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politehnik 20.10.2009 02:46

Tuff Crew

The Tuff Crew, composed of LA Kid, Ice Dog, Tone Love, Monty G, and DJ Too Tuff, is a hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dubbed "Philly's first Rap Supergroup" by Wax Poetics Magazine. They released four albums. Their debut LP included production by the Ultramagnetic MCs' Kool Keith and Ced Gee among others, with a style that was bass-heavy with Roland TR-808 drum machine, raw "street" lyrics and aggressive scratch DJing. They performed with Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, LL Cool J, and many others. They toured the U.S.A as the support act for 2Live Crew, and were fan favorites on the groundbreaking Street Beat radio program on Power 99, hosted by Lady B. They were racially-mixed and ethnically diverse, and were regular performers at the After Midnight club in North Philly, once the largest Hip-Hop club in America. Their contemporaries included Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Dj Cash Money and Marvelous, Cool C, Schooly D and Three Times Dope. DJ Too Tuff, a/k/a the Deuce Ace Detonator, is considered a forefather of the Turntablist movement, because of several dynamic DJ tracks on the group's albums. Dj Z-Trip, DJ Shadow and other New School DJs credit DJ Too Tuff for inspiring their style and music.


Phanjam (1987, Soo Def)
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Danger Zone (1988, Warlock)

Review: Tuff Crew - Danger Zone

I'm guessing back in the '80's Philadephia were pretty happy with there hip hop talent and the future of the Philly scene with the original gangster Schoolly D, 3 X Dope, the Hilltop Hustlers, DMC champ DJ Cash Money & Marvelous, Chart topping DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and of course these guys, the Tuff Crew. The Tuff Crew have got to be one of the most under rated groups ever, other than the "mad individual" cut being scratched in the "I S.P.I.T." track on Kid Sensation's "Rollin' Wit' Number One" and his partner Mix-A-Lot mentioning them in "My Hooptie" I can't really remember too many references to this pioneering group from the north side of Philly.

The group consists of "The Overlord - Ice Dog", "The Teacher - Tone Love", "Monty G - The Mountain", "L.A. Kid (Lyrical Auditor)" and of course "DJ Too Tuff - The Ace Deuce Detonator". They originally came out in '85 with the "Get Smart" 12" and then in '87 with the "Philly Style" 12" and the "Phanjam" album that also appeared "Soo def" label mates Krown Rulers from Camden New Jersey. In 1988 they released Danger Zone and was the best work they had released thus far and came out in the golden era of east coast hip hop. Without going into every track the entire album is dope, some better than others like "My Part Of Town" with Too Tuff scratching up a "so, damn, tuff" sample and "It's Mad" that starts off with rapping from the get go and a constant drum beat throughout the track with Too Tuff transforming a "aahh'' cut for the hook. It also has a Detonator solo set on "Deuce, Ace, Housin''. "North Side" is the dedication to the neighbourhood they hail from and it is sick. The album consists of only 10 tracks and goes for under 40 minutes but it's under 40 minutes of quality.

Overall the only slight flaw with Danger Zone is the shortness of it every thing else is flawless. It has that old school quality of a real DJ using real records to cut up and their wasn't too many you would rather have than "The Detonator" all the vocals are just as crazy with increibly original voices especially "The Overlord's" which helped make the Tuff Crew one of the greatest groups of all time. The only thing I was a bit surprised in was the picture on the back that had the entire proud Philadelphian click pimped out in L.A. Raiders gear?? (maybe there's an explanation I ain't getting?)

After this Tuff Crew released "Back To Wreck Shop" in '89 that starts off with the Rocky music for the intro and "Still Dangerous" in '91. The Overlord went solo after that and that was the last I heard of them. Although "The Goats" came out in the early '90's and Rasheed went down south and recorded a few albums most of the decade was quiet for Philly hip hop and only in the past years have groups like "Jedi Mind Tricks" and "High & Mighty" put Philly on the map again.

original: Streets On Beats

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Back To Wreck Shop (1989, Warlock)
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Still Dangerous (1991, Warlock)
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DJ Too Tuff's Lost Archives (2008, Traffic Entertainment)

Album review by Vice at Illmuzik:

