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Final Expression 02.06.2010 00:05

The Motorcycle Industry

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John Langan - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Weiss - Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals
Brooks Plummer - Bass
Ryan Barnes - Drums/Vocals

2007 - ...and the Sun Under the Sea EP [128 kbps]
"", ( )
, .
2008 - Electric Education LP [160 kbps]
"", ( )
, .


Lesson One

Ive got an overdue library book in the trunk, and your dad still thinks Im gay. Chris threw up on my shirt, he was drunk. Jodie Fosters still a babe. Dont you want to get out of the East Bay? Its too late to have fun at the Oakland shows. Lets spend some more time on the internet, tell the message board kids what they already know. There it goes! Another year has died, but were just fine, laying low on the hot Berkeley sidewalks. We sleep sound underground and we hold each other up. I wont die at your hand! The supply and demand has no hold. And I wont hang out with my shirt off in front of no one but you.


Well, I bit too many bullets and spit the lead out on my chest. I have walked too many miles to end up at these dead ends. So rest those pretty eyes girl, keep your pretty hands away from mine. Fall asleep with liars, cause were lying all the time. But youre just waiting for that night that we come to spill our guts; youre just waiting for that boy to put his dirty filthy hands all over us. Oh my love did we keep this going long enough to stay afloat for another week? And hey sweetheart write your name across my bathroom floor and well rest in peace. I spent my last paycheck on a ticket to your home because sleeping on the train is much better than sleeping alone. I hope he always holds you when its cold outside, I hope he always kisses your head. I hope he thinks youre thinking of him, when youre pretending I am dead. Dont take it personally, Ive got a million girls Ill keep inside of me. Dont smile when you sleep, because well be coming around to ruin all your dreams. Oh my love, I trusted myself far too much and now its gone to hell. And hey sweetheart write your name across my bathroom floor and promise that Ill keep to myself.

Sustained Silent Reading

Do you miss walking down Geary St. with your mom, going to buy some Upper Playground T-shirts? We dont even get street cred for wearing that shit no more. Taking your morning piss at the MUNI bus stop because your roommates passed out in the shower again. Do you sit tonguing the root pulled fresh to make room for your new acrylic front tooth, wishing you could be at a third grade barbeque? Do you get hives from sporting short-shorts in unkempt grass, feel bad about missing your last french class or key every car with a personalized license plate? Well I do. Another calcium deposit, another sign that I should take care of myself. I'll be honest man, my dreams aint what they used to be. So after we have practice, I'll go sit up in the attic and rehearse the line I've claimed as mine: "Life is over when we say it is."

The Palisades

From the palisades we made our way back down the other side of your favorite bridge. We took the long way, fuck the subway, sweat-soaked train. To the east side, where I waste my time, watching easy girls dabble in the plus-one crowd. Backpack street corps, fixed-gear cohorts, blessed faux-Manchester galore. Goodnight Goodnight We sing Hallelujah from an empty schoolyard. Goodnight Goodnight We say oh our Father why do you bother with us? Your friends score their fix, man those Parsons kids sure know the best way to have a good time: backseat nosebleeds, midtown club scene - theyll never take me alive! Lets hit the park, its vacant after dark, except for my friends with the stylish tattoos. This vinyl princess peaked my interest with her nihilistic views. And youre carrying me home from the bar. I think we both knew my South Carolina state identification card wouldnt get me far. And your mothers banging on the door, should I hide in the bathroom or leave through the window like that time before?


Five dollars for a whiskey. Please dont ignore me when we get to class on Monday. Ok? Thanks. Ten dollars more for the door fee. Dude, this band Id ignore in a heartbeat, so could you find it in your soul to please try to evaluate whether or not you want to be friends with me outside of a super duper shitty social situation? Because fake friends are better than nothing at all, but fake friends will get you nowhere, nowhere. Yeah, fake friends go better with drugs and alcohol and fake friends are there after all. When it comes to being myself, I can be you like nobody else. But if you're in the market, and youre looking for somebody new, hey I could be that too. You don't have to do anything that you don't want to.

The Lost Weekend

I awoke a skeleton in a babys arms, she sighed: Darling we are all dealing with this in a different way. So I cried, and put my head in my hands, and I dreamt about that storm thats going to come and swallow us all up. So put my name on a list and give it to everyone I love. Come on Dylan Thomas, why'd you drink yourself to death, before you read this one that I've been working on? I think I've got my problems pegged. Oh forget it, let's turn Revolver over again. I scored seven bucks from this kid in my dorm, he was high and preoccupied. Hes not my friend, hes not my brother, Im just looking for a good way to feel ignored. So put the guns back in their slings, Im not with you in Rockland no more. I dont want to die.

