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Thrash Zone Список групп раздела | thrashcore, fastcore, crossover, powerviolence, japanese hardcore, etc.

Метки: fastcore, grindcore, powerviolence
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mp3 128 kbps
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Seuchenherd / 100% Gore Beat

Seuchenherd were a shortlived german fastcore/powerviolence band (in the vein of yacopsae, flächenbrand, luzifers mob etc.)

They released 1 7" split (as 100% gore beat), and one 7" ep (as Seuchenherd) and had some songs on various compilations

Seuchenherd is: (taken from IInd Edition repress inlay)
Thomas "Labby": Vokills
Achim: Drums
Andy Mauss: Guitar
Haze: Bass and Second Voice

100% Gore Beat & Full Noise Nine - Split 7'' 1997.rar 320kbps
100% GORE BEAT changed their name to SEUCHENHERD when the covers for this split were already printed maybe it even has been released a short before. the name is the only difference between 100% GORE BEAT and SEUCHENHERD - same people, same songs! as you might have guessed from their old name the SEUCHENHERD guys were into splatter/gore/... movies quite a bit but that had no impact on the lyrics for whatever´s sake! as the guys in SEUCHENHERD were really good on their instruments they had the proper foundation to succeed in playing really good POWER VIOLENCE HARDCORE! FULL NOISE NINE were a just a 2 piece GRINDCORE band with Pig the STAGNATION´S END drummer on, you guessed it drums! after STAGNATION´S END split he played in PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING until recently! there lyrics went from sensless a.k.a. non existent to political lyrics! as the 2 were living in 2 different cities they didn´t play live that often as rehearsing was barely possible for them. in spit of that difficulties they managed to do a 7" of their own as well and were on several different compilations!

seuchenherd - self titled 7''.rar 320kbps
after the split 7" with FULL NOISE NINE Günzburg´s SEUCHENHERD released their one and only 7" that runs on 45rpm and is packed with 8 vicious POWER VIOLENCE tracks! as they were very good musicians, great guys and really dedicated it seemed the were ready to really go off, but they had unbelieveable bad luck! there was some talk of doing a split 10" and a tour together with ERADICATE which was then changed in doing a split 10" and 2 tours with ERADICATE as they had to cancel their 1st studio date cause of reasons I can´t remember a one week tour, with PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING as 3rd band, should be done before hitting the studio and a longer one after the split was out, but one day before the tour was supposed to start their guitarplayer (who was attending school to become a music pro) got such serious problems with his hearing abilities out of nothing that the doctor said at least 6 month as less noise as possible! that somehow was the beginning of the end for SEUCHENHERD and not long after all that the split up!
the repress cover

no idea when the self titled ep was released, but i'm guessing late 90's/early 00's

and the Seuchenherd songs from 2 compilations (songs from "Keimzellencore Massacre comp." are missing)
No Speed Limit Volume One Compilation E.P. and Payoll Benefit Comp.
seuchenherd - comp. tracks.rar 128kbps

credits & links
quotes taken from the blog Bavarian Mayhem
he also ripped both 7inches
no idea who ripped the comp. songs
100% Gore Beat (Discogs)
Seuchenherd (Discogs)

also first time doing this, i hope i did everything right

Play loud! and enjoy

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also just realized what the 2014 prefix thing was, so ignore that, since neither release was released in 2014

Последний раз редактировалось Jergen; 13.04.2015 в 18:06. Причина: new links
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mp3 128 kbps
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Re: Seuchenherd / 100% Gore Beat

New links as of today.
And apologies for not doing so until now. (will update all of them)
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