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Thrash Zone Список групп раздела | thrashcore, fastcore, crossover, powerviolence, japanese hardcore, etc.

Метки: crossover, hardcore
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США Malicious Grind

Американский кроссовер/хардкор с типичным для 80ых саундом. Быстрый. Записали демо, ЛП и концертник. На ЛП вокалистом был Эрик Вуд (Man Is the Bastard). На барабанах Марк Лютер (MIA).


1987 demo
1988 lp
1989 liveset @ gilman str


Old Reviews of Malicious Grind's demo and lp:

Maximum Rock & Roll (Issue #55)
"Hailing from the Bowels of El Segundo comes Malicious Grind with an impressive 9 song demo. MG is a crossover band leaning toward the hardcore side. (Especially the vocals). The band consists of Mark Luther (Drums), Craig Davis, (Guit), Eric Wood (Vocals), and Ingrid Baumgart (Bass/vocals)> This band has a killer style blending the right amount of several distinctly different elements including: Hardcore/Punk, Speed Metal, and technical music passages. Alot of people have been bugging me for copies of this demo."

Blitzsteele (Issue #6)
"Malicious Grind deliver bone crunching, ear shattering hard core in the likes of old DRI, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, etc. Don't get me wrong, MG is very original. I was just trying to give you an idea of what kind of music they play. Anyway, MG's debut 9 song demo is a must for all hardcore maniacs and thrashers. So, if you have an appetite for some killer hardcore, GET THIS DEMO!!!"

Thrasher (March issue 88')
"Raw, feverous gut-crunching power attacks with the anger-driven chaos that builds up so crazily. MG hauls with a wicked barrage that detonates the depth charges of ear devastation. This 9 song demo rages with the ferocity of a vicious mad man rampaging in his padded cell. This is definitely a hardcore explosion with some metallic influences and the snotty, no holds barred approach of punk. MG packs those punches, quick, forceful and staggering. Each song fires a rapid net of mayhem around your cranium, squeezing hard with loud, blasting guitars, tongue twisting vocals and spastic drumming. The compositions are well tormented for this 3 piece outfit. This lp is a thrilling adventure into a chaotic, realm. Imagine a live gig with Slayer, Poison Idea and MG-the crowd would never know what hit them. Some of the better sounds to scream out of the speakers!

Последний раз редактировалось kalashnikov; 16.06.2011 в 20:28.
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Re: Malicious Grind

название где-то раньше слышал уже...
по оформлению - пости пожалуйста прямые ссылки на файлообменники, а не на сторонние сайты
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