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Метки: black metal, experimental, noise, psychedelic
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Непрочитано 21.01.2010, 23:44   #1
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Великобритания (Англия, Уэльс, Шотландия, Северная Ирландия) Black Vomit

Black Vomit

О группе:
Совершенно сумасшедший коллектив из Шеффилда, Англия. Играющие нечто невразумительное на стыке блэк метала, нойзо/эмбиента, с экспериментами в степи чуть ли не электронного грайндкора/брейккора, заездами в сладж/дум, и все это под густым-густым психоделичным соусом...Ну как, разыгрался уже аппетит? :))

По самой группе ничего неизвестно, но их судя по всему трое, и начали они существование точно не позднее 2006 года, коим датирован первый релиз BV.
Всего релизов у них три, два сплита и полноформатный альбом вышедший в прошлом году.

Теперь немного рецензий.
Первая на альбом Jungle Death:
Couldn't ask for better timing really; right when I finally got around to discovering the gloriously weird UK scene that is "True Sheffield Black Psychedelia" and obtaining the majority of their awesome cd-r releases for the C-Blast shop (as well as my own collection), along comes the brand new full length from one of my favorite bands from the TSBP mob, the demented, far-put psychedelic necrokrautrock beast known as BLACK VOMIT, released on an actual cd with full color packaging, the works, and not only that, but issued through one of my favorite black metal labels, Rusty Axe. And after filling my skull with the music from Black Vomit's splits with Dukkha and Rape Rack that I've been listening to nonstop lately, I knew that I was going to love this, knew that it was going to totally fry my brain, but even then, I had no clue as to just how monumentally FUCKED this album was going to end up being!
The previous Black Vomit releases have had their moments of brutal heaviness, no doubt about it, but none of that stuff comes close to the utter blasting freakout that occurs here. When Black Vomit kick into the "metal" parts on Jungle Death, it's anything from impossibly distorted minimal black metal to severely corrupted digital grindcore, or a sort of epic drone-blasted doom, regardless of what form it takes, it's always drowned in some sort of bizarre fx and corrosive distortion, buzzing and roaring, sometimes totally obscured by sheets of rotten sonic filth and slime, or caught up in frenzied seizures of digital skipping and splintered frequencies.
It's not all blown-out hyperfucked black metal blurr though, and the album starts off all dark and rumbling, the first track "A Premonition Of Inevitable Doom" unfolding murky melodic drones and looped basslines in a black haze of industrial clinks and metallic chanting voices, a mysterious and entrancing field of dark kosmiche ambience. As soon as that ends though, it's right into the thrashing fucked-up horror of "Deluge From Hell", a messed-up, unbelieveably distorted black metal blast that seems to loop over and over, shedding bits of digitally corrupted noise and glitch, drum fills suddenly spiking high in the mix before being subsumed back into the raging black mass. It finally becomes so chaotic that the whole thing just seems to collapse in on itself. "Conderlint5" follows, a gorgeous looping sprawl of warbling ambience and glassy strings wrapped in a delicate shround of fuzz and whispered voices; then comes the awesome cosmic doom and fuzzstorm of "Vigilante Night", a gorgeous black riff grinding over roiling doublekick drums and bathed in a sea of smoldering distortion, like a blackened funeral doom dirge remixed by Tim Hecker and laced with fragments of malfunctioning hard-drive noise. The heaviness disappears almost completely on "Last Cris Of the Lost", a creepy tangle of keening feedback, electrical hum, trippy monaing fx and pounding tribal drums. The whole album teeters between passages of utterly amazing dark dronemusic and the fractured, digitally-corroded metallic heaviness.
With each track, Jungle Death seems to fall deeper and deeper into this bizarre blackened soundworld, through ultra-distorted ranting vocals and swarms of malevolent electronics, hypnotic tribal drums pounding into infinity, black winds of metallic hum and wintery hiss, monstrous growls run through severe processing, chopped up vocal samples and ominous snatches of radio interference, then morphing into weirdly damaged metallic groove and crushing industrial murk. Glitchy vocals and drowned melodies are washed over with waves of electronic crunch and tiny bursts of static that pan back and forth while sonar pings rise up from the depths. Speaker-blown riffs struggle to coalesce over a surface of minimal industrial whir, then pull back to reveal creaking noises and insect like chirps before a weird phased jangly guitar riff appears for a few moments, only to become obliterated by a blast of super distorted metallic indie rock crush spread out over a frenetic drumbeat that speeds up to a jungle-like tempo.
And then suddenly we're transported into a gorgeous majestic dirge, with operatic female vocals and epic orchestral strings and heavily affected drums swirling together like a heavy Goblin piece, before veering off once again into the massive thirteen minute epic "Dark Beloved Cloud", a whacked out feverish blur of blown droning black metal riffs and stuttering, stumbling blastbeats and wild noodly solos flung everywhere, sometimes breaking down for a few seconds into weird effects, or tangles of gnarly blacknoise, or stretches of epic midpaced blackthrash, evolving into manic Digital Hardcore like percussive breaks, fucked-up nintendo soundtrack music, weird breakbeats, Lustmordian ambience, murky black psychedelia and haunting female vocals, becoming weirder and weirder with each moment, truly hallucinatory, a term I use alot around here, but if it was ever applicable it's with this, this sprawling feverdream of blackened weirdness. When we finally reach the end, the last track "Evolution Of Joy" takes us out on a nearly nine minute swirl of krauty ambience, beautiful melted melodies and warm, kosmiche keys soaring through clouds of murky shifting low end and tons of spacey electronic effects, flattening out into a expanse of near total silence that closes the album.
Amazing, and indecipherable, Jungle Death is one of the weirdest "metal" albums I've ever heard, a high point for sure from these purveyors of "True Sheffield Black Psychedelia", and another contender for C-Blast's psychedelic black metal album of the year award, for sure.
И плюс промо завлекалочка с лейбла группа Rusty Axe Records:
Black Vomit’s ‘Jungle Death’ is a psychedelic miasma that mixes together so many genres it almost belies description. From the very start the band makes its style evident: words such as ‘black metal’, ‘experimental’ and ‘music’ lose their meaning immediately. The band’s influences, apparently more hallucinogenic than musical, give their style an unpredictable, off-the-wall approach – you’ll never know what’s coming from the next track: it could be a post-punk medley, an orchestral arrangement, a fuzzed-out Black Metal tune – and those are just the few tracks that fall into the category of a named genre.
К тому же альбом вышел лимитированный - 1000 копий, этим можно объяснить малую популярность группы, не считая ее полную ебанутость

