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Rock Список групп раздела | art rock, post-rock, prog-rock, indie rock, noise rock, math rock, southern rock, post-punk, britpop, space rock, garage rock, etc.

Метки: experimental, folk rock, punk rock
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Сербия Ništa Ali Logopedi

I really wanna share this Serbian band but theres a barrier in language ( I don’t wanna use google translate again) so I sent the biography to one of the moderators to translate it on ukrainian or russian but he never replied. So I decided to post the bio on english and the moderator whos in charge of this part of the Forum should do what he thinks thats the best solution ( To translate the text or to delete it if he has to) ...
Anyways the band stopped playing long time ago, they were formed in Serbia at the time of civil war in the former Yugoslavia and they disbanded not so long after publicing their 2nd album(1998). Their music was in some kind of experimental, punk/hardcore/rock/folk/ genres, at that time really strange and unique, mostly because they used harmonica. The band has more popularity in Serbia now then at 90s. Theres only a little informations about them on the internet but if you need to know anything because of the description tell me and I will see what I can do.

Ništa Ali Logopedi were a Serbian alternative rock band from Šabac.
The band was formed in late 1992 and the first lineup consisted of Miodrag Jovanović "Miško" (vocals), Aleksandar Stanojević (bass guitar), Dragoljub Marković (also known as "BlEQ" or "Dr Dra") (keyboard), Milan Katanić "Skener" (guitar), Dejan Stojanović "Kroka" (drums) and Darko Veljić (accordion). From its initial era, the band had drawn attention of the public with their folk music-oriented accordion sound combined with punk rock and humorous lyrics.
In 1994 the band appeared on the Zaječar Gitarijada Festival and won the Audience Award as the best band. In the meantime they prepared their debut album, recorded in the Do Re Mi studio in Novi Sad, which was released during the following year. Ad Hoc Klića (Ad hoc Clitoris), available on compact cassette only, was released through L.V.O. records and featured guest appearances by Goblini guitarist Alen Jovanović, who provided backing vocals for the tracks "Svadbarski omaž za 6 osoba" ("A Wedding Homage for 6 Persons") and "Janjine Janjine" ("Ioannina, Ioannina"), promotional videos were recorded for both tracks, and Igor Đorić "Ipi" who played lead guitar on half of the album tracks. The songs "Pigs From Space", "Stao sam na Stone Called Crazy" ("I've Stood on a Stone Called Crazy"), "Janjine, Janjine" and "Jarmush Jim Rap" showed the band's sense of humor with lyrics dealing with pork, wedding ceremonies, an featuring quotations from school literature such as an English language beginners coursebook.
In 1995, the band appeared on the various artists live compilation Gruvanje Vol. 1 with the song "Janjine Janjine", recorded live in Belgrade's Dom Omladine. During May 1996 the band toured Slovenia with the bands Svarog, Goblini and Love Hunters, but without Darko Veljić on accordion. Having finished touring, they entered the Akademija studio in Belgrade to record their second album Vaspostavljanje (Restoration). The album featured many guest appearances including Block Out members, guitarist Nikola Vranjković and vocalist Milutin Jovančić "Mita". The track "Prporuša" featured lyrics of a folk song Vuk Stefanović Karadžić had noted while visiting Lika, and "Tonski zapis" ("Sound Recording"), was recorded in 1996 at their appearance in Ilirska Bistrica. Even though the album recording was finished by September, it was released two years later by ITMM. Promotional videos were recorded for the track "Serbs" as well as for the cover of Idoli song "Plastika" ("Plastics"), renamed to "Metaloplastika".
The album was well acclaimed by the critics, but the media paid insufficient attention to the album release which, beside the departure of the bassist Stanojević to the United States of America, was the reason for Ništa Ali Logopedi to disband in 1998. Accordionist Veljić joined VROOM, and vocalist Jovanović, inspired by his military service during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, wrote a poetry book entitled Vi, bedni, odvratni civili (You, Disgusting, Pathetic Civilians) published in 2000, and is currently a professor at the Belgrade University Faculty of Law.
In 2006, Živko Ivković wrote the book about the Šabac rock scene entitled Od Čivija do Goblina which included a CD compilation featuring the band's song "Serbs". In 2009, a live version of "Janjine, Janjine" appeared on the Multimedia records various artists compilation Groovanje devedesete uživo.

Aleksandar Stanojević
Darko Veljić
Dejan Stojanović
Dragoljub Marković
Milan Katanić
Miodrag Jovanović

source: wiki

http://www.mediafire.com/?p52v79zz5v71m63 192kbps

http://www.mediafire.com/?kejssg53fygc2bn 320kbps

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