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Rock Список групп раздела | art rock, post-rock, prog-rock, indie rock, noise rock, math rock, southern rock, post-punk, britpop, space rock, garage rock, etc.

Метки: garage rock, post-punk
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Италия Movie Star Junkies

Коллектив из Турина(2005), музыку которых немного сложно отнести к одному жанру, здесь замес гаража, блюза, инди, фолка с помаркой нео, серфа местами, ло-фай с индастриалом и все с хорошим вокалом и в обязательном характерном грязном звучании. Здесь нет рваных гитар и диких воплей, а именно вдавливающий в кресло, слегка, хотя нет, в норму пьяный блюз. Кто не в курсах, начинайте с Melville. ps. релизы отмеченные плюсиком есть в наличии(Voodoo Rhythm), но с разным битрейдом.

био на буржуйском

main influences the band started playing a lot of shows in Italy with just a drum and an organ. They later developed their line-up adding two guitars and a bass.

After their debut single, MSJreleased songs on several compilations and split EPs, played gigs in France, Croatia and U.k. (also opening acts for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lost Sounds…); later on they hit Europe again for a month, for their first proper european tour, performing in clubs, squats, galleries and streets.

During 2007 they recorded a bunch of new songs clearly reminding of Scientistsand Chrome Cranks, enough to realise how unique this band was in the italian music scene. On the same year they toured Europe for the second time with a saxophone player contaminating their structures with some kind of free-form jazz style influences.

In early 2008 after the last line-up was complete, they performed a bunch of shows with a semi-acoustic set, under the influences of Radikal Satanand Il Gran Teatro Amaro.

The same year they released their first LP Melville, featuring twelve intense tales of dirty love, religion and shipwrecks told in a moody, slightly sinister way; a timeless long journey through the dark side of life.
They put out their second album A Poison Tree, in june 2010, offering another intense and devilish fistful of sinister and sick murder ballads: noisy and gloomy tunes, altered visions from the Holy Inquisition to William Blake. Their live set got more and more visionary, showing the audience a kind of industrial r’n’r marching band from the 14thcentury creating claustrophobic atmospheres, bringing every night on a different stage the energy and anger of their strange and familiar sound, attended by angry and self destructive vocals. They toured Europe several times and came back from a successful U.S tour of thirty two shows, where they shared stages with some of the best bands around like Thee Oh Sees, The Lamps, Blank Dogsand Demon’s Claws;they also recorded a live show for New York’s famous radio WFMU.

With their forthcoming LP, Son Of The Dust, the band drives the listener into a more evolved sound, turned into a solid songwriting way more complete than ever, inspired by Neil Young, Leonard Cohenand the rhythm and blues sounds from the early seventies. The album was recorded live in an old stable close to Cuneo, nearby the Alps, and mixed at Outside Inside Recording Studio by Emanuele Baratto and Massimiliano Moccia.

William Lee on Sick of Being sick vol.1 2006
Eurotour 2007 +
Melville 2008
Junkyears Rarities And Farm Recordings 2005-2007 (2009)+
A Poison Tree 2010 +
A Poison Tree - version II 2010 +
In A Night Like This 2010
Son Of The Dust 2012

Dolls come in/Garsin 2007
Lipstick 2007 +
Flamingos 2008 +
Mother 2008 +

Split the Feeling Of Love 2008 +
Split G.I. Joe 2009 +
I Love You More As Dead - Split Vermillion Sands 2009 +

Stefano Isaia - Vocals, Organ
Caio Montoro - Drums
Vincenzo Marando - Guitars, Vocals
Alberto Dutto "Boto (2)"- Guitars
Emanuele Baratto "Nene (5)" - Bass

Son Of The Dust 2012

punk blues/indie,garage,lo-fi,Italy
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In A Night Like This 2010

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Melville 2008

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