И немного о сплите с еще одними британцами Dukkha:
More of that bizarre freaked-out blackness known as "True Sheffield Black Psychedelia"! If you're a junkie for the weirdest, most "out" black metal out there, it's hard not to get pretty obsessed with the Frequency Thirteen catalog and all of the bands on the label that's based in Sheffield, England. All of this stuff is so weird and heavy and blackened and infectious that I've been listening to it constantly over the past few weeks, getting totally immersed in the mutant miasma of krautrock and klosmiche psych and noise-drenched black metal and damaged grindcore that all of these bands spew out, especially the blow-out brainfuck necrokrautrock of Skultroll and the utter mutant mania of Black Vomit. The brand new Black Vomit album Jungle Death was a shoe-in for our featured release this week, but we also have two cd-rs from Frequency Thirteen that pair up Black Vomit with other likeminded bands like the mighty Dukkha and the lysergic buzzblast of Rape Rack! Three of the tracks are from the mighty Black Vomit, whose disgusting moniker belies the fact that these weirdos are also capable of creating some utterlty gorgeous and mesmerizing dark psychedelia unlike anything I've ever heard. Their first track "Squalltomb" is a thick slab of beautiful murky psych heaviness, a swirling murk-filled miasma of krautrocky percussion rumbling underneath waves of swirling shimmering synths and echoing feedback, surges of furious double-bass rising up from the fog, almost like a washed out, softer Nadja jam wrapped around a throbbing drum loop and buried beneath dense blankets of warm distortion and swirling space fx and industrial grit. This song is awesome, a blissed out hypno-sludge jam that I could spin all day. The next Black Vomit jam is "Eblis", is much longer at eleven minutes, and much more savage; fractured blastbeats and insanely blown-out riffs are smeared in fx and noise, a black clot of buzzing chaos blasting at hyperspeed. Halfway through it morphs into a buzzing, static-drenched dronedirge, riffage barely even there, just a rumbling mass of heavy distorted rumble, then exploding at the end into a psychotic blacknoise freakout littered with weird voices, natural sounds and crackling static. "The Sooty Stink Of Saturn" is the last Black Vomit track, and they let themselves sprawl out over a nearly twenty minute free-drone jam, heavy and epic and ominous, starting with pounding tribal drums and heavy sheet-metal in a fog of blackened hum and crushing corrosive ambience. The drums end up disappearing after a while, leaving us in a super minimal expanse of shifting low end and cavernous sound, a massive thunderous drone that stretches on and on, totally hypnotising in it's infinite presence, until the drums crash back in, turning the last few moments of the track into a chaotic industrial-tribal freakout, thick drones and scorching psychedelic drift washing over the relentless percussive pummel.
The Dukkha tracks are alternated in between the Black Vomit material, and they fit right in with their blats of massive slow-motion psychdirge. The first Dukkha track "Clod" is almost twenty three minutes long, a monstrous hypnotic dirge based around a throbbing Sabbathoid riff wound around the metronomic pound of the drums, the bass weaving thick thunderous low end, shrieking black metal vocals buried in the background beneath layers of fx and distortion, the saurian droneriff alternately crushing and dissonant, always draped in thick layers of crumbling distortion and cloudy arpeggios. Occasionally the riff breaks off into an almost Sleep-y doom boogie, or the drums fall apart into a chaotic mass of fumbling fills, but always it returns to that massive stoned ur-sludge groove, grinding over and over with Gore-like repetition. The second Dukkha track "Tarmac Salad" is far more tripped out, the drums stripped away, the guitars stretched into a static drone, vocals smeared and distended into weird alien gibberish, mindmelting fx covering everything. Still doomy and hypnotic and crushing, but way more abstract and damaged, a druggy mess of zonked out acid rock soloing, psychedelic guitar noise, splattery electronic fx, waves of menacing feedback and fucked up, Abruptum-like screams.
