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Punk Rock Список групп раздела | punk'77, streetpunk, pop punk, skate punk, ska punk, skacore, hardcore punk, oi!, folk punk

Метки: melodic hardcore , oldschool hardcore , punk 77 , punk rock
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Непрочитано 30.04.2009, 20:30   #1
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Канада Asexuals



Группа из Монреаля (Канада) была сформирована в 1983 году. В состав Asexuals входили 4 человека : вокалист John Kastner, гитарист Sean Friesen, басист T. J. Collins и ударник Paul Remington. В 1984 году группа выпустила свою дебютную запись под названием "Be What You Want", которую я заслушиваю просто до дыр. Звучит очень весело и мелодично! И не лоу-фай абсолютно.

Всё, что они успели:
BE WHAT YOU WANT LP (First Strike, 1984)
CONTEMPORARY WORLD LP (Psyche Industry, 1985)
DISH LP/CD (Cargo, 1988)
SO MANY MILES split 7" w/ CHANGE OF HEART (Cargo, 1989)
LOVE GOES PLAID 7" (Boss Tunage, 1993)
FITZJOY CD (Hypnotic/MCA, 1996)
WALT'S WISH CD (Boss Tunage, 2000)

трек "Contra-Rebels" вошел в компиляцию primitive air-raid LP (Psyche Industry, 1984)

артворк 7"

Скрытый текст


Скрытый текст

Gotta keep moving, never looking back
Don't keep talking 'bout the nuke attack
Don't try to hide from reality
The future is now, be want you wanna be

Be what you want (repeat)

Blocking out the thoughts of negativity
Dont' hesitate, it's your life to live
One lifetime is so short
Society's a waste of time, abort, abort, abort

American dollars, fight oppression
Backing rebels increases political tensions
Americans cry, stop revolution
Stupid fuckheads without any solutions

Contra Rebels, trained by the CIA
Contra Rebels, will blow your reds away

No more aid, cry the righteous few
Political morons without a fuckin' clue
Freedom crushed without American aid
Democracy fades and fades and fades

There's bodies faling and people screaming
The circle's calling, it's not dreaming
The kids are creeping and bones are breaking
But nobody's sleeping and nobody's faking

This is the thrash zone
The music is on its own
This is the thrash zone
The music will take control

Living in a world that thrives on total hate
If you don't conform, rejection is your fate
Try and udnerstand other points of view
Righteous moral rot undermines the new

Blackout everything that'll cause a fight
Ideals don't exist, who cares what's right
Just another biggot, no better than the rest
Your mind contracts, you failed the social test

Mind contraction, close your mind
Mind contraction, hate your kind

3 chords is all you need
Blitzing fast, awesome speed
Fuck the solo's, screw the lead
Blitzing fast, awesome speed

3 chord speed
Is all you need
3 chord speed
Screw the lead

Put the record on 45
Keep us dancing, take a dive
All the drugs keep us alive
For perfect music we don't strive

Council foreign relations
Hiding their true intentions
The global power denies
World peace, what a lie

All they want is some world control
Stuff me back in my fuckin' hole
The C.F.R. will dictate the news
Cause we are surely bound to lose

Independence will wipe away
Rebels all kept at bay
One country found out without a border
This is Rocky's new world order

Leave us alone
No one's better than you
Show some self-respect
Finding something to do

We seek no glory
We seek no fame
We seek no glory
We don't play the game

Bow all you long hairs
That all think they're god
Because we know better than you
Just finding something to do

All the mellow jazz puts you to sleep
Stupid heavy metal, mindless and cheap
60's rock'n'roll, people think is deep
If it doesn't move, it's carnage for the heap

Too slow (repeat)

People call it simple music with no thought
It's the only one that can't be bought
It's the only one with anything to say
Hardcore someday will hav ethe final say

Given up the vice that created you
Sex is in the past, better things to do
No more wasting time laying in a bed
Get up and move, use your other head

Asexual (repeat)

We're asexual
We're not dead
We're asexual
We use our other head

Mister Useless is never far
Opens his mouth in every bar
Criticizes bands he's never heard
He can't even sing a bloody word

Mister Useless

Who are you to criticize?
Who are you to analyse?
Who are you to socialize?
Who are you to compromise?

Here he comes, with his mouth open so wide
Garbage oozen' from inside
Said too much for the last time
Mister Useless ain't worth a dime

Mister Useless

Everyone thinks they're the greatest
Everyone thinks they're the latest
They think they've seen it all
Sooner or later they take a fall

You're controlled by your super ego
You're underestimating your super ego
You're controlled by your super ego
You're sucked in by your super ego

People love to hear their name
No one wants to be the same
Everyone thinks they have control
No one really has a soul

Look at all the people not worth their shit
Screaming, dancing, creeping, all having a fit
Money, hairdoo's , girls, all too smart
The management's not guilty, they got no heart

Come on go

You're talkking too fast, you boggle me inside
Don't ask questions or we will leave you behind
Posters, patchcords, drumsticks, all ripped off
Thrashers going in circles, you don't see any quaffs

Come on go
Nice coat Mister Rat
Come on go

Be What You Want, 1984

Asexuals - 1984 - Be What You Want
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да, в названии архива ошибка (1983).
криворукость никто не отменял

Последний раз редактировалось disface; 27.08.2009 в 01:35.
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Re: Asexuals

веселые пацаны и саунд хороший для 83 года
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Непрочитано 30.04.2009, 22:25   #3
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Re: Asexuals

кстати говоря, то что можно услышать на майспейсе очень отличается от Be What You Want и остальных записей.
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Непрочитано 30.04.2009, 23:12   #4
Банка Санникова
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Re: Asexuals

Я их когда-то с 7inchpunk качал или с другого блога... Хорошая группа, неужели они до сих пор играют?
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Непрочитано 29.09.2009, 22:37   #5
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Re: Asexuals

Ещё есть что-нибудь?
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Непрочитано 13.10.2009, 20:04   #6
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Re: Asexuals


Добавлено через 18 минут
Сообщение от Lanz Посмотреть сообщение
неужели они до сих пор играют?
надеюсь нет )
в 2000 закончили

Последний раз редактировалось disface; 14.10.2009 в 07:52.
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Непрочитано 14.10.2009, 17:21   #7
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Re: Asexuals

Сообщение от disface Посмотреть сообщение
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Непрочитано 14.10.2009, 22:56   #8
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Re: Asexuals

Asexuals - Greater Than Later...
password : hangoverhard

еще кое что
disface вне форума   Ответить с цитированием
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Rus-Retard (15.10.2009)
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