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Hardcore Список групп раздела | oldschool, newschool, youth crew, beatdown, melodic hardcore, NYHC

Метки: hardcore punk, nyhc
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Непрочитано 27.08.2012, 20:39   #1
mp3 128 kbps
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World War 4


Mark Porter (Floorpunch, Anger Regiment)
Justin “DFJ” DeTore (The Rival Mob, Mental, No Tolerance, Righteous Jams, Mind Eraser, etc.)
Chris Corry (No Tolerance, Mind Eraser)
Doug “Free” Cho (The Rival Mob, Give, Free Spirit, etc.)
Bill “Punch” Hanily (Floorpunch)


Новая супер-группа, состоящая из Марка Портера, вокалиста Floorpunch, и еще нескольких звёзд ист кост хардкора. Фанатам The Rival Mob, Outburst, Side By Side сатисфакция гарантирована.

Demo 2012
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RayBanHardcore вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
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Непрочитано 27.08.2012, 21:20   #2
mp3 256 kbps
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Re: World War 4

demo is fucking killer!

тексты,если что ;)

2. Can't Take It

Why can't you see
What you're doing to me
Playing games, acting the role
Now your actions are taking their toll
Won't take it
Won't put up with your shit

3. Bystander

I will not sit and watch
While you choose to poison your brain
Things you do and the way you act
Makes me think you're insane
Never understand why it is
You do what you do
Those days are coming
When your actions will catch up to you
Drugs and booze, no way to act
Never get ahead, always held back
Hanging out with all the wrong friends
Keep taking this path and your life will end

4. Who Are You Kidding

Kidding yourself
But you get a second chance
Fucking over your friends
Now we're gonna take a stand

Time has come for you to pay the price
Weaken yourself with another vice

You've got to find the bottom before you reach the top
Gotta look within yourself before others help you stop

I'll always try to help you turn the other way

5. Crossed Path

Try my hardest - Not to lose control
Keep fuckin' with me - Gonna lose my cool
Only so much - a person can take
Keep testing me - I'm gonna break!
When we cross paths - It's gonna be war
When we fight - You'll know the score
I just can't stand - All the shit you pull...
Talkin' shit - Just not cool
Soon your actions will catch up to you
Keep running your mouth, that's all you can do
Don't come to me, don't even try, I won't put up with your lies!

6. Talk About Respect

Ya talk about respect
You'll never get it
Want some from me
You can forget it!

I've tried and I've tried
To show you the way
Now you'll learn
There's a price to be paid
Out in the streets, nowhere to hide
I remember when...you were on my side
Best friends then, we were standing tall
I shoulda seen, you were gonna fall

7. Old Friend

Moving forward, leaving you behind
It's people like you, I can't pay any mind!
A positive friend is all I tried to be
Now I realize you'll never see

We hung out and shared the best of times
Now it's clear, you're no friend of mine

Pass in the streets, ya look the other way
Years of friendship with nothing to say!
I've moved on - see you done the same
Won't bother with gossip - won't play your games

8. Got Some Friends

You prey on the weak to prove you're a man
You've got a few friends so you think ya can
Only fights you start are the ones you can win
Won't sit around and watch you do it again
I can see it in your eyes, you're just scared
You got a few friends, no fights are fair
Won't sit around and watch you do it again
You prey on the weak cause you got a few friends
Maybe some day it will catch up to you, but until then you'll hide behind your crew
skittles вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 28.08.2012, 12:44   #3
mp3 128 kbps
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Re: World War 4

ой красота ой красота
3TOH вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
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