DJ Too Tuff - Lost Archives

December 28, 2008
By: Vice

DJ Too Tuff, A.K.A. The Duece Ace Detonator, is considered to be one of the forefathers of turntablism and is a legend in the Philadelphia Hip-Hop scene. Back in the late 80's, a time when Hip-Hop was still in the stage of conception, an underground group was forged who dubbed themselves the Tuff Crew. The group consisted of LA Kid, Ice Dog, Tone Love, Monty G, and DJ Too Tuff. Influencing artists ranging from DJ Shadow to Peanut Butter Wolf, to having fans such as ?Questlove(The Roots) to Chuck D(Public Enemy), the Tuff Crew has certainly obtained legendary status among the streets of Philidelphia and across the nation. The crew ended up parting ways back in 1991, due to management and infighting within the group. Soon after, DJ Too Tuff, the crew's producer and DJ, launched a solo career in 1992 recording mixtapes and making beats for local artists. Tuff, with the help of ILLMUZIK's resident member Dahkter, decided to release an album of some never before heard material from his archives. Using which is now looked at as "primitive equipment," the album's tracks were all created with an Akai MPC 60, two turntables, and a cassette multi track. It doesn't get more raw than this!

The album opener "Pimp S**t" is a funky break beat, which musically captures the essence of the golden era of Hip-Hop. Based on the beat alone, you know that Tuff is coming with that rawness. Each instrumental is laced with shoutouts from artists ranging from Chuck D, to the original members of the Tuff Crew paying homage. The first actual song on the album is entitled "Old School Jackin," which features rapper Prime Minister Dope. A two-part classic breakbeat kicks things off, with heavy scratching and spit fire lyrics from P.M.D. At about the 4 minute mark Tuff smoothly transitions the music into some dope cuts over an 808 driven drum pattern, which you can't help want to start popping and locking to. Not missing a beat, the following track "Northside Posse," drops and continues the b-boy-esque flavor that made me feel like I needed to bust out the linoleum and get to work! Emcee Mechanism blesses the mic on this track, with some pure aggressive lyricism.

"Fat Ones," is hands down my favorite track on the album. The beat is a grimey, reggae influenced feel that makes you feel cool just by listening to it. I instantly thought of Cypress Hill when I heard it, though the song isn't about Mary Jane. Ice Dog rips the mic with lines like "Cool calm collective / The fat ones steppin / I'll discharge like an automatic weapon." The song has that feel good vibe all the way through. On the track "Into the Dangerzone," you get 2 minutes and 29 seconds of psychedelic slickness, produced by IllMuzik's very own Dahkter. The beat is a horn lead melody, with a dark orchestral feel which are overcast by a war like drum pattern. It has an old school yet futuristic feel when listening to it, kind of like watching an episode of Star Trek. Dahkter takes you to another planet with this one. "Hit A Block," is a gangster ballad with that street realness. E-Dawg's lyrics and husky voice compliment the bass heavy beat as he speaks on how he will straight murder you with lines like, "Now I got a mobb and it's coming double fold / Never had a heart cause from the start that shit was cold / So I don't give a fuck about a n***a or a bitch / It's all about props, property, and gettin rich."

If you are a fan of raw Hip-Hop, and straight beats and rhymes with no singing, this album is for you. To those aspiring producers and DJ's out there, this is a great album to see another side of Hip-Hop's history and gain that much more knowledge. There is a reason why so many known artists of today list DJ Too Tuff as one of their inspirations. I wouldn't call this album a classic, but an album full of classic material.

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Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town (1989)
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Tuff Crew - What You Don't Know 12'' (1989)
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Вирішив створити тему, бо судячи з того, що про них пишуть, це воістину круті і значимі хлопці.
Поки що тільки копіпаст з Вікіпедії + кілька англомовних рев"ю, пізніше щось ще знайду, ну а дискографія вся вже на сервері.

politehnik 22.10.2009 21:20

Re: Tuff Crew
Ну все, все що можна було знайти по інторнетам залив наче. Тільки інформації мало.

Mass. 22.10.2009 21:59

Re: Tuff Crew
Исходя из видео - ахуенные ребятки. Переходный период на лицо, что для меня есть очень круто. Качаю, и спасибо за тему:agree:

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