I LOVE this shit.
На них тоже кстати обратите внимание, на сплите они выдают полное безумие, не хуже чем BV.
И еще одна для полного понимания картины:
A few lists back we listed two discs of mysterious blackened post rock ambient epic weirdness, one from a band called Skultroll, the other from a group called Ice Bound Majesty, both offering up tangled sounds not easily to pin down. The hypno krautrock of Circle, the dirgey black doom of Bunkur, mixed with epic space prog, damaged drones, and whatever the fuck else those weirdos could cram in.
So as we continue to fly through copies of both, it seemed like maybe it was time to dig deeper into this bizarre black scene of freaky fucked up musical madness, dubbed by these outfits True Sheffield Black Psychedelia, and needless to say, it is indeed black, most definitely psychedelic and oddly enough, also from Sheffield!
So this time around we picked up a split, two more mysterious Sheffield combos, Dukkha, and the appetizingly named Black Vomit.
The odd tracks are Black Vomit, three long ones, culminating with a nearly 20 minute closer. But what the heck does Black Vomit sound like? Not as black as you might think. The opening track is a gorgeous drum heavy krautjam, the drums plugging along, with little double kick drum flourishes, relentless and motorik, as a huge warm washed out black cloud of swirling fuzz and hissy shimmer drifts in, a bit like Tim Hecker, dense and layered and constantly shifting, thickening as the song progresses, shot through with streaks of feedback and speaker rattling low end pulses, little flurries of effects and grinding industrial whir, sounds like a dronemetal Necks or a way more blessed out and dreamy Pharaoh Overlord. The second Black Vomit track, clocking in at nearly eleven minutes, is a much blacker beats, the middle portion a chaotic psychedronemetal freakout, the drums a blurry blast, the guitars tangled and angular, all wrapped up in a throbbing low end buzz, eventually mellowing out and stretching out into a hissy buzz drenched static drone, beneath which the sounds of frogs and crickets, bits of TV or radio broadcasts, a drifting barely there bit of simple guitar strum, super intense and creepy and cinematic. The final track, The Black Vomit's closer, a bruising 19 minute jam is a long form ambient sprawl, beginning with some epic tribal drumming, some industrial clatter, and thick corrosive drones, before the drums drop out leaving just the low end to drift and throb, swell and shift, a gorgeous dreamy thrum, until the drums kick back in near the end, finishing off with a flurry of mathy chaos, the drones and buzz building in tandem, a corrosive final moments prog psych blowout.
Then there's Dukkha, who sound like Black Vomit's kissing cousins. Their opener is nearly 23 minutes long, and is a loping post rock dirge, the drums a simple pound, the bass looping and loping in the background, the guitar in thick sheets buzzing dronelike, and occasionally locking into weirdly groovy stoner jams and then unwinding again into static sheets, the vocals a demonic distant wail, the riffs surfacing and locking into endless loops and super hypnotic hypno metal jams, like a crusty black metal Gore. The second track sounds like the first one, with the drums pulled out, the whole thing dipped in a bucket of busted effects pedals, and dumped over a wall of feeding back amplifiers. Maybe the 'dub' version of the first track, a Dense cloud of fucked up electronics, jagged melodic fragments, freaked out FX, and massive groaning walls of crumbling ultra distorted slow motion riffing.
Fucking awesome. Black enough for the true grim kvlt, but rhythmic enough to appeal to folks who dig Circle, This Heat, Aluk Todolo and the like and who aren't averse to something equally rhythmic, but way more blackened and brutal.

