcore , hardcore punk , oldschool hardcore , thrash punk
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Норвегия So Much Hate

So Much Hate норвежский хардкор коллектив образовавшийся в Осло, в 1986 году, в состав которого входили: Svart Framtid, Kafka Prosess, Stengte Dører и Bannlyst. Последнее выступление группы было 14 ноября 1996 года. За время своего существования группа выпустила 5 ЛП (один из которых лайв) и одну семерку. Так-же засветилась на одном сборнике локального хардкор\панка.

Участники группы в последствии играли в таких коллективах: Captain not responsible, Drunk, 6000 Crazy, Crossbreed, Danger!Man и The Bone Idles. Гитарист So Much Hate, Børre Løvik умер в марте 2007 года.

Gunnar Nuven – Vokal
Børre Løvik – Guitar
Per Arne Haugen – Bass
Finn Erik Tangen – Drums

How We Feel (X-port Plater, 1987)
Blind Alley (X-Mist, 1988)
Your Choice – Live Series (Your Choice, 1989)
Seein' Red (X-Mist, 1990)
Lies (Progress Records, 1993)

SO MUCH HATE - live in Germany 1992 DVD

интервью из Raising Hell zine #23, 1990

So Much Hate is a magnificent hardcore punk band from Oslo, Norway. They’ve been around a few years, and used to be in various other Oslo bands. They’ve got 3 LP’s out and have done lots of gigs around Europe. This is an interview with So Much Hate, and it was done in Dusseldorf on 6.9.90.

RH: Why did you choose the name “So Much Hate”?

Gunnar: It came from this Canadian band.

RH: On the “Peace” compilation?

G: Yeah.

Borrer: It’s got a lot of meanings in it, it’s so much hate against you, so you hate so much as well.

RH: Has that got anything to do with what the band’s about, like, do you sing about hate?

G: Yeah, we sing about that as well. I think the name says quite a lot about the situation we’re living in, the life around us, it’s very hateful.

RH: The first LP, the title of it really got my attention, So Much Hate “How We Feel”.

G: I think the lyrics on the first LP are more, like, straight ahead than any of the other, especially compared to the 2nd LP which is more personal lyrics.

RH: Well, why did you change the lyrics, or is it just a “natural progression”?

B: You can’t just say the same things all the time, if it’s very much like saying things that everybody’s singing.

G: Then you go through different periods of your life as well, so it’s pretty natural . It would be really strange if the lyrics were the same all the time.

RH: How has different periods of your life influenced the lyrics?

G: if you are really happy with everything around you for a while, then there comes more often a bit of positive lyrics maybe, and then if you have a plunge, everything is going really bad, then your lyrics are more depressed.

RH: What sort of things do you sing about? A few examples?

B: The scene.

G: Sexism, racism, like most hardcore lyrics.

B: Ignorance in general.

RH: Sexism & racism “in the scene” or in general?

G: There’s one song called “poor Little Macho” & that could be the scene, or the rest of the world. We are not living totally in the scene, we live in the real world as well.

RH: There’s one song about macho men using steroids & stuff, is that a real big thing in Norway? Cos Within Range had a song about it as well.

G: Yeah. That’s because we wrote the lyrics first and they copied off us!

RH: On the 2nd LP, I thought you might start going in a metal direction, but on the new one, that seems a lot less like that, did you decide to change or what?

Erik: we don’t decide at all what to play.

B: The sound is very strange on the 2nd LP as well, it sounds really clean to me.

E: I don’t see in any way that we are going to be like a metal band. I don’t like metal at all. Sometimes I come up with music that is heavy sounding, but I still don’t listen to metal Lp’s at all, I don’t even like Metallica, so...

RH: Over the past few years the scene has gone a lot more towards metal, so what do you think about that?

B: it’s too typical, I mean, I don’t like it because metal is not very interesting music at all.

Per Arne: The big metal band, so many of them which is much better than listening to people try to play metal just because they like that style.

G: it seems like this whole crossover thing is not so connected to the hardcore scene anymore as it was. I think a band like Heresy, they did that quite well because they managed to get different people going to the shows.

RH: I don’t think they were that metal really.

G: But they got the metal audience for sure, but they were a band who really had something to say.

RH: You mentioned about the 2nd LP having a “clean sound”, so you do try to get a “dirty sound”?

B: No, we try to get a good sound.

RH: How would you describe a “good sound”?

B: When you can hear all the instruments, and it’s powerful, and, not necessarily fast, but good and honest.

RH: Tell us a bit about what Norway’s like to live in?

G: It’s bad.

RH: How is it bad?

B: it’s a very boring country.

G: Norway, compared to the rest of the West Europe, life is pretty easy.

B: Most of the people just feel so safe. People don’t live a lot, and think very typical Norwegian, to don’t care about anything.

RH: So what do you enjoy the most about touring about Europe?

E: Honestly? They give us a lot of beer!

G: Getting around to lots of different places, meeting with people.

B: Seeing what’s happening in other countries. And you keep out of Oslo.

RH: You seem to have toured around Europe quite a lot, is there any chance that you might visit Britain?

E: If somebody can put it up.

G: Yeah, if somebody can arrange it for us.

