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Hardcore Список групп раздела | oldschool, newschool, youth crew, beatdown, melodic hardcore, NYHC

Метки: hardcore
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Непрочитано 07.08.2012, 17:05   #1
mp3 128 kbps
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США Pegasus

для любителей Leeway
состав чуваков из Cold World, Mind Eraser, RZL DZL, War Hungry, The Rival Mob

Justin DeTore : drums
Derek Scace : bass
Haroun Khan : guitar
Arthur Rizk : second guitar/ interludes
Nic Woj : vocals

ST 7
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Pegasus st 7
Fool for you

You offered everything to anyone who sold their sold to you
I lived my life in fear of what i thought was delivered from you
can you blame me can you save me from this lustful life
but you never answered me oh why was I such a fool for you
I don't mind if you don't believe me
staring at the empty crossroads of your human being
I never seen you this way
I wish you'd lie to yourself
so look me in the eyes and tell me what it feels like to
witness the rise and fall
just to loose your faith in it all

In my fright

let's play the game again
this time the bottle spins for thee
I've got a secret to whisper in your ear in privacy
don't know I took a life
in the moment it felt so right
knowing this tell me do you still fancy me
you know I've got you in string
should i tell you everything
can't tell you get away this time
here's a little secret of mine
caught me off guard you know I took it a bit too far
far enough to know that there was just no turning back
I ain't no criminal please trust me with your love
you're the only one who knows
my life is in your clutch
you're the only one who knows

Nine bites of the cherry

grip me with your claws down to the bone
show me what it is to be alone
give me your only gift of death
breathe into me with your demon's breath
trading life eternally to you
but blood is realer than we ever knew
their world chews me up to spit me out alive
were we ever meant to live this life
holding close to what I thought was real
I let it go to only you I kneel
trading life eternally to you
but blood is realer than we ever knew
feel my spirit struggle to slip though
trading life eternally to you
but blood is realer
in a mad man's dream
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how soon is now
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Re: Pegasus

спасибо за тексты, чувачек
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bornXagain (14.08.2012)
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mp3 128 kbps
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Re: Pegasus

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