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Метки: hardcore, noise rock, oldschool hardcore
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Непрочитано 24.02.2011, 16:14   #1
Банка Санникова
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США Nomos

Ещё одна хардкор панк команда, играющая под влиянием хардкора 80х/начала 90-х. Nomos родом из Бруклина, в составе участники Disnihil, Dustheads, Red Handed. Играют в духе Aerosols, Raw Nerve, Failures Maximum R'N'R в рецензии описали как смесь Poison Idea и Citizens Arrest. В любом случае вам понравится. Информации о группе голяк, неинформативный майспейс и как уже принято - блогспот. Издаются на Deranged records.


From MRR332 ‘ Bottom line, this thing rules. There’s a good amount of fast HC that’s all well and good but the highlights of this on-sided 12” for me are the mid-paceed parts that make up about half the record. Some serious stomp-inducing moments all over this are a great psych-up without being at all mosh-y. To add to the greatness, the vocals are burly and great.

From Razorcake #60
‘I have yet to tire of listening to “The Fall.” It starts off with a mid-tempo intro then rips open with some full-on thrash. So fuggin’ good. Life affirming. Nomos, from Brooklyn, crank out some dark, noisy, and heavy hardcore. Comparisons have been made to bands like Poison Idea and Citizens Arrest. I sort of hear that, but those are lazy references. These guys are strong enough to stand on their own. If these guys are hip to the Swell Maps (as they cover “Vertical Slum”), then it’s obvious they’re not some typical band. The lyrics are opaque at times, but interesting nonetheless. It’s as though you’re sorting out a code. I like how they can deliver white-knuckled thrash, then switch over to something like “O’Fortuna,” which slows things down temporarily at the start, then it’s back to full-on, straight to the bottom of the deep end and the sound of facial bones crunching. Four records reviewed in this issue have reaffirmed/reignited my faith/love of hardcore. This is one of them. –Matt Average

The Brooklyn tardy boys of Nomos gained some attention from their 2009 demo, which eventually received vinyl treatment in the form of a 7” on Deranged. To be honest, I wasn’t really blown away by that set of songs. Half of it was pretty great, while half of it was just decent and unremarkable. Overall, though, I would consider it a solid demo. However, since recording that set of songs, the band has added a second, sometimes-mustachioed guitarist and a new, blonde bassist, which has not only beefed-up their sound, but drastically improved their (still) drunken live shows. Due to a large number of contributing factors including, but not limited to, a slothful pace of songwriting, a vocalist too good for practices, trouble with mixing, Canadian customs officials, and record plant screw-ups, it’s taken forever for the band to get this record out. Still, it’s well worth the wait. Notes From The Acheron is a one-sided 12”, so what we get is a fluid, eight-minute set of six Nomos originals and a “hidden” Swell Maps cover. From the opening notes of “A Witness,” one will realize that this is a darker record than the demo. One will also notice that the band’s early 90s hardcore influence of Infest and Citizens arrest is now complimented by parts inspired by crustier bands like Framtid. After a show they played with Brain Killer, a pleased fan noted “I thought they would be a Nike band, but they were a Vans band!” Not only do the originals flow together extremely well, but each song appears to be an improvement on its predecessor, culminating with “Pharmakon” and “The Fall,” the band’s two finest songs. The former has some of the coolest guitar flourishes the band has come up with thus far and ends with the sickest mosh part and masochistic grovelling combination, while the latter is one of their more complex songs and is a perfect ending to this record. After your digital catharsis, lift your digital needle up and onto the digital secret groove to hear the band’s take on Swell Maps’ “Vertical Slums.” Nomos has had a knack of covering not only hardcore staples, but post-punk songs, as well. Covering Wire hasn’t gotten the crowd moving in the same way as Madball, but it’s certainly welcome, especially in recorded form. This cover is very well executed and is a refreshing ending to the whole affair, which can be a bit dreary, otherwise. To go on a brief tangent, I would like to just say that NYC punk is also finally killing it again, what with other bands like Pollution, Crazy Spirit, Perdition, Dawn Of Humans, Long Pigs, The Men, Natural Law, Twin Stumps, Night Birds (half Brooklyn!), and countless others, both newer and older. With Notes From The Acheron, Nomos has capitalized on the promise of their demo and have churned out a solid hardcore record. It’s by no means earth-shattering, but it’s still a blast and is one of the many interesting records coming out of Brooklyn at this time and they are definitely to be counted among the list above. Anyway, be sure to pick this up from Deranged (who have been killing it lately!), see the band live (if you can), and keep an eye out for when we post more of these exciting bands doing things in NYC!



2008 - Demo
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2010 - Notes from the Acheron
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2010 - The Men & Nomos Split
Nomos are a thrashy hardcore band from Brooklyn, NY featuring ex-members of Dustheads, Disnihil, and Red Handed who play really solid hardcore that's reminiscent of like-minded contemporaries such as Failures, Raw Nerve, and Aerosols. The Men play a trashy-sounding punk similar to the Stooges possibly by way of Melvins or Jesus Lizard. The songs played on The Men side of the cassette feature aggressive, bass-heavy, and dirty-sounding songs equipped with raging solos. Their sound is dirty and grungy. On this release, both bands showcase their best material to date. Definitely worth checking out. I can't wait for more releases by each band! On a side note, I recently saw Nomos play on national record store day this past April and they fucking kill! Enjoy!!!
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Re: Nomos

Группа неплохая, да. Нравятся.
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Непрочитано 24.02.2011, 17:19   #3
я колобок
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Re: Nomos

охуенные, буквально вчера слушал.
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mp3 v0
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Re: Nomos

да вокалист просто вылитый мой преподаватель из школы исскуств!
ну раз пойзон айдиа - надо обязательно скачать
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Непрочитано 24.02.2011, 19:06   #5
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Re: Nomos

на Deranged нет плохих групп
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Непрочитано 26.02.2011, 19:20   #6
mp3 320 kbps
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Re: Nomos

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Непрочитано 03.10.2014, 01:54   #7
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Re: Nomos

RIP Nomos

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Непрочитано 28.01.2016, 08:41   #8
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Re: Nomos

толковая банда была
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