A Word from Francis

Evan broke his legs on the swingset today, I cried all the way home. My mother makes me dinner while my father reads the paper, think Id like to be left alone with the baseball cards that I collect and the letters from my grandma that I neglect. Dont you ever wanna make a mess you dont have to clean up? Chelsea missed the bus, I sat by myself and drew pictures on the window. Her brother aint been feeling good, I think Ill stop by after school and show him my new radio. Well some kids want what other kids got, but me I like my bedside table with bottle caps and plastic-wrapped figurines from my favorite TV shows. Sarah cant walk home alone no more, those boys been giving her some trouble. She kissed me on the lips, oh boy it hurt, so I went and told her mother. Maths real hard and I dont like books. I sure miss Danny, wish they hadnt took him away from us and I wish that God didnt always get exactly what he wants.

We Cant All Be from Long Island

January, you had barely met me, I got cold and wanted to sleep. But yeah, you talked me down, you laid me out before they burnt the world's playground. And that's how it goes, the new and the old, it must feel good to have some control. But when that bomb falls are you gonna be with those you love? When the clouds come down are you finally gonna see just whats above? If I were you, oh my son, I wouldnt worry much. The time has come for us. And in my mind she sits on her window sill, planning out for her next kill. I thought Id found my place for once: hiding out from the scorching sun. Yeah you wish your time was spent with someone else, to get your kicks. Well sorry I just couldnt be a stronger guy, a better me. But when the curtain falls and the lights are off, Ill be left with looming doubt and an ever-increasing debt. I cant find my friends tonight, so just leave me alone.

Split and Divide

Amanda, how many songs do I have to write before you call me up and say Hey was that one about me, maybe youd like to talk? Or maybe youd like to watch me paint my fingernails on the goodwill couch? Tiny turquoise elephants, put that cigarette out. But I havent seen the Hudson in a while, and your apartment always had the best view. And howd you get your guitar to sound like that? Like the fake metal frets are cutting through the crap that everyone seems to be singing about these days? If you need me, Ill be on the fire escape, but you wont, and I do. Do you remember Halloween? Eating candy on your stoop, Kevins friend said he thought I looked cute and you did too. I woke up wet, my salt-water breath would taste good on your legs. But the Amtrack lines split and divide, they are taking me away.

Everything Sounds Better with Drums

Everyone says I need singing lessons: "Project from your chest, John, not from your throat." I get better with every note. Girlfriends say I gotta treat 'em better, that I project my problems on them. I guarantee that this is true, there's absolutely nothing I can do except rot away in front of the t.v. screen all day. I ain't lookin for love, but maybe it'll find us curled up like snails in the sun. So turn the house lights off, we're doing one more song for the kid riding bitch in the van with his mom. The work force says I'm a diverse young candidate, that I can bring creativity to their crew. Dude, I just want to make ten dollars an hour so I can go to Amoeba Records and buy colored vinyl that I'll never play. Vintage t-shirts, maybe some novels that I'll get halfway through or imported dvds with subtitles too. I'm hitting on the same girl at the NYU bookstore, oh my God, not again. They'll be singing: "New York City was cooler five years ago, before the yuppies and their cell phones and the scene kids with their haircuts." Yeah right.

Blue Ribbon

When youre in their shopping cart, you are just legs and arms. Dont it feel good to wake up with a heart? Oh baby the sex is swell, when youre in the buy and sell, nothing consumer reports couldnt tell. Ill spend my last five bucks to lie to myself. Weve got em right where we want em, if the stocks dont rise Ill hang you out to dry. I got just what I wanted: watch the suit and tie fall from the high rise. Oh baby youre snug as shit in your designer fit, just dont let it replace your own skin. Come on, Im feeling fine in your product line. But by all means dont let me waste your time. Yeah in your eyes I am just dollar signs.

2010 - The Only Friends Worth Having EP
Audubon Records
"", ( )
, .

Official Webite

xbroodax 02.06.2010 00:24

Re: The Motorcycle Industry
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2010 - The Only Friends Worth Having EP

"", ( )
, .

Final Expression 02.06.2010 00:26

Re: The Motorcycle Industry

goodnight goodknights 03.12.2010 10:25

Re: The Motorcycle Industry
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Final Expression 13.12.2010 01:41

Re: The Motorcycle Industry

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