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Метки: pop punk, punk rock
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Канада The Dean Malenkos

Say you are starting a band. Say you want to try something different, maybe capture the wit of Screeching Weasel and the twists and turns of a Vandals song...let's even say you are influenced by show tunes. You might as well hang it up; it's been done...and done better than anyone else to date. Meet the Dean Malenkos, three kids with harmony, power, intelligence and enough chemistry to take on the punk world with something that only a select few have realized: Canadian punk rock is a force to be reckoned with.

These three hail from the city of Halifax, a larger Nova Scotian city in Canada, and were originally called the Carmines. A few short years, some starring roles in dinner theater (no kidding) and a name change later, a demo shows up in Southern California called 7 Minute Abs. From one look at the cover (a pale, stout young man doing sit-ups in a bathroom with a cigarette hanging from his lips), we knew we had something special. Hearing their funny, technical, explosive songwriting ability only solidified the fact that these boys aren't just kidding around; they have talent and they know how to use it. Just listening to the super tight, technical, drumming and stop-on-a-dime guitar and bass changes would make most bands want to go home and practice their chops a little more...and the topper? Throughout all the musical craziness, the drummer is singing--lead singing in most songs--and is actually in perfect harmony with the others. Hearing is believing. Surprisingly enough, their story is one similar to many of the artists on Aggravated Music. Although they are talented, hard working and driven, they had never gotten a second look from their area's local record labels. Aggravated Music is and always will be about giving the underdog a chance and making other labels wish they would have looked a little closer. The Dean Malenkos' debut release, The Arse Capades, will definitely raise a few eyebrows...and even serve up a big slice or two of "I Told You So" pie.

The Dean Malenkos - это канадцы, звучащие невероятно раздолбайски, весело, легко и непринужденно. Довольно давно не сталкивался с неизвестными для себя группами, играющими в таком ключе. Лично я в их творчестве слышу коктейль из The Vandals, Guttermouth, 30 Foot Fall, Beefcake, AJB и ранних Gob. Задорные, оптимистичные мелодии со стебными, местами циничными и пошловатыми текстами - это все The Dean Malenkos. Фотки на майспейсе говорят о том, что ребята полны самоиронии, а это то качество, которого так не хватает современному панк року.

Dean Malenkos, The - 2004 - Arse Capades


Dean Malenkos, The - 2004 - The Album That Turns Girls Into Sluts

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mp3 256 kbps
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Re: The Dean Malenkos

есть возможность перезалить?
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