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Rock Список групп раздела | art rock, post-rock, prog-rock, indie rock, noise rock, math rock, southern rock, post-punk, britpop, space rock, garage rock, etc.

Метки: alternative rock, indie, pop
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Исландия Ourlives

Ourlives - инди рок группа из столицы всеми нами любимой страны музыкантов - Исландии. Собрались в 2005 году, играют эмоциональную, трогательную, полную меланхолии и светлой грусти музыку, соединяя в творчестве мощные партии и цепляющие поп-мотивы. Красоты добавляет использование клавишей, скрипки, теплота акустических гитар, присутствует влияние Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay. Легкая, красивая музыка, уносящая в путешествие по исландским пейзажам.

Биография на английском

Ourlives are an explosive, emotive, expansive four-piece at the tipping point of their music recording lives, poised and ready -- a band clearly capable of injecting their own edge and making forward-looking, life-touching music. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, their music is a dramatic hybrid of melodic progressive rock and powerful emotional pop. They are not a band afraid to play with the warmth of old-school guitars, the analogue dust of keyboards, the power of silence, or the strength that can be found in their harmonious vocals. Their songs are founded on soothing, soaring melodies, emotional choruses, and the idea that less is often so much more. The foursome fuses their ambitious ideas together to produce a sound that's as epic as their Icelandic landscape.

Since the band's formation in Reykjavik in 2005, Ourlives focused on recording as much music as possible in the quest to perfect their sound. With influences ranging from bands like Muse to Radiohead and Coldplay, the band continuously experiments with different sounds, and has refused to release an album until they are satisfied that it feels and sounds exactly the way they intend it to.

In 2008, they finally released the first single from what would become their Icelandic debut album, We Lost The Race. The track “Núna” (translates to “now”) was their first time working with one of Iceland’s most renown producers, Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang). After recording “Núna”, the band knew they had finally found their sound. Their own weird mixture of pop and indie represented everything they wanted from their music -- with every flourish and movement orchestrated with celestial vision, and no minor detail overlooked. The single was widely successful in Iceland, and became the most-played song of the year on Iceland’s most popular alternative radio station, Xid97.7. The song was also featured in various promotional media spots on local TV and radio.

“Núna” caught the attention of Grammy award-winning producer David Bottrill, who brought them to Canada to record three more songs for the album. After a successful experience in Canada, the band became even more focused and driven, but quickly realized the only way they could finish the album in the way they envisioned was to have Bardi Johannsson produce and record the album in their homeland of Iceland. Bardi and the band started recording in Reykjavik right away. We Lost The Race followed and was released in Iceland in November of 2009.

Expectations were high for Ourlives' debut album after the success of “Núna”, and the full album was very well received by critics and music lovers alike. Iceland's largest newspaper, Fréttablaðið, gave the album a glowing review (4 out of 5 stars) and called it one of the best pop albums of the year. The second single from the album, Out of Place, was the band's biggest hit in Iceland to date. It reached number one on national radio and on most pop/rock radio stations.

With the release of the band's debut album behind them (as well as its subsequent follow up), the foursome now set their sights on the US. The band's debut US EP, Out of Place, is their introduction to the world outside of Iceland. Get ready for Ourlives to take you on a musical journey, with their dynamic song structures, big choruses, and the intense ambition and attitude -- to do the very best you can do, or don’t do it at all. Out of Place is available now on Seattle's Spartan Records.

Leifur: Vocal / Guitars
Bjössi: Bass / Keys / B.Vocals
Garðar: Drums
Hálfdán: Bass /guitar
Ourlives – Out Of Place [EP](2011)

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