RH” What about the “Blitz” place in Oslo, is that still going, and can you tell us a bit about it?

E: It’s the same old thing about that it’s supposed to be tear down, although, finally after many years they decided that we cannot tear it down. Always fight against different excuses for it, and now it’s like, a really tiring war I think. People have to have night guards there all around, and nothing’s happening you know, but, one day something will happen, and you’re there, listening to police radio and sitting awake, always people outside, watching not only for police and the ones who want to tear it down, but people like right wing, nazis. Once there was a teargas grenade, and another time a Molotov cocktail thrown into the spare cellar.

RH: Is there many nazis in Norway?

E: Yeah, but it’s not skins, that’s the problem.

P.A.: Just fascist and racist people.

E: The problem, I think, is that you can’t see what they are you know, because, if everybody were skinheads or something, so you would kind of in a way know that these are the bad guys (Really? Today I was on an anti fascist rally, and there were plenty of skins on that, hardly any punx tho! - RH), not just like people hiding in the crowd, that are really fascists. It’s always people trying to organize some more a fascist movement.

G: And also it become lots more, the racist people, because there is more people getting unemployed all the time, and they have to blame somebody for it, so they blame it on the foreigners.

RH: Sounds like the same old story...

G: yeah, it is, but it reached Norway a bit after the other countries, you know.

RH: can you explain a bit about what “Blitz” is?

B: it’s a house which has got a cafй and a concert hall, and it’s got a bar, and this women’s center where they have courses, like learn how to play & things like that and a practice room.

G: And there’s a local radio.

RH: And how long’s it been going?

B: Eight years.

G: it’s the only free radio in Norway.

RH: And is there any other places like that in Norway?

B: Not like Blitz, but it’s one quite similar in Trondheim.

E: You forgot about telling where it’s made a newspaper, and sell books and records. And you get all the information from political things, and that’s also where they are arranged, like the meetings on the house and what’s going on, what are you going to do about it.

P.A.: Last time we sold 25, 000 of the newspaper.

E: Everybody reads it, there’s a lot of stories in it, cops are reading it, and it’s very embarrassing to them because when they make really big mistakes, we have a picture of them and tell the story. Like, one cop, he was really into busting people, he thought he would be smart and get more stars on his jacket, and then he ended up paying for the whole thing, and now he can’t bust anybody, so it’s really great.

RH: And what’s this paper called?

B: “Smorsyra” (I doubt if that’s right - RH), it means “Butter Acid”.

RH: Butter Acid? I’ve never heard of it!

G: It smells really bad you know.

E: it looks like a stink bomb, or stink gas actually.

RH: And how often does it come out?

B: Every 2nd month, but...

G: It comes out when the next one is finished.

RH: What do you think about what’s happening around Europe, and what’s your vision of the future of Europe?

E: I think the West will eat the East countries, their money.

B: I think there’s going to be a lot of poor people in the future. Class differences will be completely different.

G: The gap will be much bigger between rich people.

E: And Germany is gonna win their economical war. Control over the United States of Europe.

RH: And Dolf is gonna be president (some interfering German swine)

B: yeah, I’ve already heard about his plans as well, he’s gonna pick up one town, and make the rest of the world a concentration camp.

RH: And can I move to this town?

Dolf: Yeah.

B: Imagine that, “Dolfstadt”.

RH: Yeah, but we’ll have a revolution there! Anyway, how do you think it’ll affect Norway, all these changes?

B: Yeah, we’re gonna become a member of the EEC quite soon I think.

E: They are taking it the back way, like we are going in there without asking people. They are working us in, in a way that we are so connected with them anyway that there’s no way that you could just stop it when it finally came to be.

B: For example, the police can work together with all Europe, and they often do, so, that kind of connection is very good, It’s really hard to do something between countries.

RH: Can you tell us a bit about the accordion on the new LP?

G: there was a song and, especially me, I hated this long intro, and I wanted to have something done with it, and there was this guy in the studio...

B: He was the drummer of The Plot, a very good friend of us. He said “I’ve got an organ”, he just started & it sounded really good. He also played with us in Amsterdam. RH: So did you record it in Amsterdam? Yeah, at “Rent-A-Cow” (English translation) studio.

G: Once even somebody came in there and knocked on the door and wanted to rent a cow for the birthday party of their daughter. They even asked Dolf (lots of laughter). Anyway, the LP is gonna be called “Seeing Red”, it’s gonna be 12 songs on it, 12 really good songs on it.

RH: Including “Borstal Breakout”?

G: No, that's gona be on a compilation.

RH: What made you wanna do a Sham 69 song?

B: It's a good song!

RH: Fair enough.

Ребятки которые плотно сидят на старой школе хардкора наверняка слышали об этой команде. Кто еще не слушал милости прошу, группа очень достойная, я думал, что тред о них есть. По большому счету группа больше пойдет по вкусу частым посетителям Треш Зоны и Панк-рока, чем данному разделу.
Начинаем слушать с первого альбома и по порядку

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Re: So Much Hate

хоть бы послушал кто, интересно ведь играли ребята!
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ketamine freaks will die young
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Re: So Much Hate

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mp3 56 kbps
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Re: So Much Hate

Ссылки накрылись.
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