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Punk Rock Список групп раздела | punk'77, streetpunk, pop punk, skate punk, ska punk, skacore, hardcore punk, oi!, folk punk

Метки: acoustic , crack rock steady , hardcore , punk rock , skacore
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Непрочитано 25.10.2011, 14:34   #1
six hundred sixty six
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Германия No Choice Left

"This is everything I am. This is everything I can be"

Крутые крэк-рокеры из Германии.
Ben: vocals, 6string, keys, recording/mixing stuff
Peter: 4string, vocals
Timo: 6string, vocals
? : drums




No Choice Left Ltd Edition EP (2011)

01. Wasted Minds
02. Kill The Truth
03. Knowledge Is Pain
04. Riot Now!
Knowledge Is Pain, What Is Left At All
Акустические треки

1. No Choice Left - Knowledge Is Pain (1:49)
2. No Choice Left - What Is Left At All (2:25)


Последний раз редактировалось hatefastfood; 06.02.2012 в 13:17.
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Mass. (28.10.2011), RiotCoon (09.11.2012), Skrim (27.10.2011), Thin (20.05.2012), Vandals_Good (25.10.2011)
Непрочитано 03.11.2011, 15:10   #2
six hundred sixty six
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Re: No Choice Left

Сообщение от Dead Cities Fanzine
"No Choice Left - Self Titled EP (2011) [ Riotska Records]
Me being the cheeky bastard that I am downloaded the Limited Edition version. Granted I don't know what the entails like. The band start us off with "Wasted Minds" and it's hard to describe the sound these guys are pulling off. Progressive punk rock. It's not scared to slow down and make things a bit dramatic when it's needed, but neither are they afraid to Drop it down (obviously so they can Pick it up). "Kill The Truth" is the dramatic powerhouse taken from the Riotska Records Sampler. It sounds like the sort of reverberation you'd get if you played on the edge of a cliff to no one in particular, just an entire city in the distance. "Knowledge is Pain" is a little emo of a title for me, but I can see exactly where it's coming from. It sucks knowing too much, it can keep you awake at night. This song however is very mellow and while it has a message that's pretty clear and meaningful, I do prefer the rest of the EP. Like the song "Riot Now!", which wants you to.... well ye know, but still the music is fast and while not as dynamic as the first 2 songs, still commands a certain amount of "Pay fucking attention!". 7.5/10

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Пользователь сказал спасибо:
RiotCoon (09.11.2012)
Форум www.neformat.com.ua > Music > Punk Rock

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