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Поиск: Сообщения от: soci0path
Раздел: Punk Rock 22.08.2021, 21:19
Ответов: 11
Просмотров: 1,937
     proto-punk, garage rock, grunge, rock, rock n' roll, blues, cyberpunk, deconstructed rock, experimental, electronic, lo-fi, punk/ Philadelphia
Автор soci0path
Re: Lantern

Can anyone please update these dead links ?! add some new ones?!
"Thank you" [Metal Slug II :oldman: Quote]
Раздел: Rock 09.08.2021, 19:48
Ответов: 6
Просмотров: 2,070
     psychedelic/garage rock - Seattle, Washington
Автор soci0path
Re: Night Beats

Night Beats - Levitation Sessions (2012) (https://nightbeats.bandcamp.com/album/levitation-sessions)


You can try it on Vk...
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 14.05.2020, 22:04
Ответов: 55
Просмотров: 8,322
     psychedelic rock/acid folk rock
Автор soci0path
Re: 幾何学模様 / Kikagaku Moyo

New single:

Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 11.05.2020, 00:13
Ответов: 2
Просмотров: 1,979
     psychedelic rock/experimental - LA-Boston-SF-Austin-Vienna, Austria
Автор soci0path
Re: Primordial Undermind

This thread seems to be long forgotten... i only have "Last Worldly Bond" & "Coyote's Choice Vol. 1- Jacque's- Boston- MA 8-1-97 that you can find simply at:...
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 13.06.2018, 21:29
Ответов: 2
Просмотров: 2,291
     psychedelic / noise / space rock
Автор soci0path
Re: Kousokuya

Thank you very much for "Ray night" , i was missing that one along with some others... appreciated.
If you're into "Kousokuya" ; make sure you grab these available before it's too late:

Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 01.02.2018, 19:42
Ответов: 36
Просмотров: 5,852
     psychedelic rock/jam
Автор soci0path
Re: Mythic Sunship

mushroom, Oh sweet mushroom! Thanks a lot for this fine 320kbps copy. besides it has the bonus track from Tusch (http://mp3red.cc/album/4872021/tusch.html) collection, very appreciated.

PS: 1. a...
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 07.06.2017, 00:46
Ответов: 91
Просмотров: 15,504
     psychedelic rock, acid rock / Phoenix (USA)
Автор soci0path
Re: The Myrrors

mushroom, I Love U man!
(i was looking for Ljudkamrater Split like a madman) It's a Killer stuff...
Best Regards.

PS: 4. The Myrrors - "Khalivera" 06:28

Btw ;

Still no luck on: Comrades...
Раздел: Rock 04.06.2017, 21:21
Ответов: 2
Просмотров: 2,696
Автор soci0path
Re: No-Neck Blues Band

..so while searching for the early NNBD's releases i come across this 2003 LP i already have, and because it's on Mutant Sound ; i thought i'd share it here: no-neck-blues-band-furamingo-josei...
Раздел: Rock 07.06.2015, 20:52
Ответов: 10
Просмотров: 2,035
Автор soci0path
Re: Deep Space Destructors

discovered this band through their EP "Spring Break From Space", which was fantstic & most trippy. Now i'll gladly try their earlier releases thanks to you, so Thank you very Much "punknotyet" ,...
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 22.05.2015, 07:57
Ответов: 254
Просмотров: 41,641
     Totally Improvised Space Rock!
Автор soci0path
Re: Øresund Space Collective

Carlton Melton meets Dr. Space (http://www.neformat.com.ua/forum/psychedelic-experience/44233-carlton-melton-3.html#post2327462)
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 22.05.2015, 07:16
Ответов: 79
Просмотров: 12,395
     psychedelic rock/space rock/drone rock/jam
Автор soci0path
Re: Carlton Melton

Carlton Melton meets Dr. Space (http://www.discogs.com/Carlton-Melton-meets-Dr-Space-Carlton-Melton-Live-at-Roadburn-2014/release/6988564)


Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 10.05.2015, 04:11
Ответов: 42
2019 Weltraum
Просмотров: 7,493
     psychedelic rock/space rock/jam
Автор soci0path
Re: Weltraum

You guys are surely updated..! lookin' forward to try the..7 or 8 ?! releases i'm downloading right now,.. i enjoyed this band's 2009 to 2011 releases several times actually, now i only hope they...
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 12.04.2015, 07:39
Ответов: 91
Просмотров: 15,504
     psychedelic rock, acid rock / Phoenix (USA)
Автор soci0path
Re: The Myrrors

Excellent, a new release (2015) & a CBR @ 320kbps files to upgrade "Burning Circles In The Sky" (after waiting so long..) ; what a fine way to start this day.. Thank you very very much fellas.
Раздел: Psychedelic Experience 26.03.2015, 08:48
Ответов: 110
2021 Camera
Просмотров: 13,845
Автор soci0path
Re: Camera

Thank you! after i tried "Radiate!" i came here 'running' hoping to find some other releases.. & you didn't disappoint x). Radiate was a terrific album so i hope the others are on the same level of...
Раздел: Distorted Unit 04.02.2015, 20:44
Ответов: 95
Просмотров: 11,881
     stoner rock, US
Автор soci0path
Re: Nebula

Yesterday for the life of me i couldn't get it to start DL'ing. yet now after noticing your kind answer, it works as a charm!
Anyway ; Thank you very much for replying & above all ; for Sharing....
Раздел: Distorted Unit 04.02.2015, 05:17
Ответов: 95
Просмотров: 11,881
     stoner rock, US
Автор soci0path
Re: Nebula

Is this Upload still available ?!
Раздел: Rock 02.02.2015, 05:44
Ответов: 4
Просмотров: 1,529
     Psychedelic pop/Alternative/90s
Автор soci0path
Re: Reefus Moons

Hey, it's nice to see a Reefus Moons topic around, yet the link to "The Word Raven" is Dead, any chance for a re-Upload ; ... Thank you very much anyway.
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