Вот, все почти так и есть, очень многогранная группа, прослушать которую должен каждый! Enjoy бля!
Для меня это одно из самых главных открытий 2009 года, даром что забыл вписать альбом в свой топ-50( но он там непременно должен быть, практически заменяя любую позицию

Группа с лихвой дала бы многим бэндам просраться с дистортед юнита, но пусть пока полежит в метале - будет хоть о чем подискутировать в теме, а то как всегда отзывов не будет

Ghettodweller - бас
C12H16N2 - вокал, гитара
Mndeathfreq - драмс

2006 - Split with Dukkha 224 kbps

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2009 - Jungle Death 320 kbps

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200? - Split with Rape Track
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double CD
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Re: Black Vomit

Вкусные заманухи написали, товарищ!

Добавлено через 9 минут
Ну бля! Почему такие темы попадаются мне, когда я на работе...
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Viper_pm (26.10.2012)
Непрочитано 22.01.2010, 10:57   #3
mp3 256 kbps
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Re: Black Vomit

Привлек ты внимание;надеюсь , я смакану это безумие
derevyanniy вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
Непрочитано 22.01.2010, 16:04   #4
vinyl 7"
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Re: Black Vomit

не оправдали они ожиданий , описание лучше материала
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Непрочитано 23.01.2010, 10:29   #5
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Re: Black Vomit

С таким удельным количеством шумов на 1 секунду музыкального произведения нечего этой банде делать в метале
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Непрочитано 23.01.2010, 11:53   #6
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Re: Black Vomit

А мне пришлись по нраву. Если взять из той же ниши хваленых Pyramids , к примеру, то эти в разы интересней. Здеся и кусочки по дабу (вроде, да? ) и эмбиентная составляющая с голосовыми сэмплами гипнотическая такая, да и не сплошное щимиво и блоцбитов по ритм секции как в P.
На культовость не претендуют, но замечены быть должны!
ну а название ояебу по щиткору, фэ...
если б не тэги и не большая шапка топика (которую я не прочел), то прошел бы мимо..

К середине полноформатника ребята разгоняют!

и как-то все же post-black/shoegaze

Добавлено через 46 минут
пссст... и drone. Tarmc Salad
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Непрочитано 25.01.2010, 20:20   #7
Открывающий новые горизонты
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Re: Black Vomit

Сплит охуенен Dukkha ебашат на нем словно боевики с калашей Black Vomit тоже весьма хорошо разбавляют их более спокойной музыкой но не менее мрачнее их
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Непрочитано 22.02.2010, 20:05   #8
немає куль
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Re: Black Vomit

Крутые конечно, но думал, может в духе Hecate что-нить, мол, блэк джангл, может дрэдастые чуваки на корпспейнтах... Ан нет, но всё равн приятное музло. Vigilante Night и Last Cries Of The Lost понравились.
И Repositioning Chrome тож очень порадовал.
riot вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
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